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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Naughty Girl

Since today is the last day (in Enterworks) of a very dear friend, here's my tribute to her:

To the lady na
obrang daming beses kaming pinaghintay,
Sobrang dami rin beses na pinatawa kami sa pagiging "blonde" nya,
Na-l-link lagi sa may sabit,
Mahilig sumandal sa braso ko,
Burara sa retainers nya (twice na muntik maitapon ng ibang tao),
She can definitely keep a secret,
Sobrang maka-react sa horror movies (tumataas pa ang paa),
Kamukha ni Beyonce (refer to the image please),
Super athletic pero minsan sumasablay,
Tatlong beses nag-resign,
Matigas ang ulo at suplada lalo pag lasing,
Memorable sa kanya ang Haagendaz,
Feeling nya kasama sya sa Top 5 Best in Costume during one Christmas party (kapal),

Favorite kong photographer kasi lagi akong may headshot,
Lastly, sya ang pinakamatagal kong kaibigan sa Enterworks (No. 2)!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


After lunch (I had tinola again), I requested Lala and Ogz to practice their guitar lessons with some of my favorite pieces. Jowee, Beng, and Doths joined our jamming session. They played 3 songs: "Tag-ulan" by After Image, "Pare Ko" and "Huling El Bimbo" by Eraserheads.

I had fun singing ;o)

We didn't finish any song though. More practice for all of us, I guess. Teehee....

"Tampo" in English

During one lunchtime discussion, I asked my friends what the direct English translation of "tampo" is. Ogz blurted out, "slight". When somebody asks you, "Are you angry at me?", and you answer, "Slight", that means you're "nagtatampo". We guffawed at his suggested answer.

Made me wonder if there is an English term for "tampo". And then I came across this site, "Tagalog Dictionary". Now I know the answer to my question. It is "sulk".

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Ain't Over even though the Little Lady Confesses

After such a long silence, President GMA admitted that it was indeed her voice on the audio tape. She said, "I am sorry". According to her, it was a "lapse in judgment". She also expects the people to walk with her. Hmmm... interesting. I don't think it ain't over yet, Gloria. Too bad.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Happy Birthday to a Very Special Lady

Wherever you are (london, paris, denmark, or manila), my heart and prayers go out to you. Enjoy your trips and have a grand birthday, kiddo!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

And the Battle Continues...

After cooking spaghetti for my meal, I checked out what's on the telly. The Kapuso network was showing the problem of Ethel Booba with her family while on the Kapamilya network, Diether and Kristine (on separate interviews) talked about their marriage. I couldn't stand Diether crying so I turned off my tv. What's up with that? I heard his movie with Claudine and Jericho wasn't doing so well in the box office so ABS-CBN pulled off sumpthin like this eh? Hmmm.... interesting.

Later this evening, Channel 7 will show their 55th anniversary presentation. Take note: If you're going to greet an anniversary, you should say, "Happy 55th anniversary!" and not "Happy 55th year anniversary!". Drop the "year" because you already stated that. So what's Channel 2 doin to compete air time? They will show FAMAS. I'd go for 7!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Another Saturday in Bulacan

Weather has been pretty predictable lately. In the morning and up to early afternoon, the sun is pretty much doin its job. Crazy hot. But in the early evening, it starts pouring. I miss taking naps especially during rainy season. I love hearing rain. Sadly I couldn't hear a thing when I'm alone in my pad. I take it back. At night I hear the droplets of water coming from someone's airconditioner situated on top of me. Bummer!

Visited my parents again in Bulacan. Left Makati pretty late already.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Lance's Birthday

It's fun to have kids in the house. Lance Angelo is the very first one. I'm the youngest in the family so I hadn't experienced having a young baby in the house to take care of. I remember there's this one time when I played ball with him. He likes basketball so much y'see. Hopefully he get to be tall unlike his uncle. Teehee... Anyhoo, he was two then and he followed the hoop (which I was holding) and tried to shoot the ball. The thing is I didn't stay at one place so that was kinda challenge for him. I thought he enjoyed it. We had fun. Yeheeeey... I miss him and my niece, Fiona. I wonder when I could visit Boracay again.

I will call him later in the day to greet him. Hopefully he'll like what I'll give him for his birthday present. Which reminds me, I need to get him a nice one.

Raz, La, and I shopped at Adidas. I had to buy socks because I ran out of it. All of them are dirrrrty. My friends also bought some clothes. Anyhoo, I bumped into James while walking along the mall. He's been calling me "pogi" but I wasn't paying attention. Teehee....

Afterwards, we had our hearty lunch at Wok Inn. We had sipa, halaan soup, and mixed veggies with quail eggs. Yummy!

Raz had to go back to the office. La and I started our search for a nice gift for Lance. We found this nice remote control car that I'm sure not only Lance would enjoy, but also Kuya. The car is also an all-terrain vehicle so I hope it could run on sand ;o)

On our way back to the office, La and I bought some cotton candy. It's been more than 2 decades since I last ate one.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Speechcraft Session 2

As promised, I was in the training room at 5 pm. No training today except the Speechcraft so it was easier for me to conduct this workshop.

I discussed "Be in Earnest". The important thing to remember next week is to deliver a topic close to one's heart. I asked my participants to think of sumpthin that they could deliver with conviction and to deal with nervousness.

We had fun in the table topic session. I participated also. Got "Driver or Passenger? Choose one". I chose passenger because of one traumatic experience and the most important reason is, I let Him drive for me ;o)

For Shaui's graduation speech, it was the most honest and heartfelt speeches I've seen recently. Her friends gave her some parting messages too. There's a continuation tomorrow though at her party.

This is the most memorable session to date. We'll miss you, Shaui. Please remember my advice ;o)

Rainy Days Are Here Again

Hmmm... what do I miss the most when it's rainy season? I thought of coming up with a list:

5) Magkwentuhan ng nakakatakot na istorya habang naghihintay bumalik ang kuryente
4) Humigop ng mainit na sopas (chicken noodle soup or yung macaroni soup na may gatas)
3) Maligo sa ulan tapos giginawin pagdating sa bahay
2) Matulog ng may kasiping (the best!)
1) Kumain ng tuyo na may sawsawang suka na may bawang at sili at kaning lamig (syet! gutom na ko)

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Sharing 101

Still high from my 4-day seminar at OCCI, I tried to share with my good friends some of the things I've learned. After enjoying my tinola lunch (with one rice only), I talked to my friends about the issues I faced and dealt with.

I told them that I needed to be more open, honest, and loving. They all thought that I was the most open person, considering i put (almost) everything in my blog. But I told them it's about being open to my relationships. They asked if this is about my special someone. I answered, in ALL relationships. We discussed how we are to our parents and siblings. We discussed how we are with friends. It was a good discussion. Am glad my friends were open and honest too.

Told them that after attending this personal investment, I learned to release my demons. I accepted, I forgave, and I will continue to share my LOVE ;o)

I love you all!!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I Saw the Sign (of a Libran)

Arlyn has met a Romanian who's into astrology and stuff. She got curious about her sign so she sent me her sign traits. I got interested too so I checked mine. All the Libran visitors of my site, can you also relate???

Sun in Libra
Librans have a powerful sense of fair play and justice, and are always keen to cooperate with others on an equal basis. Having said this, in group endeavors they usually find a way to work in some form of self-expression that marks the job as 'their work', much as a dog marks 'his tree'.

Life is a continual balancing act for Librans, and you may find yourself bouncing back and forth between flirtatiousness and shyness, desiring relationships yet demanding space, and always wanting to initiate activities but never bothering to finish them without a good hard push from someone else.

Librans are desperate for the approval of others, and you may find yourself constantly trying to please friends and colleagues. When working with others, you demand that they put in as much effort as you do, and if they don't, you slack off too. You are willing to work selflessly for others, but you must guard against being used.

When you argue, you leave nothing unsaid, regardless of the consequences of your words. On the other hand, when others fight, you are always called upon as the mediator. You have a strong sense of right and wrong, and are a natural peacemaker.

You crave new knowledge, and have a particular interest in matters concerning other people and society as a whole. Relationships are very important to you, but you may find yourself looking for new experiences here, too. This could lead to a bit of sexual experimentation on your part, which in turn might lead to unfaithfulness.

Monday, June 20, 2005


Last night, I went home to Bulacan to celebrate Father's Day with my dad. Bought McDo quarter pounder for him and a cheeseburger for me. I thought we could share the 6-pc chix nuggets. When I got home, there was porkchop and paksiw so I ate those instead.

Finally saw Niknik's puppies. Very cute.

I slept last night with Bravo/Shadow (our other dog).

I woke up at quarter to 5 am. Had coffee and washed my face. Left Bulacan. Hailed an FX in Fairview. Reached Makati around 7 am. Went home and took a bath. Reached the office at 8:23 am.

Had a chit-chat with Table about our ALC experiences ;o) Kuya and I talked about some personal plans too.

Got an e-mail informing me that my voice lesson is postponed. PMAP couldn't get 8 people to attend this workshop. Bummer!

Angelina Jolie: The Early Days

The lips!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Advanced Learning Course (Day Four)

If you were shopping at the Podium, you would have seen me doing sumpthin really, really new. I'll talk about that later....

How time flies when you're havin fun! Yep, after three days of gushing tears, we all had smiles on our faces. The participants of ALC 34 were talking to one another and cracking jokes. But that all changed during the first exercise of the day. Such a different experience and it would make you think of what could've been or you should've done. *BIG sigh* After awhile, the smiles came back!

Lunch came and we had it at Congo Grille. This El Pueblo branch, I must say, provides a lousy service. Anyhoo, my council and I bonded more. Dewey and Kenn both expressed their views on wasted food.

Pressed for time, we had to think of sumpthin we could do. And that's how we ended up in the mall. We tried different establishments but had no luck. The activity that we did was such a humbling and challenging experience. People are not normally drawn to strangers with dreadlocks. So I mustered up the courage to approach people. Convinced a handful only.

Went back to OCCI for our graduation ceremony. Mimi and Mark (very consistent!) congratulated me. 'twas such a wonderful experience alright. Am now enlightened!!!

Last song in my head: "I Can"

Illustration Friday: Black and White

One of the hardest things to do is to draw your own left hand while using your right for drawing using a trackpad. Whew!!! I missed last week's illo on Summer but will try to create one soon. For now, enjoy my left hand in black and white ;o)

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Dreads Repair

Around 7, I visited Romy at Atomik Matchbox for my dreads repair. I bumped into Adonis on my way there.

Around 8:30, he's done. Adonis helped in the maintenance process. In return, I bought them some food for their hardwork ;o)

My dinner at Evergreen was composed of bopis and adobo (veggie meat versions).

Visited PowerBooks but didn't find any good book to read. Which reminds me to continue reading my book tomorrow.

Advanced Learning Course (Day Three)

As usual, I reached Ortigas at 8. Am getting the hang of waking up early, man. Enuff time to spend drinking my macchiato and eating my danish. I also chit-chat with Lara (one of my crushes in our class).

For the morning workshop, it was some sort of a release. I forgave and accepted two important persons in my life: my parents. It was a heavy experience. As expected, tears overflowed. I really love them so much.

Had lunch with my small group and worked on our individual commitments.

In the afternoon, there was a funny surprise. I enjoyed this part.

Before we left, we did an exercise that made me feel a bit sad. But after contemplating about it, am fine now with it. The bottomline is, I've learned my lesson in this course and I'm very much enlightened now.

Last song in my head: "The Greatest Love of All".

Friday, June 17, 2005

Dennis Mocorro's Despedida

After my leadership training in Ortigas, I headed back to Makati to rest for awhile. Around 9, I went to Dennis' party in Makati. Was glad to see new and old faces there. I grabbed a few bites. Wasn't really that hungry.

There was videoke to entertain people. After a few hours, it was my time to sing. They let me sing "Leader of the Band", which is one of my favorite songs. Got 85.

Before we called it a night, I chose another song to sing. This time, I sang "Voltes V". Sometimes I sang in Japanese too. The pirated software was difficult to read because the font color used was similar to the background. Bummer! The 80s people gladly sang with me and we shouted "Voooooltes Fiiiiiv-ah!" at the end. After my song, I got 99. Thunderous applause and cheers ensued because we weren't all expecting it. I ranked the first. Teehee...

After the last song, "Closing Time", I thanked Dennis for everything.

Eric, my fellow SOLV brother who also lives in Cityland, shared a cab ride with me.

Advanced Learning Course (Day Two)

Since I wasn't fully finished with my assignment yet, I had to be in Ortigas at 8 am. Armed with my macchiato and ensaymada, I tried to finish it but couldn't anymore. There's nuthin more to say!!! If I had only known the instructions, I would've accomplished the homework easily.

Anyhoo, today is a special day. I shared sumpthin with my group that I haven't told anyone in a long time. Found out that I needed to be more open, that I shouldn't be embarrassed to receive praises, and I needed to share more love. Those are my commitments ;o)

And then there's this exercise that took us more than 2 hours to finish. We were so famished afterwards. We had our super dooper late lunch around 4 pm.

When we came back, I bonded with my buddy, Kenneth, even more. We finished around 6:30 pm with a lighter feeling.

Last song in my head: "Don't Know Much"

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Advanced Leadership Course (Day One)

Today is just the first day of workshop. This 4-day course happened to be the second in the series of Leadership courses offered by OCCI. First is FLEX (Foundation of Leadership Excellence) and the last is LEAP.

Based on the turnout of people from the orientation last week, I thought we'd only be a handful. I was wrong. We're one of the biggest classes ever in OCCI ;o) 51, baby! And I must say, this is totally different from the previous course. WAY different!

Anyhoo, I cannot share everything (I know... I know... I can keep my yapper shut too at times) but let's just say I found out some more stuff about myself through a pair of a stranger's eyes. Isn't that funny?!

My buddies, this time, are Kenneth and Dewey. Both married. Am excited to learn more from them.

And there's this closed-eye exercise where I felt tears flowing down UNCONTROLLABLY down my pudgy cheeks ;o) Such a crybaby! Good thing I got my buff. Teehee...

Learned that I need to keep my WORD and be more responsible.

Last song in my head: "Superstar"

Home Again

Two good things happened yesterday. First, I was able to talk finally to our VP about my interest for an onshore project/assignment. And second, I attended our cellgroup meeting in Don Bosco.

Around 2 pm, JC and I talked about my desire to be trained again abroad. I told him about my situation and he promised to do sumpthin about it. Hopefully, sumpthin will happen soon ;o)

After a long absence, I joined my SOLV brothers, Joel and Pert, for some worship. The exultation was about learning to trust Him for He knows His plans for all of us. Sometimes I must learn to patiently wait for my own turn. To think I've been praying to give blessings first to my friends ;o) Anyhoo, it was nice to be "home" again with the Lord.

We dined at some Chinese restaurant in Waltermart. Haven't eaten yet in this resto so I was excited. Dennis (who's leaving for Singapore too), Arnel, and Caloy joined us a few minoots later. The yang chow was good. The crispy fried chix was good except we had to re-order a crispier fish cracker. When we complained about the previous consistency of the cracker, the waiter told us it was only intended for decoration. Huh?! Now that was new!

We had our nightcap at the lobby of Shangri-La. We talked about investigations, confessions, and Catholicism. Finished around 1 am.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Talk Talk Commercial

To view this cute commercial, click on this link ->Talk Talk

Kudos to the cool director, David Frankham.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Jacko is Innocent

After four months of trial, Michael Jackson was finally cleared of all charges against him. According to the jurors, they didn't believe the accusations nor the accusers. So what's next for Michael? I heard he's thinking of having a reunion concert with his brothers. Now why would I wanna watch that?

I remember less than a decade ago when MJ had his concert here in Manila. 'twas a great experience. He kept on saying, "I love youuuuuuu, Manila!!!". That's the only live audio during the entire concert ;o)

Monday, June 13, 2005

Presenting Ms. Jessica Alba

I wasn't paying much attention to this girl when she had her own tv show, Dark Angel, a few years ago. But once I saw her in "Sin City", she deserved a second look. Ma-ma-mia!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Gateway Mall

The only reason for me to go to Cubao is when Regine holds her concert at the Araneta Coliseum. But when I heard about this Gateway Mall, I decided to finally check it out this weekend. Took the Metro Rail for a faster ride. Got there around 5 pm.

The mall was spacious. You can find shops like Adidas, Nike, Hush Puppies, Girbaud, and Guess. The theatres are at the top level. When I got there, the long queue was a HUUUUGE turn-off. Management should do sumpthin about this. I also planned to check out the Cineplex 10, the high-end cinema experience. But they were showing "Mr. and Mrs. Smith". Saw this last Friday only so that's a bummer. Read somewhere that there's a Fully Booked store here but I couldn't find it. They should place directories for people like me.

At the center was this garden called the "Oasis", complete with trees and fountains, and surrounded by glass panels. Since I was alone, I couldn't convinced myself to have my food there. I settled for a meal at Taco Bell.

After 2 hours, I decided to head back to Makati. I thought Gateway Mall would be like Alabang Town Center, meaning, less crowded and peaceful shopping. I was wrong. Might not go there again or in a very long time.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Double Celebration

Yesterday was a pretty good day.

For our final exercise, Eric gave us a contest similar to "Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?". I was grouped with Gentley, Glyneth, Arman, and Mike. At first, the group of Lala gave us a hard time because they were loud about their progress. We didn't give up easily. With Gentley and Glyneth's expertise in development, we were able to solve some tricky problems. When we got the first clue, we got really excited. I helped in this department. I love solving clues. The first clue was about a South American city where Carmen loves to party. I quietly informed my group, "Rio de Janeiro". We were right. ;o) With the help of Google, the next clue pertained to a Dinagyang festival in "Ilo-ilo". And then we hit a snag. Eric tried to fix a viewer problem so we could continue. For the last clue, (we got ecstatic at this point now) we blurted out "Boracay". And Glyneth quickly put that in our code, and "voila!". We won the contest!

Eric promised to give us a Starbucks drink of our choice. He even bought us some pizza. Yummy!

After the all-hands, Max celebrated his birthday with pizza, wings, and booze. In our chat, the main topic was our friends' wedding early next year. We suggested to be the entertainers for her reception. We even have a group name, "Kamote Kwartet". Teehee... Sherwin, Lala, Ogz, and I composed this wacky group.

Around 9, Bulilit, Franco, and I watched "Mr. & Mrs. Smith". Angelina was the bomb! I like the scene where Brad was kicking her. That was funny.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Come September...

I have not experienced this in years
For awhile there, I thought I have lost it
But in just one trip to some foreign land
My heart started to beat in a strange way.

She enjoys cooking, I enjoy eating
Her fave expression is, "Alam mo yun?"
She makes me smile and she makes me feel good
I thank the Lord for giving me kiddo.

Ain't easy to be miles and miles away
We leave messages for one another
In yahoo, in friendster, or plain old text
That way, it would seem like we're together.

Every single day, I think about her
There's not an evening, I don't pray for her
Come September it will all be over
Truly wish we'd be together quicker.

Fig Newtons

There's sumpthin about this chewy cookie that I can't seem to get enuff of. I truly miss 'em. I remember that my dad used to buy me these cookies for my high school snacks. Teehee...

Hmmm... Maybe I'll look for Fig Newtons next time I do my grocery shopping.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Starbucks Logo

If you look closely at this image,

I'm pretty sure no one would associate this with the Starbucks logo. Look closely and compare this with the current Starbucks logo. Do you see now the resemblance?

I did my research and found out these old Starbucks logos:

Did you know that the owners wanted to call their company, "Moby's Coffee"? They were referring, of course, to Moby Dick, the great white whale. And they've undergone changes to the original logo because the split of the tail was too sexually suggestive, thus, offensive to some consumers.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Doing Groceries

If there's one chore I love doing, it's doing groceries. Last night, I went home early and proceeded right away to Waltermart. Having Waltermart beside my condo is a very cool thing.

Pushing the cart, looking at the new brands of canned goods, and going from one aisle to another relax me so much. Back in the States, I remember going to Jewel in the wee hours of the morning just to buy my bottled Starbucks frappuccino, have my coins changed to bills, and get some water refill.

I planned to cook pork sinigang so I bought all the ingredients except sitaw. I also bought some besugo (fish) for paksiw. Had it cleaned by the grocery staff. Might cook that this weekend. Tucino and hotdogs for protein.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Illustration Friday: Digital

Batman Begins: A Reboot

I, along with Lala, Beng, and Franco (gave him props for quickly accepting our invitation), went to SM MegaMall last night for the premiere of "Batman Begins". Before the movie began, Franco and Lala asked me who directed the film. Christopher Nolan didn't ring a bell at that time. Found out later he directed a favorite movie of mine, "Memento".

After watching the film, I could say that Christian Bale did a great job. I love the scenes where he was just starting as Batman. I like the idea that the director presented the caped crusader as just a human being. He wakes up with bruises!!!

Cillian (pronounced as "KILL-ian") Murphy as the Scarecrow was too beautiful for me. Oftentimes, I see Tom Welling, of Smallville fame, in him.

I like that the first bat sign was created out of the crime lord's shadow.

Oh, the Batmobile rocks! I read somewhere that when production team was driving this car on the streets of Chicago, a guy crashed into it. He thought aliens came down or sumpthin. Teehee...

Monday, June 06, 2005

EPX Training with Eric

When I reached the office, I was bombarded with questions. I didn't know the training for this week was supposed to start at 10:30. Nobody was around yet except Lala, Ogz, and James. We re-scheduled the start to 12:30.

In the classroom, we were joined by the rest of the ECB team, plus a new employee named Bryan Osario and a Maybank client named Julius.

EPX was introduced. I was happy to finish first. Ogz was beside me to help out too. He provided the fun times ;o) We kept bugging Arman to join a singing contest. We advised him what to sing and how to sing it.

We're planning to watch "Batman Returns" tonight. Hopefully, it will be worth it.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Two Important Women

Around noon, mom and I left RSCC to have brunch. I brought her to Pancake House. I got myself some daing na bangus and she ordered for some beef. Later on, we switched food ;o) I miss days like these where I could just sit and talk to mom or dad.

Afterwards, I did grocery while mom waited for me. It took me awhile since there were a lot of customers buying stuff. Patience!

Got home in Makati around 4.

It's been awhile since I last talked to kiddo. Good thing I was able to have a chat with her before I had dinner tonight. She gave me a song called, "I Know How the River Feels". That is now playing in my iTunes. A very meaningful song.

Before I slept, Cathy joined in our chat. She shared her Chicago stories.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Graduation Day

When my eyes opened, it was already half past 8. I was freakin' late for my training.

Reached Ortigas around 9:30. The cab driver didn't have change for my 500 bucks so I had to buy coffee first.

The main topic for today is about three things: being grounded on our material, being directed, and being aware of our hidden agenda.

After presenting my second speech about childhood stuff, I was informed that when I present, I was close to performing. I couldn't tell everyone that I was a frustrated theatre actor. That might explain it ;o) Other than that, I need to learn how to lower the pitch of my voice. I agree.

I couldn't leave Ortigas yet because the rain poured. We were trapped inside Starbucks. I was with Jojo, Patty, and Liz. We shared some personal stuff to past the time.

Around 8, Jojo and I decided to have dinner at Dencio's, MetroWalk. I learned a lot of business stuff from him. I've never met anyone having a very complicated life as this guy. Told him about my love life and career as trainer.

After our dinner and a few drinks, I went directly to QC to sleep at my mom's place.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Training the Trainers Program

It's been awhile since I last attended a workshop for trainers. I've been in the training business since '94 and my ego tells me that I could still learn a thing or two.

I went to OCCI site in Ortigas. Good thing the cab driver knew the location.
When I got there, I was the first participant to arrive. We started late already. For the first day, we talked about awareness. We did an exercise reminiscent of a FLEX activity where we were made aware of our behavior. Found out that I was an Informal-Flows With, otherwise known as "Supporter". I think before I was a "Promoter". It's otay to switch from one behavior to another though.

Met Cecille, a stylist; Patty, an event organizer; Pauline, a very nice pre-school teacher; Jojo, a serious business-minded guy; Hermie, a trainer from Baguio; Alynn, an HR who "bores" her participants; Gabby, an insurance trainer; Seph, an Ilo-Ilo-based businessman; and Liz, who believes that she would earn 100-M dollars someday.

For my first presentation, I presented "Demystifying Dreadlocks". I informed my audience about the misconceptions, the process, and the maintenance involving these locks. Am glad I caught everyone's attention. ;o)

We finished around 6 pm. I immediately went home to Makati and caught some shuteye.

Sin City

Bulilit and I saw this film last night. All I can say is, "Wow!". What a freakin' cinematography! One effect will remind you clearly of "Pleasantville". Y'know, the black and white thingie with colors thrown in for a good measure. I love it when they substitute the actors with plain white fill, when they highlight the character's eyes with color, and when they play around with shadows. The movie makes me wanna get a pair of red Converse too ;o)

I love the character of Mickey Rourke. Marv rules! Can't help but love him to pieces. He reminds me of Hell Boy.

Jessica Alba is so damn HOT! Am looking forward to "Fantastic Four" now.

Elijah Wood's character gives me the creeps.

Watch out for the guy who got speared! That was funny.

I haven't read Frank Miller's comics but after watching, it makes me want to know more about his works. I also need to watch this again (on DVD), because some parts were not shown, like the infamous testicles scene.

One last note, don't drink too much before watching this 2-hour movie ;o) You wouldn't wanna miss anything when you take a leak.

I did my research on how faithful the movie was with the comics. Check this out: Sin City Comparisons

Thursday, June 02, 2005


There's this show on Jack TV (Channel 41, to all Destiny Cable subscribers out there) called "Street Smarts". Two contestants will predict whether the person being interviewed on the streets of LA will answer a simple question right or wrong.

And the "street smarts" were asked by the host to pronounce this word, "Facade". We all know how it is really pronounced.

One of the contestants named Mike, pronounced it as "FUCK-A-DEE". That got me in stitches!!!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Draw a Pig!

I drew this piggy after getting a link from my friend, Rhoderick. It would tell you your personality after you've sent your drawing to this site: Draw a Pig

According to the site:
I'm a realist, direct, enjoying playing devil's advocate and neither fear nor I avoid discussions. I'm secure, stubborn, and I stick with my ideals. I'm a good listener. And lastly, I have a good sex life!!! ;o)

Here's a latest photo of the knottydon with a Singaporean/American negrita:

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