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Sunday, July 12, 2009

True Blood costs 45?! (NSFW)

In this episode, it was revealed that a bottle of True Blood (synthetic blood) costs 45 bucks! Wow, that's expensive!

I adore Jessica. She's funny in this episode.

It's Tara's birthday and it's high time to finally taste some Eggs ;oP I love her reaction in the kitchen when Maryann told her to go flourish and never say no to herself.
Maryann really knows how to throw a party, no? I must say that she looks beautiful in this episode.

So when Maryann does the shaking thing, she turns into that beast with the claws (the one that attacked Sookie & Daphne). You think her cook is the piggy creature?
The guy in the middle looks like Steve Newlin, no?
It's nice to know that Sookie ain't the only one who can read minds. We have a new character named Barry.

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