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Monday, December 31, 2007

Craving for Yellow Cab

A few days ago, we ordered Yellow Cab pizza here in Boracay and had it delivered at West Cove. Unforch, I didn't do the ordering so I don't have their number.

Tonight, after playing touch-the-color and stop-dancing games (the kids love "Beautiful Girls") with Lance & Fiong-Fiong, we got hungry.
We craved for pizza again so we tried to get their number. I had to call the People Support branch to get it 'cause it's not listed anywhere, even online. According to the lady I spoke with on the phone, she'll text me the number of the Boracay branch.

After waiting for a few minoots, Lance and I tried to look for the store. We know that it's somewhere in Station 3. The tricycle driver didn't know it so we had to come back home.

I checked my phone and there's a message waiting for me. I got the number finally, it's +63362885550. I ordered pepperoni.

After 40 minoots, our pizza arrived and we had our midnight snack. By the way, according to the delivery guy, the store is located near the old Talipapa between Stations 2 & 3 (beach front).

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Illustration Friday: Soar

I had so much fun doing this illustration. My nephew, Lance, thought of making an illo out of his toy pig. This is the model and that is Lance's finger holding the model in the right position.
I used Adobe Illustrator for the pig illo.This took me a long time to finish since my nephew always moves and gets tired of holding down the model.
Using Adobe Photoshop, I pasted into some feathers, added the scotch tape effect, and created the background. I wanted to create a nice set of wings. Am super happy with the outcome of my patience. Then with TwistedBrush, I added the clouds. Babe is flying now ;oP

Friday, December 28, 2007

Dinner @ Bamboo Lounge

Around 7 pm, Angela, Lance, Fiong-Fiong and I met Kuya at Bamboo Lounge. The resto used to be located within the Freckles resort, which is quite a challenge to locate if you don't know your way around Boracay. This time, they transfered near Pink Patio. The interior is still the same though. The red bamboo lanterns are still present.

Kuya already ordered our food so we just waited for the meals to arrive. Good thing I've already eaten 2 pieces of bread around 6 'cause it took them quite a while to cook everything. While waiting, we took these photos:
The food started arriving after maybe about 40 minoots. Kuya ordered beef with broccoli, fried noodles, steamed fish with veggies, 2 King crabs and yang chow fried rice. Happy Fiesta! The food is pretty expensive here so I was hoping the servings would be large. But that wasn't the case.

Illustration Friday: Horizon

Thursday, December 27, 2007

My First Rudy Project

A pair of shades is a good investment since (a) they make you look cool in photos--ask my friend, Pasaway, and she'll demonstrate to you how her shades makes her look "beautiful" in pictures; (b) they help lessen wrinkles--according to Ogz, always bring your shades since you won't be squinting much in the sun; and (c) they help you when you're driving on a bright day or walking along the powdery sand of Boracay.

Bought my first Oakley in 2000. After 7 years, it's time to upgrade. I finally bought my first Rudy Project on the day before Christmas as a Christmas gift to myself. I was really tempted to get the 20th anniversary edition but it was freakin' expensive!!!
A day after, I scratched the right lens when I boarded a tricycle. Son of a bi-atch!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Relaxin' in West Cove

This is the view that I woke up to here in the West Cove room where we stayed for the night:
Good thing I don't have hangover from drinking booze last night. We were supposed to go drinking with Pacquiao but after he & his wife got their massages, he didn't go down anymore to join in the merriment.

I noticed the room for the first time.
The room ain't 100% finished yet though. Lotsa curves in the design. What's interesting is, there's a window in the bathroom and you can see what's going on inside.
In the bathroom, I like the powerful bidet. The toilet also has a dual flush technology (cannot be seen in the photo). The floor is not completely tiled. They have rocks for aesthetics. The tissue & towel holders are tree branches. The shower head passed my taste. They also have a nice wooden shower floor.
Outside, we had hotdogs, corned beef and eggs for brekky. I found out that Fiong-Fiong is not a morning person. She doesn't talk and very snobbish after waking up.
Angela and the kids left around 11. I opted to stay and continued my relaxation. Kuya requested lechon paksiw to be cooked for lunch.

Around 4 pm, Kuya and I went home. We boarded their speedboat and headed to Station 1. It's my first time to see West Cove from the ocean. So this is what the tourists see when they pass by the place. The resort looks like mushrooms!

Christmas @ West Cove

The whole family visited Kuya at West Cove. It took Mommy quite some time to reach the place since she couldn't walk properly. She's complaining of her painful feet. Kuya and I are planning to have it checked pretty soon.

I now have time to appreciate the place. The whole resort is still undergoing construction. Lotsa plans in store for West Cove. Hopefully next year, they'll have more big-named clients.
Lance and I took a dip first.
Pacquiao vs. Balan: Tale of the Tape
Kuya gave me a quick tour of the place. I saw a sample of their Suite. Pretty nice.
We had our lunch around 1:30, some tanigue salad and soup and roasted chicken.
The plan is to spend the night here. We had to go home first to get some toiletries. While taking some rest before heading back home, I taught Fiong-Fiong how to take pictures. She did some pretty good job (look at the next two photos). Am so proud of her. She's just 4 years old!
We left Mommy & Josephine at home so they could take care of West and get some rest. Found this monkey along the way.
Angela and I went back to West Cove where we had pizza & spaghetti dinner. Drinking & videoke singing ensued till 1 am.

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