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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


We finally got our salaries today. Yay! I can pay my bills now =oP

I, along with my friend, Raz, went to Allied Bank, Amorsolo, to withdraw money from my checking account. They told me that I need to do that from the bank where I have the account. Bummer! That means, I need to go to Allied Bank in Pasay Road. I'm glad that Raz decided to come with me.

When we got to the second bank of the day, they requested for my checkbook, which I didn't bring with me. Should I get my checkbook at home? Raz thought we should get it since I live nearby. We went home.

I found my checkbook but then, I couldn't find an ID! Instead of going back to the bank, I told Raz to rest for awhile. Offered her some food. She ate some pandesal with 4 different fillings. That girl can eat a horse! =oP

We went back to the office. I did my training till 5:30. Tired and hungry. Nowell and I had some squidballs.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A Night with MYMP

I don't normally go to any local concert except if the artist is THE Songbird. I've got high expectations especially in how the artist interprets a song. When my friends decided to watch MYMP tonight, I thought I'd give it a try. I only know a few of their songs, "A Little Bit", "Love Moves in Mysterious Ways" (a Julia Fordham original), and "Waiting in Vain" (popularized by Bob Marley).

I met my friends (Joyish, Tamyts, Jomel, and Patrick) at Tavern around 7:30. Patrick pulled some strings so we got a VIP treatment during our entrance. Teehee... The ticket is priced at 440 bucks but it's consumable.

Anyhoo, the show was supposed to start at 9:00. We had dinner first. I had mango barbeque and Vodka Ice. It was otay. Not too recommendable. I tasted Tamyts' food, cordon bleu, and it was good. Another friend, Gary, joined us some minoots later.

Around 9, the band started setting up their equipments. Juris, the lead, started the show with an Alliyah original, "At Your Best". I'm not used to hearing a slow song for starters so I had to adjust ;oP "Fast Car" was rendered next by Chin. Their "Love Moves in Mysterious Ways" was better than Nina's. Some people went in front to take pictures. "Power of Two" and "Sway" were crowd favorites. "If I'm Not in Love With You", "True Colors", and "The Closer I Get to You" were the songs included in their first set.

An hour of waiting.... My friends and I got bored. Surprisingly, I met a fellow SOLV brother there. I knew that Ramil likes the band but I've never expected to see him there ;oP

They came back with "Back to You" with Chin doing the vocals. Juris joined the band with "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic". "A Little Bit" was another crowd favorite. "Crazy for You", "Constantly", "Especially for You", "Someday We'll Know", "I'd Still Say Yes", "Get Me", "She Will Be Loved", "Tell Me Where It Hurts", and an Ogie Alcasid original, "Sa Kanya", were included in their second set repertoire. What made an instant fan out of me was their version of "I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me". Pretty good version!!!

Around midnight, Jomel, Gary, and Tamyts decided to call it a night. The rest of us stayed for the third and final set, which they opened with "Why". "Eternal Flame", "How Can I Fall?", and "Kailan" (excellent) were the songs they sang. Patrick treated us for some margaritas. There was a portion where they asked people to jam with them. Three people sang: the first guy sang "Change the World", the next guy did "Ako'y Sa 'Yo, Ika'y Akin Lamang", and lastly, a girl sang "If I Ain't Got You". The second guy was the best among the three.

Last song was "Waiting in Vain", one of my favorites. They promoted their October 1st concert at Music Museum before thanking their audience for the last time.

I thought Juris' voice was soft. They sang mostly covers in this concert. I would wanna hear them sing their own songs next time. She looked a bit tired tonight though.

Monday, August 29, 2005

An Afternoon with Joy & Jomel

Around noon, when I checked my phone, there was only one message. Joy asked me if I have work today. Told her that I just woke up. She planned to do some shopping and she wanted me to accompany her. 7 years ago, we used to do a lot of shopping in the States. Today is just like the ole times. Jomel will pick her up around 3.

I quickly cooked my brunch and had my shower.

First, we checked out some magazines she could sell and MagicSing for herself. The MagicSing model that Joy bought has this feature that tells you what your current score is. Normally, the score comes after you have sung the song. This time, it gives up an up-to-date score. Cool eh? So you'll know if you're improving or making a fool of yourself ;oD

When we went to Marks & Spencer, she bought a new dress. I got myself a new Western polo shirt too. Lately, I developed fondness for Western shirts. The first one I bought was from Lucky Brand.

For our merienda, we went to Cafe Breton. I had some crepe with crabs (again) and spinach. Yummy! Afterwards, I had Le Magnific! Yum yum!

While shopping at Glorietta, I thought I saw a Hollywood star, Bill Paxton. I wonder what he's doing here in Manila.

Hmm... What Dog to Get?

For the past week, I've been thinking about getting a dog. It has to be small and should not bark a lot. Otherwise, the building administration would kill me. I've seen people in our condo carrying dogs so I think it's pretty otay.

My friend, Apaul, suggested I should get a Shih Tzu.

Might check out the dogs at a local pet store.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

A World Without Laughter is like Dinner Without Wine

That quotation is from an 80's tv show, "Fairy Tale Theatre".

After reading the last page of the Lance Armstrong book, I went to do my grocery. I was in such a happy mood because I found out a few minoots earlier that we won't have work tomorrow. Yay!

To celebrate, I bought some crabs. Since I don't wanna complement it with soda, I bought two bottles of wine: red and white Carlo Rossi. Will open the latter later.

Mmmmm... yummy! I haven't had wine in a long time so this is such a memorable dinner ;oP For the first time, I used the corkscrew given to me by a good friend two Christmases ago. I also ate the prawn cooked by my dad early this afternoon. Magnifico!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Dennis' Despedida

Right after our Friday work, my colleagues-slash-friends and I went to Red Box. The staff there was suprised to see me there again for two nights in a row. Before singing our hearts out, I, along with a small group of friends, looked for something to eat. We tried Krocodile but the place was full. Next was Sentro. Heard my name and saw Joy with her own set of friends. We're numero ocho on the waiting list. We tried Good Earth but still no luck. Last stop was Haiku. Just a quick trivia, a Haiku is a Japanese poetry composed of three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively. Normally it provokes an emotional response from the readers.

We were kinda apprehensive because there weren't too many people eating there. We checked the menu. A rice topping costs about 195 bucks. I ordered gyoza and some beef with my favorite, shitake mushrooms.

When the food arrived, it was suprisingly good. A bit salty but good. I noticed the nice glass that they use. Its mouth was square (easy to drink from) and there are dents on two sides (easy to hold).

After dinner, we proceeded to Red Box. The room that Dennis rented was big. It even has a pool table. Cool! I went there for the singing though. Teehee. Sherwin was funny as expected. Dennis was wild. Bulilit was our cameraman for the night. We were astounded by Alwyn's rendition of "Lead me, Lord". We gave him a standing ovation =oP Pasaway joined us too but she left for another gimmick after a few hours. We were so ecstatic when we sang "Shiny, Happy People". Table was hilarious in her VST & Co. number.

I tried singing "How You Remind Me" but wasn't too successful. I need more practice on that one. I'm glad I got to sing "Amazing" again.

While leaving Red Box, I felt someone rubbing my tummy. 'twas Gary, my ex-flatmate in the States. Small world! Chatted for a few minutes.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Wash Day

One cool thing about our job is that we can wear casual clothes to work. Oftentimes, we're just wearing tee shirts and jeans. For some weeks now, we have been thinking about dressing up. Today, we have done just that. Incidentally, it's also the last day of a very good friend, Dennis. I look like a banker with my suspenders and all, Ogz looks like a Japanese businessman, Raz is B-E-A-utiful, and Bulilit is wearing his new Celio pants worth a gazillion bucks.

I/ACT Small Reunion

Around 7:30 last night, I met with my ole friends at Recipes, Greenbelt 3. I was very excited to see my I/ACT ex-officemates. It's been five years since I last saw some of 'em. Anyhoo, when I entered the restaurant, I immediately saw Joy and gave her a kiss. Myta, Jomel, Ms. Dites, and Charo were present. That's it. Those were the people who accepted our short invitation. We thought that Butch would join us but he was sick (we just gave him a call), Dewi was caught up in a meeting, Ms. Fe & Gary were missing too, oh well...

We just enjoyed our dinner, composed of the ever favorite crispy-fried tilapia, gising-gising, gambas (recommendable), beef salpicao (sumptuous), and general's chicken.

Patrick joined us a few minoots later.

Before going to our second venue, Red Box, we had our pictures taken. Ms. Dites & Charo left. We continued having fun, singing our favorite songs. The waiters were very slow in giving us our drinks. Imagine singing for 30 minoots or so without any drinks. Anyhoo, that didn't stop us at all. A revelation of the night was Patrick's "Totoy Bibo". It suits him like a glove.

When Myta sang "How You Remind Me", I instantly liked the song. She informed me that Constantine sang this in American Idol. So that's why it sounds familiar. I sang some Alanis Morissette tunes, South Border's "Wherever You Are", and Creed's "With Arms Wide Open". It was cut short when I was called to participate in a contest. It's an arcade-type game. I was pitted against 2 younger guys. There was a technical difficulty so we had to wait for sometime. We were given beer for consolation. Yay! Afterwards, I was called again for the actual game. It's not that easy at all. The laptop given to me was small. Small laptop = small keys. That was a challenge. After 10 quick rounds, I won though. Joy and Myta were cheering beside me. We were told to wait for our pizza but it was already past midnight so we left. I left Red Box in such a happy state ;oP

I got my pasalubong from Joy: a Banana Republic cap, a home spa collection (can't wait to try this stuff), and choco pretzel balls. Yummy!!! An early birthday present from my twin sister. Thank you, sis!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

My First Autobiography Reading in Years

Last night before my SOLV brothers and I had our retreat evaluation at Jaymi's Grill at the Fort, Caloy lent me his book on Lance Armstrong. I've never read any autobiography in years. My first one was Stephen King's. I'm excited over this book because (based on Caloy's stories) this guy here is such an inspiration to many. Will start the book tonight.

I also finished a light reading on "Ang Paboritong Libro ni Hudas". JR lent me this book two days ago. When I read the first 2 pages, I couldn't help but smile. This is a must-read book for us, Filipinos.

Happy Birthday, Lynndoh!!!

To my good ole' highschool bestfriend... happy birthday, bro!!! See you soon ;oP

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Remember Asteroids?

Fossil has released limited-edition watches bearing the classic Atari game, Asteroids. It looks cool, alright, but the thing is, you cannot play with it. Bummer!

Final Episode of Six Feet Under

Before leaving the States many years ago, I've started watching this series about some dysfunctional family. The creator of "American Beauty" weaved this story about a family working in a funeral home, with each character having some serious issues. Ruth (she reminds me of Gloria Romero), the mother, lost her husband; Nate, the eldest son, left the family and came back just for the funeral; David, the second son, is gay; and the youngest daughter, Claire, is a drug addict. I came to love the Fishers family.

Last night, I watched the last episode. Brenda's daughter, Willa, was born premature so I kinda related to that. There were many Kodak moments with Brenda & Ruth and Ruth & Claire. The death scenes in the end were funny but it was executed nicely. Oh, man, I will surely miss this HBO series.

Illustration Friday: Reflection

For the past few days, I've been wracking my brains as to how to illustrate the current theme. I actually thought of taking a raincheck for this week. I thought of having the point of view of a mirror where a zit is being popped. Gross! Then I thought of doing a pond scene. But that was common. Early this afternoon, I was just sitting behind my desk and simply looked to my left. There it was, my illustration! Very simple. Teehee!

I used three graphics application here. I designed the frame of my glass in Adobe Illustrator. Created the PowerBook text also in it. Switched directly to Dogwaffle to create the texture of my laptop sleeve. I'm impressed by the results. Then lastly, I went to Adobe Photoshop to create the yellow lens, plus, the reflection at the bottom.

Whenever I wear my yellow glasses, it brightens up my day. It literally gives me a BRIGHTER perspective.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Newsflash: My VL has been Approved

Yay!!! Thank you, Lord!

I can almost feel Singapore now ;oP 10 days, baby! Now, I need to plan out my itinerary. Any suggestions? So far, I've got Sentosa and Night Safari. Hmmm....

Another Dear Friend is Celebrating

Monday, August 22, 2005

And the Blessings Came Pouring In...

I'm happy today because finally my departure date for Singapore has been changed to September 17th. Many, many, many thanks to Lala for arranging this for me. I tried calling the number of Tiger Airways twice but their system isn't that helpful. Again, biggie thanks to Lala. Love you, hon.

Newsflash: I might be able to watch a "Black Eyed Peas" concert in Singapore. Any sponsors? Teehee...

Another blessing today is from my Kuya. The money I'm getting from him will be the budget of my parents for their Boracay trip this December.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Third Crossroads Retreat (Day Two)

I'm not used to waking up early...especially during weekends. But today is a special day. It's our second day of our Crossroads Retreat. I took my second bath of the day (had a nice warm bath before beddy time). Went downstairs to have our brekky. Bonded again with the participants.

Around 8:30, we had our morning prayer led by Joel. We sang some worship songs too. Next, Popsie introduced tongues and some gestures that we use whenever we sing our love songs to Him.

For the fourth and last talk on "Where do We Go from Here?", Randy gave us some wonderful insights: Prayer is our lifeline to God, Scriptures are God's love letters to us, we must share God's love through Service, we must have faith like a mustard seed (small but strong), and He will fully supply us with all our needs.

Before letting go of our participants, we prayed over them. We lifted up their concerns, asked for protection, and thanked them once more for accepting our invitation.

I setup the projector and my laptop before the mass started at 11. Isco magically appeared during the mass service ;o)

We had our final photo sessions before having lunch together. Lunch was composed of porkchops (yummy sauce!), shrimp & veggies (only ate the shrimps), and watermelons for dessert. I also claimed my "pasalubong" orders for Mom & Dad. Due to lack of time, we promised to give out the photo souvenirs on Tuesday night.

Algie took care of the car assignments. I left Angels' Hills with him, Ramil, Eric (my neighbor), and Pert. We met with the other brothers at Bag of Beans. Had coffee and apple pie. We had a fun afternoon chat. Got home around 5.

What a fun weekend with the Lord and my fellow SOLV brothers! Kudos to Caloy (I truly salute you, bro), Popsie (your pearl necklace story touched me a lot), Ramil and the Music Ministry, and the rest of the service team ('twas a huge success, bros!). To our new brothers, thank you again for accepting our invitation to God's feast! Thank you, Lord!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Third Crossroads Retreat (Day One)

Y'know the most famous effects they used in Hollywood movies to show flashbacks? The fluttering calendar pages and the blurring effects. Imagine that now and let's rewind the hands of time. It's now August 2004. My friend, Lala, was inviting me to a certain Catholic retreat called "Crossroads Retreat". Didn't give her my "Yes" first because my concept of a retreat is somewhat old school. In fact, the last time I attended a retreat was still in high school....where buckets of tears flowed down from the participants. Uhm... I don't think I would like that to happen again. She pestered me for awhile but I couldn't decide yet. Then she uttered the magic word--FOOD. Lots of food. I said yes ;oP

August 2005. With no sleep at all, I proceeded to our usual meeting place--ChowKing at Pasay Road. Had my brekky. There's a participant named Edwin that I chatted with while waiting for the other SOLV brothers to arrive. Around 7:30, we left for Tagaytay.

Ramil assigned me to lead the Music Ministry. I've prepared a wicked multimedia presentation for all our retreat songs. When we got to Angels' Hills, I immediately noticed that there's no multimedia projector though. Bummer! We had to rely on an overhead projector. Anyhoo, I just gathered all our songs printed on acetates. Talk about Plan B. Later on, we used a multimedia projector but the lamp wasn't in good condition. Our screen looked like it was dipped in a purple ink.

Our retreat master is a cardiologist named Gilbert Vilela but we call him Popsie. He immediately set the tone by cracking jokes and telling us very touching stories which made the participants comfortable.

There were 11 participants. We're very happy to meet all of them. I met a U-trekker named Jhede. He was invited by Joel. We talked about his Singapore trip and other stuff. JR (not short for Junior) finally joined us. I jokingly told him that he's a threat to me in Music Ministry. He uses the R&B "kulot" style. Edwin works for Smart and we teased him about getting free loads. Bong serves in his other community for years now and is now looking for a career that would maximize his talents.

Popsie delivered the first talk on "Do You Know Where You're Going To?". According to my notes, he mentioned that God has plans for all of us. He's CRAZY for us. We're like a lost coin/sheep/son to Him. We are all important in God's eyes. If we stand by Him, He will stand by us too and will never ever give up on us.

There was an activity involving a presentation of an object that describes us. Guess what I presented? A tissue paper ;oP That was my way of breaking the ice. But seriously a tissue paper is really an important part of our daily lives. We need tissues whenever we cry or laugh so hard that we cry too. I like to be there for my loved ones whenever they need a shoulder to cry on or someone to make them laugh their bums off. I just wanna say that I'm always here for you ;oD

In the second talk on "Choices of the Heart" that Caloy delivered, he mentioned that being in a community won't insulate us. There will always be attacks that will keep on testing our faith. We must wrap our hearts in prayer. Our hearts are capable of both doing good and bad. God gave us the freedom to choose. We must open our hearts and listen to Him. Make Him the Lord of our hearts. I really enjoyed his talk.

When my batch brother, Arnel, shared his personal testimony, he reminded everyone that it's our crossroads anniversary tomorrow. Wow! It's been a year and look where I'm at with my relationship with Him ;o) Thank you, Lala, and SOLV.

Was happy to see Algie and Wilson made it to the retreat. Our music ministry is complete now ;oD

We incorporated a "Lord's Day" ceremony in this retreat. It's one of my favorite things that we do here in SOLV. We partook focacia bread with cheese and red wine. =oP Had dinner later.

Kiko joined us for the third talk on "Invitation to a Feast". He gave us the parable of the wedding banquet. God compared His kingdom to a wedding feast. But why are people not accepting His invitation? Excuses like "I cannot attend because..." + "I got work to do" or "I don't need it" or "I got other commitments" or simply "I just cannot" are all short term. God is presenting us a life of happiness and contentment. He loves us so much that He wants us to be with Him.

I was requested by my SOLV brothers to share my own personal testimony. I told the story about the invitation (scroll up again if you wish) and the good feeling of knowing that there's always a bunch of people who will help you with your relationship with the Lord (whom I consider to be my ultimate BEST FRIEND). The SOLV community, most especially my brothers, really help me get closer to Him. I'm so thankful that I'm NOT the only one struggling.

Entertainment night came. My group was the second to perform. Bong acted like a puppet. I did a "Kuya Bodjie" routine. Eric and Edwin were the stunt men, Miguel and Amante from "Be-Sugo". And lastly, Greg was our funny narrator. Of course, the night won't be complete without Joel's infamous "Waway". This time though, we have a new batch of actors. I played the cop (Wilson wasn't feeling well so he couldn't revive his character). Caloy was the director (Dennis is now in Singapore). Ramil was the clapper (lots of exposure!). Algie was the younger brother and Joel was the main character. They even filmed the scenes. Waway never fails to make the audience laugh ;oP There's even a plan of passing his torch over to Eric M. for his breakthrough performance!!! Cookie and I gamely played Sumo wrestlers.

Before we called it a night, the brothers planned out the activities for Sunday. I got to sleep too. Yay!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Friday Shopping

After my work, I immediately went to Black Strawberry to have my dreads repair. It's been a month already so it's about time for Romy to tug at my hair and make it presentable again. Harold was also there and he tried fixin' my hair too ;o) I treated them for some waffles. Oh by the way, they have a website now. Check it out--> www.blackstrawberry.com.

I promised myself that I'd buy my new perfume this week. I went to Rustan's and got myself an Emporio Armani white. Yay!

Checked out Lucky Brand too. Found a very nice classic polo shirt worth 76 bucks. And got it for only 17 dollars. Good buy, eh?!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Pictorial Before Speechcraft

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Games We Used to Play

During our lunchtime chit-chat, my friends and I talked about the games we used to play when we were just kids. I've listed down some of these memorable games:

"Monkey, monkey, Annabelle". Whoever invented this game had an issue with syllables. In order to get the correct timing, here's what was handed down to us: "monkey, monkey, annabelle. how many THE monkey did you see?!" Wassup with that?

Game and Watch. I miss this very handy console game. I remember owning just two: Popeye and Octopus. But my friends had Fire (thought the game's name is "Hospital"), Mickey Mouse (where he catches eggs), and Parachute. Later on, a multi-screen version appeared in the market with Donkey Kong as its star.

Taguan, Shato, Agawang Base, Tumbang Preso, Luksong Tinik, and Patintero. I think, my teamwork skills were developed in these games. Fortunately, I was thin and short so I could hide pretty easily. The only problem was I couldn't run fast so I wasn't the best "agawang base" player. I love shato!

"Si Nena ay Bata Pa", "Cheeky-cheeky", and London Bridge. These are the games you could play with just your hands plus imagination. Hmmm. That doesn't sound quite right.

Pepsi-7up, "Water, Earth, Sun", and "Langit Lupa". Now these are fun. Involves a lot of jumping and running.

Jackstone, Pickup Sticks, Chinese Garter, Piko, and Step-No. If you want to play with the girls then these are the best games for you.

Freebies. These are the stuff that you can collect inside our favorite drinks: Milo, Ovaltine, and Tang. I remember you could collect Ziggy and other pretty cool thingamajigs.

Millionaires, Snakes & Ladders, Pictionary. If it's raining and you're not allowed to take your bath outside, then these boardgames are the best alternatives.

Figurine Panini. If you love collecting stuff, you must have finished the Animals, Dinosaurs, and Care Bears series.

Lego, Voltes V, Daimos, Mazinger Z, and Voltron. I'm a Lego baby so I could never forget this very cool toy. My older brother owned a hand-me-down Voltes V but my dad bought me a Voltron. Sweeeeet! Now who could ever forget Aphrodite-A!!!

I'm sure there are other games & toys I missed out. It's fun though to just remember those happy times.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Walk This Way!!!

A Japanese-invented door that calculates and adjusts to the shape of the object coming in/out. Still in its infancy stage though but this is cool. Click here to see the video.

Monday, August 15, 2005


On my way to the bank to pay for my rent, I passed by a 7-Eleven store. I thought of buying Slurpee on my way back. I cannot remember the last time I had this famous drink. Found out from the www.slurpee.com site that this drink began in '59 when a soda fountain machine broke down. Instead of treating this as an unfortunate event, Omar Knedlik devided to sell ice-cold softdrinks =o)

Me and My iPod

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Illustration Friday: Wisdom

They say that "with age comes wisdom". This illo is very personal to me. I imagined myself with visible lines on me forehead. Plus, the gray dreads. It was a surreal experience.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Charlie and the Goya Fun Factory

It's Saturday night and I've got no plans. The whole day I spent doing something special. Can't tell you that one basta it made me feel very happy =o Anyhoo, after trying out a new resto (Jaymi's Grill) near my pad, I went to see "Charlie...".

I've read a few reviews so I was prepared to see the horendous look of Johnny Depp's character. I don't like his pale face, hir haircut, his teeth. At first, I couldn't stand looking at him. He reminds me sometimes of MJ. On the other hand, I think only JD could pull this character off.

The handsome boy (Freddie Highmore) who played Charlie could really act. He was my favorite in his other film with Depp, "Finding Neverland". Grandpa Joe (David Kelly) was pretty cool too.

There's one scene in the beginning where JD was holding this huge pair of scissors and Edward Scissorhands came to mind.

The whole factory reminds me of Goya. When I was a kid myself, I thought that river of choco was real. When we had our field trip at Goya fun factory, I was ready to dip my finger on that choco-ness. Alas! There's this small machine where choco drips continuously. And that's about all the choco I got. No river at all. So when I saw the chocofalls in the film, I was delighted =o)

The rollercoaster-like boat ride immediately reminded me of Disneyland. That would be awesome if Disney could do sumpthin similar!

The Oompa Loompas remind me of a 90s game I like to play, "Lemmings".

Friday, August 12, 2005

Another Round of Celebrity Look-Alikes

Look what I got this time!!! I think Jet Li is cool, man!

My friends and I went bowling last night. I didn't get high scores though =o( But I got a text message from Kiddo ;oP

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Feeling Down? Try This!

Got this from my good friend, Seem. When I had my first facial analysis, a website informed me that I look like Chow Yun Fat. This time, it is WAY better! Imagine Qui Gon Jinn, Legolas, and Aragorn all rolled into one!!! You'd get the KNOTTYDON!

Click on the image if you wanna try it yourself ;o)

High School Life, Oh, My High School Life

During my afternoon break with my barkada yesterday, our talk suddenly geared towards high school life. My friend was relating to us his naughty experiences and I thought, man, my HS life was lame compared to this guy. He was actually enjoying reliving the moments, like when he hit his principal during a basketball game, or just playing pranks with his classmates especially the butt-kissers or the suckups or in Tagalog, the "sip-sips". He could even remember how he got the standing ovation when his group of friends graduated.

Nuthin like that happened to me. I could remember some nice things though. My older brother and I studied at the same school. When he became the corps commander in his senior year, I immediately got the extension fame. Since the girl I had my eyes on was one of the smart ones, I made sure that my grades were good too. We won several times in our volleyball games. I was part of the varsity team. Back then, we've got like more than 10 dogs in Bulacan. I sometimes treated my friends to free movies ;o) I was a good student back then. Oh, the last thing I won't ever forget, I passed out during a CAT punishment. Bugger!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

My White Band Finally

I finally found out how to put that white band thing on my website. It's an organization that finds way to help the underprivileged. If you want to take part in this cause, visit their website at www.makepo... actually, just click on that white band and it will direct you to the website. Cool beans!

Oh, lastly, if you want to have that white band, look no further, just add this script under your <body> tag:

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Vandalism or Not?

Only found out about this wall last night. It was built by the Israeli government. According to them, it is necessary to protect their people from Palestinian attacks. It stands about three times the height of the Berlin wall. The thing is, it's illegal. It's like building a prison!

Bansky, a secretive artist from UK, turned this fortress into something more appealing to look at. Here are samples of his art:

You can view his other interesting graffiti at www.bansky.co.uk.

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