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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Reunited with my Evil Twin Sister

Around noon, I tried to get hold of Joyish. She and her family left Illinois last night and I dunno if they're already in Virginia. Left my cellphone at home so I looked around for her number. Finally found her old message in my Friendster inbox. Immediately gave her a ring. No answer. Hmmm.... I left a message in her yahoo account.

After a few minoots, I got an answer back. Her phone was on silent mode. Anyhoo, I found out that they're still having lunch in Maryland. Some 50++ miles to go.

And so I had my lunch first with my Ashburn friends. We went to Burapa Thai. First time to eat there. When we entered the establishment, I noticed a couple of familiar faces. Remember the Leesburg party that we attended a few weeks ago? One was the Tita Cecille and the other one was her sister, I think. I asked the guys if it's okay to approach them but we decided to have our lunch first.

I ordered some fried rice with kaprow (chicken with basil & bell pepper strips) and water. The portion was large. The presentation was kinda weird though. Fried rice + 2 cucumber slices + 1 lemon wedge + steamed rice + chicken. Why is there a steamed rice in the middle? Well, good thing the food was delish!

Around 2 pm, I got a message that Joy & family were already waiting at the parking lot. I rushed to meet them. Hugged Joy. Last time I saw her was March of last year. According to Bry, they drove for like 12++ hours straight. I gave them the key to the apartment so they could sleep for awhile.

After my work, Joy & family picked me up and we went to Leesburg Outlets. 'twas deserted. We decided to have our snacks at the Food Court. Got myself some Sbarro pizza slice. I ordered the meatlovers but the server accidentally dropped it when she took it out of the oven. Crap! I settled for their supreme flavor.
My friends didn't wanna go shopping anymore so we decided to check out Old Leesburg. Unforch, the shops looked close and just like the Outlet mall, the area was empty. Although I must say, it's like going through a time machine. I told Joy that it would be super nice to walk down these streets. I'm excited to see what's inside the quaint shops.

Inside the car, I worked my charm with JB. She's been awfully quiet for the first 30 minoots or so. Eventually, she warmed up to me. We started chatting. We sang a few songs like "Happy Birthday" to her mommy and "Dancing Queen". Now we're BFFs ;oP
Since it was already getting late, we thought of just buying food for our brekky tomorrow. We went to Safeway first but left our stuff when I found out that they sell Chips Ahoy for more than 3 bucks. At Walmart, you can get a pack for 2.50 bucks. So we decided to go to Target instead. Bought some bacon and eggs. Found this latest family member of Coca-Cola. It's called Diet Coke Plus. The "Plus" is for vitamins and minerals added to the drink. Interesting.

When we got home, Joy showed me her pasalubong: a bag full of goodies. It's like Christmas ;oP Also, she brought me some quarters. Super thanks!!!


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