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Monday, January 04, 2010

My Favorite TV Shows of 2009

Glee - This has got to be my super favorite show of last year. I'm a HUGE fan of their music and the characters (even follow some of 'em in Twitter). My iPod & iPhone both contain songs from this hit show. I sing along to April Rhodes' "Maybe This Time", Rachel & Kurt's "Defying Gravity", Mercedes Jones' "Hate on Me" and Rachel Berry's "Don't Rain on my Parade".

True Blood - When I first saw a bus in New York with a poster of this show a couple of years ago, I got intrigued. It's from the creator that gave me one of my favorite shows, "Six Feet Under". I knew that I'd enjoy this latest Alan Ball project. I got hooked because of the blood and sex. Teehee.

Dexter - OMG! Their season finale was quite a shocker indeed! I love how the show develops each character.

So You Think You Can Dance - We got 2 servings of this show last year. I think Jeanine (season 5) and Russell (season 6) both deserve to win. I'm happy that Shankman became one of the main jeeges (that's how Cat Deeley say it). On the downside, we didnt' get to see Mia Michaels' choreos =o( I thought the most memorable dance was the Mr. & Mrs. Smith-ish choreo of Travis Wall and performed by Legacy & Ellenore.

Desperate Housewives - last season was a good one, I must say. I love how Katherine's role progressed. I also love the Solis couple. Carlos (Ricardo Chavira) and Gabby (Eva Longoria Parker) look really great together. Of all the housewives in Wysteria Lane, Lynette still has her work cut out for her.

Lost - last season was a pretty exciting season for us, Lost fans. We got to see Jack's group going back to the island to rescue Sawyer's group. The show may have lost Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) but "V" welcomed her with open reptilian arms. Hehehehe...



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