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Saturday, July 04, 2009


I trust HBO to give me quality programs. From "Six Feet Under" (finished all five seasons), "Sex & the City" to "True Blood".  I'm hoping that this new project given to Thomas Jane ("Punisher") ain't no exception.

I haven't been to Detroit (airport doesn't count) so it's nice to see what this place got to offer, even only in the background.

"Hung" is a story about this public school teacher named Ray Drecker who's trying hard to make ends meet. Our main character doesn't have anything but his big you-know-what and he uses it to his advantage. Only at this point, he doesn't fully know how yet.

You will really feel bad for Ray while watching this pilot. With a wife (Anne Heche) that left him for a dermatologist. With twins that are lacking in the beauty department. I can almost hear Angelina saying, "Loser ka, yaya!". 

I think the picture taking scene was funny.

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