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Saturday, September 30, 2006


After a very stressful day yesterday at the hospital of San Lazaro, I thought of just having a relaxin' weekend. I watched some episodes of my favorite shows:

America's Top Model Season 5. I was rooting for Nic. And where's the nude shots episode?

Grey's Anatomy. Almost done with the first season. 30++ episodes to go ;oP

My Name is Earl. Disappointed with the first episode of season 2.

Desperate Housewives. Will they also kill Bree in this season? I don't want her to die!!!

Amazing Race 10. No Tyler & BJ character types. Crap!

Survivor. I guess the racial separation couldn't work its magic anymore to the viewers so they decided to regroup the teams. Teehee...

Friday, September 29, 2006

Adventures in Hospital Land

Came in early for work today so I can go visit Makati Med for my vaccination. After having my Jollibee brekky, I proceeded to ER to have my bite checked.

A very hip doctor named Carlo Prado took care of me immediately. He looked at my wound and advised me to have some anti-rabies, anti-tetanus, and some immunoglobulin shots.

I weighed first so he can compute for the price of my immuno-sumpthin-sumpthin shot. He brought out his cellphone and did some computation. He said, "38,000++" I did a double take. "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!" For that single shot? You've got to be kidding me! He offered me this option: either I take my anti-rabies and this highway-robbery shot to a government hospital (RITM in Alabang or San Lazaro in Manila) or take it here in Makati Med. Hmmm... lemme think it over. Gimme 10 minoots. Of course, I took the first option. He informed me that the anti-tetanus shot will be covered by EA, including the first of five anti-rabies shot.

And so I got the anti-tetanus shots on both upper arms. Just a little trivia: I'm very brave when it comes to shots. Sometimes I even watch before the needle goes in. I told myself that I'll be getting a lot more shots today so I better prepare myself now.

Settled my bill. The shots amounted to 1,124. Plus the other fees, I paid 2,444.03.

Running Total: 2,444.03

Withdrew my salary. Exchanged it to the local currency (50 pesos to 1 dollar). Boarded a bus to Taft. I requested the conductor to tell me if it's already Taft avenue 'cause I still need to look for this San Lazaro hospital.

After awhile, the conductor told me that I can ride a jeep going to Blumentritt. I did just that and asked the driver to inform me if it's already San Lazaro.

It's my first time to travel around Manila. Saw some Chinese shops, a lotta people outside their shops (no electricity still), and lotsa typhoon debris.

I finally found San Lazaro hospital. Unforch, I got there at noon. Since I still have an hour to kill, I looked for a place to eat. Found Jollibee but opted to eat at a nearby ChowKing.

Before 1, I quickly visited the church inside the compound of DOH and prayed. Proceeded to the battlefield afterwards. I wasn't expecting that there would be hundreds of people wanting to get treated for animal bites.

I grabbed a form (Step 1). Didn't carry a pen so I had to buy one for 7 pesos. Accomplished the form and paid for my ID card. 50 bucks.

Running Total: 2,444.03 + 7 + 50 = 2,501.03

I weighed again and was told to look for Room no. 5. That's Step 2 in the diagram. I waited there for almost an hour. Somebody who was very slow using the computer was assigned the job. Crap!

Waited in front of ER (Step 3) for another 30 minoots or so. When I heard my name being called, I went in and presented my problem to one of the doctors. I told him that I already got an anti-tetanus shot earlier and ready for my anti-rabies and the immuno-sumpthin-sumpthin shots. He told me to have my medicines assessed before buying them. Didn't understand this part. I have to go to 2 separate rooms (wayyyyy opposite from one another before I could even buy my stuff).

Anyhoo, I proceeded to the Assessment room (Step 4) so they could list down whatever syringes and/or medicines that I need. Then I had to walk/run towards the cashier for the payment. Then go back to the Ass room to get the supplies. How efficient, no?! --This ACA cycle actually happened about 5-7 times today.

Running Total: 2,501.03 + 1136 + 5 (for a wrong syringe) = 3642.03

When I got my first batch of supplies, I got concerned about the immuno thingie. Dr. Prado from MMC advised me to get one. I returned to ER and voiced my concern.

Around 4, I waited for my first shot. I had a painful skin test. I was advised to wait for 30 minoots and have somebody from ER to check on it. If it's negative, I have to buy the immuno thingie.

While waiting at the Injection area, I got to relax and notice my surroundings for the first time. A lot of kids got bitten on their faces, upper lips, butts, arms, and legs. I heard lotsa stories from the parents and from the patients themselves. I, of course, told them about my own case. But the thing is, it pales in comparison as to what they've experienced. It's heartbreaking to hear these kids crying when they get their vaccines.

Checked my schedule:

Day 0 September 29
Day 3 October 2
Day 7 October 6
Day 30 October 29
Day 90 December 29

I got into a conversation with a lady named Annaliza Reyes. She got bitten by a neighbor's Dalmatian on her right hand. She's also looking for somebody to split the anti-rabies shot bill. I said great. She had to look for an ATM so she could give me the money.

Running Total: 3,642.03 - 560 - 8 (for the syringe) = 3,074.03

I went back to ER and the doctor there happily told me that I can have the immuno thingie. Did the ACA cycle again to buy the shots.

Running Total: 3,074.03 + 3534 = 6,608.03

At the Injection area, I finally got my anti-rabies shot. Special thanks to Mrs. Reyes, I was able to save some money.

I was also ready to get my immuno shot when the nurse told me that I need to get a 10 ml syringe. Did the cycle once more. I also tried to get a refund for the 2 syringes that I won't be needing anymore. They won't give me back my money. Crap!

Running Total: 6,608.03 + 7 = 6,615.03

Reached the Injection area at 6. Unforch, the nurse who gives the shots was on break. Had to wait for awhile. I was hungry and tired from all the walking.

When she came back, she nodded at my direction. I gave her my stuff. She told me that she'd shoot me on my butt. I wanted to get it on my arms again but she insisted to have it down there.

Before I bid goodbye, she told me that I CANNOT have any alcohol. I asked, "for tonight only?". She continued, "while on medication". "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!!!!!" You can shoot me anytime with giant needles but not this, honey... I'll be alcohol-free till December 29th!!!

Final Total: 6,615.03

Street Battle

Was supposed to go to GSIS again yesterday with mom but when I woke her up around 5:30, she told me that she won't attend her training. Bummer! Instead of going back to bed, I immediately boarded a jeep to Fairview.

There's a typhoon expected to arrive around 11. Classes had been suspended already. Texted my boss asking if we still have work but according to her, there's no word from management yet.

Reached Makati before 8 am. Mama Butch was at her desk already. Dax, Ruthie, Olive, Sherwin, and a few other people were present. All of them asking if we still have work today.

A few minoots later, she received a call from my boss, informing everyone that we can all go home. Good news but they should've told us much much earlier.

I had brekky with Butch, Jimmy, and Rudy.

Around 9, while I was brushing my teeth, I heard Butch calling my name. She told me that she had spoken with our President. For people that find it hard to go home, the company is offering a free ride. ZOMG (quoting my friend, Alwyn), that's great news!

I immediately packed my stuff. While waiting for Jimmy & the van, we saw Nicho. We told him about the free ride. He joined us a few minoots later. With Rudy riding shotgun, the five of us headed for the street battle.

Many roads were flooded already. Traffic was just otay. Wind was blowing hard. There were a lotta people struggling to hold their umbrellas and tree branches lying around or reclining like tired runners. This is krezy. Can't wait to get home.

After dropping off Nicho in Sampaloc and Butch in C5, we headed to Bulacan. Surprisingly, the weather looks promising in our area. Got home before noon.

Watched the news later. Devastation struck.

Here are a couple of aftermath photos:

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Butter Bit Me Vol. 2

After taking a nap, I had coffee with mom and dad. No lights still. The rain stopped and it's a quiet evening.

Dad was carrying Butter. Mom fed Butter some siopao. Boy, this pup is a munching machine! I got Butter from Dad and Mom continued to feed her.

All of a sudden, I yelped. Butter bit me on my left wrist. She must've thought it's still siopao. Crap!

I immediately washed my hands. Told my parents that I need to seek medical help. Looked for a tricycle in the dark. I visited not just one but three clinics. They kept referring me to the next one. In short, they couldn't treat me. One even advised to wait for tomorrow. Fuck! I've been bit and you're asking me to wait?!

Felt helpless, I went home. I have to visit Makati Med first thing tomorrow and get my anti-rabies shot.

More Gifts!

A) I love surprises and B) I love gifts. Yesterday, I got a yahoo message from Nikks. She told me that she'll give sumpthin to me. When I reached her cube, she's holding this pretty wicked shirt. Aedz was beside her. She told me that Aedz had a gift for me. I said, "really?" I looked around for teevee cameras. I thought I was being Punk'd. I asked again. Aedz apologized for the delay of his gift. Gave him a big smile. I wasn't expecting a gift from him. I tried it on and it fits ;oP Super, super thanks!!!

When I reached my cube, I saw my HSBC bill. Attached is a birthday card. When I looked inside, it says that I could avail of a free pica-pica platter at Sentro. TTOW!!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Retiring in December

While having dinner with mom last night, she told me that she needs to go to Pasay tomorrow (which is today now) to attend a 2-day training. I asked, "what for?" It's for retirement. Oh... so Kuya was right. After serving the government for 38 long years, mom is planning to retire in December.

And so with only 4 hours of sleep, we left Bulacan around 5 am. Good thing there were many vans awaiting in Fairview. We hopped into one and reached Makati at 7. Dropped mom off at GSIS building and then came back to work.

Don't be surprised if you see me walking like a zombie today. *yawns*

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Thank You, Guys!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Desserts Galore

Clockwise from L to R: fudge brownie, guiltless mango mousse, sansrival, and triple decker cheesecake.

After lunch today, Nikks, Butch, Joy and I proceeded to CBTL (according to Nikks). The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf shop is just a few yards away from our office.

Joy requested for the brownie, the sans rival and mango mousse looks delish to me, and according to Nikks again, she and Butch would share on the decker cheesecake.

The verdict? (1st) the mango mousse, very light and not too sweet; (2nd) sans rival, unlike other versions, this one's butter is not too overwhelming; (3rd) fudge brownie, suprisingly not too sweet either; and (4th) triple decker cheesecake, I dunno how Nikks could stand this one. Butch thought it tastes spoiled.

Come to Think of It

I was born PREMATURELY on this day, September 25th, around 1 pm... I was told that if I didn't come out of my mom's womb, we both wouldn't have made it. Thus, the name Salvador. My late aunt Feling gave me that name.

Mom was due in November, not September. So does that mean, I'm supposed to celebrate my actual birthday in November? =oP

Stayed inside an incubator for weeks or months (I dunno). I was also told that I was so little, I could fit into a small shoe box. I was also hairy. Didn't look like a baby at all.

Thank you to all the doctors who took care of me and my mom 33 years ago.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Greenwich, a Crappy Place

Since SOP didn't broadcast live today, I thought of doing laundry. While sorting out my dirty clothes, I was surprised to find my missing ID. Yay!

To celebrate, I went to Greenwich--a 15-minoot ride from our place. I looked up to check their menu but couldn't find some spicy wings. Crap! I ordered a meal composed of spaghetti, pizza, and chicken... similar to Shakey's bunch o'lunch. When my food arrived around 15 minutes later, I was disappointed. They call it their big meal but it wasn't even close to being big. It's not even warm anymore either. Won't eat here anymore.

I ordered a family pizza for mom and dad.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hooked on Grey

Watched the first three episodes of "Grey's Anatomy". Again, I was just curious as to why people watch this show. After seeing Patrick Dempsey's ass during the first few minoots, I thought this would be an interesting show. Thought the ladies would bare too but got disappointed ;oP

The characters are fun to watch. I'm hoping for more big name guest appearances.

Am not a fan of medical drama. I didn't see any episode of ER in the 90s. But I'm making an exception with GA.

Friday, September 22, 2006

My Birthday Celeb in Advance

Instead of celebrating my birthday on Monday, I thought of having an advance party. Mama Butch, Candy, Pao, Nikks, Max, Ning, and I went with Tabel in her van. The group of Mike will join us later. I had no idea where Joy was so I just sent her a text message about the plan. Incidentally, Nikks was already tipsy from drinking too much wine at her cousin's birthday party at the Australian embassy.

It's my first time to eat at Dampa in Macapagal. Butch and I did the marketing. She did one helluva job bargaining for our meals. We got 2 jaws of tuna for 360 pesos, 2 kilos of shrimps and 2 kilos of squids for 920, and 4 kilos of crabs for 960. I learned a thing or two in "pamamalengke".

Tabel found Aling Tonya's as our eating place. A few minoots later, Joy & Franco arrived. And then the whole gang of Mike joined us: Jimmy, Rudy, Earl, Beng, Richie, Adrian, and Boy.

They served the shrimps first. One waiter even spilled our sinigang na sugpo. They don't offer free refill of soup. Crap! The problem is, the rice took quite a long time to be served. We kept asking for the damn rice! They also don't have Pepsi in large bottles so we ordered lotsa soda in can. The adobong pusit came next. Sweet but not spicy. Tuna came later. And lastly, the crabs. Oh man, I love having a feast!!!

Around 11, we finished our food ;oP I was worried for awhile that our food won't be enuff. Boy and Mike shared the bill with me. Yay!

We (Butch, Nikks, Joy, Tabel, Candy, and Max) continued the fun at Platinum. Doths & Aedner joined us later too. Max ordered this Korean wine called "soju". It was served with ice and cucumber.

We sang till 3 in the morning. Found a nice looking car in front of Platinum.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bit by Butter

While playing with Butter, her teeth sank into my leg. It bled a tiny bit. Not sure if I need to have some anti-rabies injected on me now =o(

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My Name is Butter

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Playin' with the Newbies

For the past few months, I've been getting my groove back in pingpong. Stopped playin' for awhile ever since my old barkada left. Nikks encouraged me to play again. Sometimes we play in doubles and even triples!

Anyhoo, I played this time with some new guys: Annby, OJ, and Butch. Annby is a very good player. What's with these Chinese guys?! As for OJ, I dunno what's up with him. He has a very interesting service. Almost behind-the-back service. Now, with Butch... well, let's just say he comes close as to how I play. Not in the manner of playing but in cursing everytime we commit mistakes.

When I heard him cursed the first time, I looked at Nikks and we both laughed. He's funny.

Nikks and I won when we played against Butch and Annby. Butch and I won when we played against Nikks and OJ. But we lost when Nikks and Earl tag teamed. Crap!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Video Games Turned Movies

This weekend, I watched 2 movies related to PC gaming. First one was "Stay Alive". When you die in the game, you'll also die in real life the way you were killed in the video game. Sounds very silly but I've got nuthin to do so I watched it. Plus, the kid from "Malcolm in the Middle" stars in it. He's the only recognizable actor in the movie. The effects are kinda amateurish. Not recommended to watch at all.

The second one was "Silent Hill". Wasn't able to play the game so I had no expectations. The production design is great. "Boromir" is in the movie. Lotsa CGIs. Cool effects though.

Surprisingly, there's one character in the first movie that appears also in the second. If you remember the Stephen King movie, "Sleepwalkers", well, she's the mother there of the cat guy. The actress is Alice Krige.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

I Need a Name

I'm a one-and-a-half month old puppy. My birthday is on August 20. My coat is the color of cream. My nose is brown though. I love to lick fingers and faces and toes. My previous owner, Rudy, has a good friend named Knottydon. I heard that I will be spending the rest of my dog years in his house starting tonight. Am really excited. He looks scary with his big hair like that. But I smell a doglover in him too so that's a good sign. My new owner doesn't have a name for me yet. Could you, guys, help him? I want a really, really, really cool name.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

From 170 to 161

Before the shopping spree began last night, Boyette, Nikks and I heard mass at Greenbelt chapel. According to the American priest, before coming over here, he thought praying the rosary was sumpthin repetitive and boring. That totally changed. He was amazed as to how people here give importance to Mama Mary.

He also devised a cool way to make it more exciting. He thinks not of himself when he prays the rosary. Instead, he prays for 60 different people for each 60 beads. He starts off by praying for the pope, archbishop, church, etc. And then, the first mystery goes to 10 family members or relatives. The next 10 is for friends. Middle 10 goes to his enemies. He made a joke that if we couldn't think of 10 enemies then we have no right to be inside the church. Next 10 goes to people we work with. And the last batch goes to souls in the purgatory. We should never forget the ones who just entered, those who have been there for the longest time, and lastly, the one that nobody is praying for.

Boyette went shopping for neckties (TieLine offers half the price of the next tie purchase), long sleeves, and pants. I also suggested that he buys ChapStick. He and Bimboy are leaving for Virginia this Wednesday.

While we're inside Mercury Drug. Nikks saw an automated scale that also checks your blood pressure and fat index. She tried it first. Then it's my turn. I was a bit scared to know my current weight. Haven't visited the gym ever since I moved back to Bulacan. But the scale was very nice to me. I now weigh 161 pounds from 170 almost 2 months ago. Wow!!!

We had dinner at Dulcinea with Table. We ordered some salpicao (the best is still at IO's), fish fillet with mussels and shrimps, seafood sumpthin, a plate of chorizo, and churros for a shared dessert.

Afterwards, we watched "You, Me and Dupree" as per Boyette's suggestion.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Double 3s

Am turning double 3s (same as my waistline?) in 10 days. The plan is to sing the night away after a sumptuous dinner. I plan to hold it on a Friday night... three days before my actual birthday. So far, I've looked at IO KTV's package but unforch, they're very costly. Food is great there though. To address the food issue, Nikks suggested that we eat at Dampa. There's one in Macapagal.

As for the videoke, I'm thinking of going back to Platinum. The problem is, they don't have my ultra favorite songs. They only charge 500/hour for 20 people.

Now, the good news is, Mike is celebrating his birthday on the 26th. I need to talk to him. We might have a double celeb. I don't mind sharing the spotlight ;oP

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Almost There

Tomorrow night, Supernova would have their lead singer. I'm really excited to watch tonight's show and of course, the revelation tomorrow. I was hoping that Magni would win but Toby, from Down Under, gives a very good fight.

I don't think Dilana would make it. After her breakdown, her fans kinda lost interest. As for Lukas, he can have a solo career. I miss Storm though.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Oo, Ate, Oo, Ate!

Caught an old Tagalog movie of Sharon Cuneta on PBO channel. I think it's entitled, "Nakagapos na Puso". It stars Lorna Tolentino, Edu Manzano, Tonton Gutierrez, and Dawn Zulueta.

I didn't get to see the 60% of the movie. I saw Tonton's character lying down in front of their house and Sharon was trying to find her hubby's medicine. She checked everywhere but still couldn't find it. Why would you keep a very important medicine hidden???

Anyhoo, Tonton's character died eventually. Of course, Sharon broke down in tears. It's one of her specialties. Another one coming up.

In this movie, Eliza (Lorna, the big sister) was the smart and successful one. While her younger sister, Elaine (Sharon), was meek and always under the shadow of her "Ate".

In all of Sharon's movies, especially the old ones, she always has this "moment" where she delivers a very long monologue or a catchy phrase. And in this movie, she let out this memorable dialogue, "inidolo kita, halos ilagay na kita noon sa pedestal... sa isang utos mo lang, natataranta na ko. oo, ate, oo ate, puro na lang ako, oo, ate! daig ko pa ang isang manyikang de susi. pinabayaan kitang diktahan ako dahil akala ko mas marunong ka. akala ko mahal mo ko bilang kapatid. pero iginapos mo na ang paa't kamay ko, pati puso ko, iginapos mo pa rin?" (try to deliver that in one breath and matching tears ;oP)

Actually, Lorna has her own dialogue after this. And it's NOT a short one either. WTF!!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering 911

A moment of silence.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Couch Potato

Here's a list of tv shows I used to watch:

Sesame Street

I was a late speaker when I was a kid. Many thought I was mute. But super thanks to "Sesame Street" for teaching me how to speak and maybe sing. I think that's where I got my puppety voice too ;oP
My favorite character was the big dog. Can't remember his name. I thought Snuffle-upagus was creepy.

Whenever I see a white cow pulling a caravan, I remember this tune, "Alagang-alaga namin si Puti. Bakang mataba, bakang maputi". Manang Bola's "Baaa-be-bi-bo-buuu". Ate Shena. Kuya Bodgie. Ning-ning & Ging-ging (Ernie & Bert's local counterparts). Why does Kiko Matsing sound like the veteran actress, Chuchi, from "Chicks to Chicks"?

Super Friends
Wonder Twins Power, Activate! Freakin' useless but i like 'em. Gleek, the monkey, rocks!

Care Bears
I still have the sticker book collection from Figurine Panini. If I were to choose a favorite, I'd probably pick Bedtime Bear.

Voltes V
I love to draw this robot when I was a child. Collected stickers too. Used to play with the robot (originally from my cousin, Dennis) but Kuya handed it over to one of my cousins. Crap!

Voltron, Defender of the Universe
Used to own a 5-pc lion-bot but can't seem to find it now.

Star Rangers
Red - Green - Blue - Pink - Yellow. I remember their weapons but can't seem to associate them with the colors. One has an arrow. One has a boomerang. One has grenade earrings (must be Pink 5).

Part of my Sunday viewing.

I used to own a Lion-O action figure. Their theme song is in my head right now. Feel the thunder, feel the roar!

He-Man and She-Ra
Owned a He-Man action figure too. The movie was a disappointment.

Muppet Babies
Cutey-patooteys!!! Love Beaker and Animal.

Bumblebee is my ultimate favorite transformer. Can't wait to see him in the movie!

Perfect Strangers
Remember Balki and Larry Ap-ple-ton's dance of joy?

Beverly Hills 90210
Brandon and Brenda, the bitch. Loved Shannen Dougherty here.

Bruce Willis & Cybill Shepherd are the perfect couple for me.

Twin Peaks
Who could ever forget the haunting theme song here?!

Twilight Zone
I can never forget the episode, "The After Hours", wherein a woman was so desperate to enter this mall. Little by little, her body starts to stiffen. Turned out that she'd become one of the mannequins. The episode where a guy could stop the time. And this boy who could bring anything to life just by stating, "Bring!".

Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Emmy's

Watched the Emmy's today. I know, a little too late, but I've got some video gaming to finish. Anyhoo, I love that Conan O'Brien was hosting this year's event.

When they showed the tribute to Aaron Spelling, I was surprised that some of the tv shows I used to watch when I was little were produced by this guy. From S.W.A.T, Starsky & Hutch, Hart to Hart, Charlie's Angels to Charmed, and of course, Beverly Hills 90210. I'll be talking about my favorite tv shows in a separate entry.

Am saddened by "Six Feet Under" not winning any awards.

Uhm, as for the winners, I'm delighted that "The Amazing Race" (a new one begins this September!), Jeremy Piven of "Entourage", and "24" won. Kieffer Sutherland is soooo deserving!

I wish our local show organizers are aware of how people in the US run their own shows. They're very strict with the show time. They play music when the winner has already reached the speech time limit. And the presentors are given good & entertaining spiels.

The reasons that I don't watch Philippine awards show are: (1) they are boring, (2) very predictable, and (3) they extend up to 5 hours.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Discounts Everywhere

Nikks and I headed to Greenbelt to celebrate Mama Mary's birthday by hearing mass. There was a lot of people occupying the good spots already. Instead of squeezing ourselves in the throng of churchgoers, I told Nikks that I know a very nice spot where we could still hear the gospel. Should you want to know about this secret place, read further ;oP

Otay, enter the land of PowerBooks. Go upstairs. They have a veranda where you could pull up a chair and enjoy the outdoors without getting yourself wet or get pushed around by other people.

Unforch, the speakers weren't too great and there was an ongoing construction of a nearby condo so I couldn't hear the gospel much.

When the priest was giving his final blessings, it started to rain badly. Y'know, the works! Thunder + lightning + rain in buckets!!!

Informed dad that I wouldn't go home tonight. It would be helluva traffic jam, fo sho'.

While waiting for Table, we did a little window shopping. We visited Springfield, CK, Kenneth Cole, Diesel, and other stores in Greenbelt 3. Found a lot of good stuff but we didn't bring any plastics with us. It's a good way to avoid temptation ;oP

Around 8, the default group of Nikks, Table, and I was complete. We proceeded to Recipes for dinner but the place was packed. We checked Sentro but weren't too lucky. We walked around and found National Sports Grill. Rose, a friend of Joe, recognized me right away. We celebrated our Christmas Party with 'em a few years ago. She didn't have an indoor table yet but informed us that she'll work on it later.

We were directed to our temporary table. Table and Nikks ordered Ceasar's again and some clubhouse. I got me-self some spareribs. After a few minoots, a waiter advised us to transfer inside.

As soon as I saw our new table, I thought, "Best seat in the house!!!". We were given a booth. TTOW!!! Many thanks to Rose!

When the food arrived, I ate right away. My head was killing me for not eating anything during my training break earlier. Table didn't like her food much.

I saw a promo card nearby. It says we can get free dessert if (a) we're an HSBC cardholder and (b) our bill amounts to 1K. Nikks and I are both HSBC cardholders but unforch, we didn't bring our cards. Table assumed that Nikks would be paying for dinner again so she didn't bring her card too. We tried calling people back in the office but nobody was heading to Greenbelt. They're all beezy.
Sadly, no dessert for all of us.

I texted Joe and asked him if Rose could give us free dessert. We just wouldn't give up that easily ;oP Joe told me that she might give us a discount. He promised to text her. After a few minoots, Rose appeared by my side and gave us 3 discount cards. We're entitled to a 10% discount for each visit (including tonight). Hotdogs!

Since it was still early, we decided to check out Platinum KTV located in Bel-Air Village. We've been wanting to visit this place but we couldn't get hold of their contact number to inquire about the place and promos. Anyhoo, we found the place and inquired about their facilities.

For 10 people, they're offering a place for 400 per hour. For 20 people, I think it's about 500. And for 40 people, it will cost you 700 per hour. Sumpthin like that. The place offers flatscreen tvs and nice audio system. Not all rooms have cordless microphones though. Beer will cost you 70 bucks. We had fun looking at their menus 'cause of the numerous spelling mistakes. Don't forget to check it out!

While deciding whether or not we want to try it tonight, I borrowed their songlist. We inspected their songs and made mental notes on what songs to sing the minoot we enter their rooms. Found some nice songs not included in my MagicSing.

Eventually, we rented a room for 2 hours. We sang "If You're Not the One", "Promise Me", "Take a Chance", "Super Trouper", "Ulan", "Broken Vow", "Because of You", "Creep", "Without You", "Never Gonna Let You Go", "Walking on Sunshine", and many others. Too bad they don't have my signature song, "Call Me". Table was able to sing hers ("I'll Be There For You") though.

The funny thing is we lasted for 2 hours without drinking anything or ordering any food. Teehee.

They included VAT in their service. They have 10% service charge though. Not bad. Plus, they gave us a temporary VIP Gold card. It will entitle us to a 10% discount for cash payments. On Friday & Saturday, 5% only. If our bill amounts to 3K, they will give us a sticker. 10 stickers will be our ticket to have our Gold membership upgraded to Platinum which would entitle us to 20% discount. Hmmmm....

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tuck It In

Dunno why bus passengers do this but everytime I ride on a bus, I seldom see one without a ticket tucked in somewhere. Sometimes, they put it near the window opener. From sheer boredom, I try to count the tucked tickets.

There's this one time when Joy, Ogz, and I went to Greenbelt 3 to watch a movie. I was the one holding our tickets. After inspection, we quickly searched for our seats. Without even thinking about it, I tucked the tickets in in one of the seat crevasses. Ogz and Joy saw what I did. We almost died laughing. I will never forget that experience.

Oh, when I took the photo, I was embarrassed to see a passenger staring at me strangely. Teehee...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Turn Around, Bright Eyes

Woke up to the sound of pouring rain. Dad prepared me some fried rice, sunny-side up egg, and fried fish for brekky. Yummmy....

Left Bulacan at 8. When we reached Amparo, a few miles before my first destination, it began to rain like hell. Good thing, I brought my umbrella with me. I also bought some pan de sal for my friends at work.

The road leading to SM was flooded already. Couldn't see much outside the jeepney. The wiper suddenly stopped working too. Bad sign.

When we reached the North Fairview intersection, many vehicles were already turning 180 degrees. This is not good at all. Water everywhere. I thought the driver would tread the waters or look for another way but unforch this is the only way to civilization.

Informed the concerned people that I won't be able to report for work today. I don't wanna swim to work ;oP

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Regine's "Till I Met You"

Tor those of you who missed the premiere of Regine's version of "Till I Met You" on Pinoy Pop Suuuuuuperstar, here it is. With an extra kiss from Robin in the end. Swerte 'tong si Binoe!!!

My Birthday Shirt

Super thanks to Nikks, I was able to buy my birthday shirt yesterday at People are People. They carry this brand called "Monarchy". I just love their designs. Attention to details is pretty obvious in their craft.

Here's a peek of what you will see me wearing on Knottydon's birthday:

Sad News

Was totally shocked to see the yahoo status message of Table yesterday. Steve Irwin of "Crocodile Hunter" was dead. I quickly searched the internet for more news. Found out that a stingray killed the most beloved animal expert. I feel saddened by this. You'll be missed, Steve.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Haberdey, Shellita!!!

Miss ko na mga kisses mo ;oP hehehehe... Isa sa mga pinakamalakas tumili na kakilala ko. Fighter. Walang pakialam kung sino kausap. Hehehe... Maliit pero sobrang taray. Kaya nyang tumakbo na nakapikit sa batuhan. Kaya nyang mag-dive sa river na nakapikit din ;oP Love you, Chel!

Smell That Freakin Polluted Air

I forgot the last time I rode on an ordinary bus. Pollution here in the Philippines is krezy. But today, I got a taste of it. Remember that I only ride Fermina Express buses? Well, I reached Fairview at 9:20 today. Not bad. I waited for my bus and magically it appeared after a few minoots. I positioned myself at the back, adjusted the air vent, paid 35 bucks, and closed me eyes.

When the bus conductor shouted, "Philcoa!!!", the bus lost its aircondition. Fuck! I thought it would come back right away but I was wrong. The bus continued traveling without the cool air. I immediately open the window on my side and cursed.

When we reached Cubao, the aircondition came back. Thank you!

I thought that was the end of it. When we reached Boni, the aircondition was turned off again. Good thing, Ayala is just around the corner.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

New Experience

When I bought my phone last Friday, I wasn't expecting that I will be getting free speakers. As soon as I enter my room yesterday, I immediately set it up.

Played "Dungeon Siege" and enjoyed the new and improved sound system. It has a subwoofer so I could hear the monsters' grunts and thuds when I kill 'em. This is wicked!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Some Like It Hung

I've got three things on my plate today. First, I gotta finish cleaning my refrigerator. Second, I need to inquire about Smart Wi-Fi service. And third, I need to do my month-long overdue laundry.

A week ago, I cleaned the outside of my refrigerator. Now, it's the inside's turn. Got rid of expired junk. Washed the interior with soap. Smells clean now.

Next, I worked on my dirty laundry. That took quite some time. First the gimmick clothes get washed, then the ordinary clothes, then the pants, then the undies & towels, and lastly, the blankets. Soooo many.

While that was happening, Dad called this boy to install my blinds. When I was at Cityland, the repairman took care of it in just minoots. When I saw the boy, I thought, this would take a loooooong time. I think he hasn't done anything like this before. I assisted him and after maybe 2 hours, the blinds were done. Whew! I noticed that the blinds accumulated some dust over the years so I took them out and washed them.

As a bonus, my Mona Lisa puzzle was hung finally. I forgot about my 2 other paintings but those can wait.

Spent already, I took a bath. Finished "Dungeon Siege 2: Broken World" before having dinner.

Will inquire about Smart Bro tomorrow.

Friday, September 01, 2006

First -Ber Shindig

Was able to use my second spa treatment at Suriya after work. It's been awhile since I last used it. When my evil twin sister, Joyish, visited the Philippines a few months ago, I availed of a Suriya membership. This is just my second massage session. 8 more treatments to go ;oP

Anyhoo, when I reached Suriya, I was the only male client. They gave me a nice plastic membership card and was guided to the locker room immediately. I undressed and put on a towel. I went inside the steam room. To pass the time, I sang while I was inside ;oP

After my sauna, I took a nice bath. The shower has a ginormous (got this term from Ari's assistant in "Entourage") showerhead. A must try.

I had my spot tension back massage. Oh my gawd, it was the best. She asked if the pressure was good enuff. Every nook and cranny of my back was kneaded. There was a part in the massage that the therapist jumped on my back and rode it. I have a joke but I won't go there ;oP

After 30 minoots or so, she bid goodbye. Enter my second therapist. She gave me the regular massage. Noticed that I wasn't asked my preferred oil scent. Actually, she didn't speak much. Her throat clearing wasn't a good sign either. I remember when a sick therapist massaged me at Mandala Spa in Bora. That's where I got my sickness that lasted till our company outing where I lost my voice. Crap!

I asked her if I could stay for awhile after my massage. I was feeling sleepy. She gave me 5 minoots. Stayed for 10 ;oP I drank some tea before dressing up.

Met Table and Nikks for dinner. We wanted to eat at Friday's but the place was packed. I checked out CPK. I even saw the housemates of Arlyn there eating. We dined there instead. We tried some Bacon with sumpthin-sumpthin salad and Chipotle (pronounced "shee-pot-lay") pizza. Nikks chose the blue cheese as the dressing for our salad.

When the food arrived, the blue cheese dressing was overpowering for me. Didn't like it much. Neither did Table. We let Nikks finished it. However, the pizza was goooooood. The cilantro and salsa on top was a good touch. The crust was chewy. Yummmmm...

After dinner, we proceeded to our favorite drinking place, Cena. Met Mike, Candy, Pao, and Earl. We waited quite awhile for a table. 'twas uncomfortably hot outside so when we got an indoor table, it was perfect. Unforch, the ambiance inside was not meant for peeps like us who are rowdy and loud and jologs. And we even got a round table!!! Poker time ;oP We spotted China Cojuangco eating with her boyfriend. Texted Joy and Aedner to join us.

Eventually, we were transferred to an outdoor table. We spotted Keanna Reeves from the infamous Pinoy Big Brother. I said ginormous earlier, I will say it once again. Other celebrity sightings include, Jennifer Sevilla, Amanda Page, and Diether Ocampo.

After finishing 6 frozen gin pomelos, we grooved it out at Ice Bar. No table for us tonight. We just danced the night away. Aedner, as usual, was the last man standing. This guy is like the Energizer bunny once a loud music starts.

The photos were taken using an N93. I haven't read the manual yet so forgive the different settings. Thanks to Kendz for the additional photos.

Wake Me Up When September Ends

It's the start of the -ber months. Can't wait to hear the first Christmas carol. Hmmm... might play one today.

It's my birthmonth too. That may be the reason why I'm such in a good mood today. I wore the Abercrombie & Fitch shirt that Ogz gave to me. That's one of my favorite brands. There's sumpthin about wearin' sumpthin new...

Wasn't late either. I was the last person that completed the passenger list in the FX today. Plus, the driver dropped me off at the back of our office building. That means, I didn't have to walk much ;oP

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