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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's the End of the Road, Sam

I think this is the second season's bestest episode. So many freakin' things going on with all the characters!

So that's how William Compton used to behave around his kind. Sex was wild and bloody messy. Total opposite of how Sam makes love. Too bad his partner is keeping sumpthin' from him. You just can't trust a woman with deep scratches on her back, no?
Since Bill is still tied up with Lorena, I'm pretty sure that Jason will perform some heroic deed to save his sister from the crazy Newlins. I think Godric will make an appearance again this Sunday.

It's good that Tara saw the different side of MaryAnn. Our bull lady gets cranky in the morning especially when there's no hot water. Teehee.

Too bad we only have one scene with Jessica. She's hot in that one scene though. And I think the ladies are soooo digging Hoyt now.

I don't want my dog to die so I'm praying for some miracle to save Sam. Uhm, where the hell is drunken Andy?

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