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Monday, May 26, 2008

Tarara Winery & Antique Shop

The first time, I came by myself and attended their festival but missed the wine tasting. The second, I went with Pattie & Lizette but was too late for the wine tasting again. The third, I got to enjoy the wine plus more! This time, I went with Ogz & Raz. They both have never been to a vineyard here in Virginia so I was happy to take them to one of my favorites. From Route 7, we took the US-15 N towards Frederick, MD. The road changed to James Monroe Hwy eventually. Then we turned right on Lucketts Road and turned left on Tarara Lane. Pretty simple.

We went immediately to the wine tasting room. Ogz & I paid 5 bucks to taste their featured wines. If you wanna try out their reserved ones, you have to shell out 5 bucks more. We had 5 wines all in all: Viognier, Charval, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Wild River Red. For the white, I liked the Charval and for the red, I really liked the Wild River Red.

Afterwards, we went outside for some picture taking. There I found Shadow eating some crackers. He's so sweet and friendly to peeps.
Then we decided to walk around a bit.
We found the Shadow Lake. Later on, Shadow appeared & joined a family. He played ball with one of the kids. The girl would throw a ball in the lake and he gladly brought it back. So fun to watch.
It's time to check out the antique shop that we passed by along the way to the vineyard. It's right on the corner of Lucketts and James Monroe Hwy. All three of us are not fans of rusty antique but we still enjoyed looking at the old stuff.

Looking at the animals made me think about Narnia. Instead of a Snow Queen making these creatures frozen, an Antique Queen made them all old, rusty and dead.
We went inside this house selling all kinds of antique decors. Ogz suggested that we don't smile at the camera 'cause he noticed that in old photographs, peeps in there don't smile at all. I love the chandelier shot because it gives out this sepia effect without any filter or Photoshop aid.


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