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Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Search is Over!

The best news that I got this week is that my friends have bought me my own Wii! The endless and tiring search for this elusive game is finally over. Noel and Rene woke up early last Saturday to fall in line at Circuit City. Due to a shipment error, they weren't given enuff Wii consoles. They took their chance at Best Buy. At Best Buy, there were like 80 Wii consoles. In short, they got two. The shops have this policy that you cannot buy more than one console. Super thanks to Rene for being my proxy.

Today is the unboxing day. It's like an early Christmas! I'm freakin' excited.

After opening the box, I noticed there are two inner boxes. One holds the Wii console, along with the adapter, controller, and two AA batteries. The other box holds the Wii Sports game, the sensor bar, and the nunchuk.

I immediately looked for the installation guide. After 2 minutes or so, the Wii was already setup. Sweet!
Of course, the first thing I did was to create my Mii character named knottydon.
I played Tennis first. I made sure that I'd win in the first game. Buena Mano
Bowling came next. I got 247. It's very easy to hit strikes here.


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Things I Learned from my NYC Trip

1) NEVER, ever use your credit card to call collect. It will cost you 10 bucks for each call. It set me back 30 bucks. Money wasted!!! Bring lotsa quarters for those damn pay phones or simply buy a phone card.

2) Wear slippers. I wore my Mickey Mouse slippers most of the time so walking around the city was a breeze!

3) Bring water bottle. Left mine in Virginia so I bought lotsa bottled water. Each one costs like 1.50.

4) Buy your Broadway tickets in advance. F&@k lottery!

5) Plan what you wanna do. I'm happy that I was able to watch "Les Miserables". Got Lea's autograph and her photo too. Next time, I'll go watch "Wicked" and maybe, Conan O' Brien.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bring Him Home

Woke up to the smell of waffles. Weng cooked some for brekky. I put some whipped cream and maple syrup on me waffles. Yum-O! While enjoying our brekky, Weng handed me a Massachusetts quarter. Yay! Maine, where art thou?!

I didn't have any plans for today. I just wanna catch my 2 o'clock bus to DC. We decided to just check out the nearest mall. There's a re-routing going on 'cause of the parade. The kids wanna watch the parade so we just parked the van and joined the other spectators.

After the last group of peeps passed us by, we returned home. Weng cooked our lunch, composed of tilapia & lechon kawali. I didn't wanna leave yet but I have to catch the 12:07 bus ride going back to New York.

Weng gave us some salted eggs, flat tops, and chocnut to bring home to our Ashburn friends. Sweet!

We went to the nearest bus stop and waited. To kill time, we shared stories about our lives ;oP It looked like I already missed the 12 o'clock bus so it was a long wait for us.

Around 1, the bus appeared. Hugged & thanked Weng before boarding the bus.

I reached New York at 10 minoots to 2 o'clock. I didn't wanna fall in line yet so I took a cab and got dropped off at Abercrombie & Fitch. I asked one sales guy about the scent in the shop. He answered me back, "It's Fierce!". Oh, and I thought it's the perfume that I bought recently--Proof. I might have to get one soon. It smells good on clothes & undies. Teehee... While looking around, I couldn't find the clearance section. So I asked one guy again and this is his answer, "Oh (giggles), we don't have clearance section here." Crap! I miss shopping in Virginia now =o(
Outside, I found the Carnegie Hall and the Trump Tower but didn't go in. Took a cab and got dropped off at the Port Authority.

Waited in line for the 2:30 bus ride. The ride back home was disappointing. The air condition didn't work well so the driver opened some windows. At one point, something got caught in my left eye. Y'know how irritating that is!
Reached Virginia at 6:45 pm. Walked towards the Union Station and rode a train to Rosslyn. At Rosslyn, I found this uber long & steep escalator. Oh, shit! I tried hard to hold on to the hand rail. I thought I would puke too. I think I may have acrophobia. After that freakin' scary ride, I was so happy to see the street level!

I looked for the 5A bus stop. This will take me to the Dulles Airport. At 7:51 pm, the bus arrived. Paid 3 dollars for the 45-minoot ride.
Called Noel to pick me up at the airport.

Monday, May 28, 2007

On My Own

Parted ways with Joy & JB after our brunch. I proceeded to 42nd street to buy my Rockland Coach ticket for tonight's trip to New Jersey. I will be staying at my friend's (Weng) house.

I proceeded to 51st street to check out "Wicked". The show is sold out. Crap! I found out that there's an ongoing lottery: the show gives away 26 front row tickets for only 26 bucks. I took my chance... and lost!
Time for lunch at Yoshinoya. I ordered my beef & chicken combo, as usual.
Next stop was two chocolate shops: Hershey's and M&Ms. It's fun to see all the chocolates that money can buy but I'm on a diet so I didn't buy any. I found this scanning machine that will tell you what color of M&M you are. What's my color? Green... because of my green mind. Nah! According to the machine, I've got excellent taste in clothes, shoes, and that people look up to me for my taste ;oP
Found this cute pup and kitten combo outside the Hershey's shop. The owner was feeding them bits & pieces of a barbecue.

Since it's getting hot outside, I went inside a movie house and watched "Pirates of the Caribbean". The shivering monkey was my ultimate favorite scene. I never like the Elizabeth character. The multiple Jack Sparrow wasn't funny either. And I didn't know there's a seven-minute film clip after the credits!!!
Continued walking around the city. Went inside the Toys "R" Us store. It has a ferris wheel inside! There's a Wii Tennis demo setup. A short line of peeps were trying the game. A kid beats me mercilessly. There goes my ego.
While walking, I found 2 girls carrying an A&F shopping bag. I asked 'em where the store is located. One girl answered me, "at 76th street!" Whaaaaaaaat! I met them at 41st. That's a freakin' long walk. The other girl informed me that it's on Fifth Avenue. So I walked towards 76th on Fifth. I noticed that the biggest names in fashion are on this road. I also found a Philippine store Consulate (thanks, beektur, for pointing it out). Sweet!

I finally found Abercrombie & Fitch but unforch, it was already closed. Crap! I promised myself that I'd come back tomorrow.

So I walked back towards 42nd street where my Jersey bus is waiting. There's a 7 o'clock bus that I wanna ride on. Called the house of Weng to inform them that I was on my way. Unforch, I missed the bus so I had to wait till 8:30. According to Joey, it will take me 45 minoots to reach their place in Northvale. The landmark he gave me is a Shell gas station. I requested the driver to lemme know if it's already Northvale. He just gave me this weird look.

Two Asian guys boarded the bus and mentioned "Northvale". Cool! They stood up to get off at the first Shell gas station that I saw. I got off the bus too, hoping that it is indeed Northvale.

I looked for a pay phone and called Weng's number. She told me the directions to their house. It is like very close from the corner so I just walked and met Joey who was standing in front of their house. Fireworks were exploding in the sky too. What a welcoming treat! ;oP

I met Weng's three children: Juwan, Jin, and Jayra. I played Wii with Juwan. He finished all the games in Rayman! Jin calls me "Tito Don" and talks to me a lot. Jayra makes the Rayman Rabbid sounds. She's adorable!

Around 10, Weng arrived. She also brought Chinese dinner. Yum-O!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

I Dreamed a Dream

The main agenda for today is to watch "Les Miserables". I had my free brekky first, composed of a boiled egg, cornflakes, toasted bread, and some danish pastry. I was expecting ham, bacon or sausages to be served. Bummer!

We took a bus going to the subway. Buses here only accept coins. Since we didn't have enuff quarters, we had to look for a place where we could have our change. Bryan requested for a roll of quarters in a grocery store. I immediately inspected if there's a Maine or Massachusetts but luck wasn't on my side.

The subway took us to 42nd street. We took photos of Times Square. Since it's still early (just around noon), Joy suggested that we check out Ground Zero. We took a cab and headed to the World Trade Center area.
As I was reading the timeline, my tears kept rolling down my cheeks. So many people have lost their lives here.

At 1:30, Joy and I went to 44th Street and looked for a place to eat. There's a McDonald's near the theatre so we ate there. It took us like 10 minoots to gobble our food.

Broadhurst Theatre is small compared to the Majestic Theatre where "The Phantom of the Opera" is being played. There isn't much leg space at the mezzanine area. I bought my souvenir items (programme & t-shirt) before the show started.
Super thanks to Noel for giving me the soundtrack. I was fully prepared to listen to the actual songs being delivered by the actors. Alexander Gemignani was amazing as Jean Valjean. He's got the pipes alright--and the muscle to carry Marius around. His "Bring Him Home" gave me goosebumps. As for my Kababayan, Lea Salonga, she delivers as Fantine. The voice is truly beautiful. I wanna shout, "Go, Lea!", after her "I Dreamed a Dream". As for the other cast, I kept comparing Eponine's (Mandy Bruno) voice to Lea. In her "On My Own" number, she enunciated each word carefully and that kinda threw me off. I don't like her "A Little Fall of Rain" version either. It would've been great if Lea plays a dual role ;oP
After the play, Joy and I waited in line to get Lea's autograph and take a picture with her. First to come out of the stage door was Marius (Adam Jacobs). While I was looking for his picture in the programme, he looked for his own pen. Told him I forgot mine. Teehee. Took a quick photo with him. Then came Lea. She's really pretty up close. Beautiful skin and smile. She signed my programme and I took a photo with her. Ahh, mission: accomplished!
Joy and I walked around the city a bit before we met up with Bry, Marvin and JB. At last, I had my picture taken with the Naked Cowgirl. I thought it's gonna be for free but she informed me about the 5 dollar tip. She kissed me twice anyway. We had a chit-chat. She told me she's done this for like 3 summers already. Her name is Louisa.

We had a late dinner at a Filipino resto named "Kristal's". I ordered diniguan &
adobong pusit 'cause I soooo miss 'em, and Joy suggested sisig. Afterwards, we sang a few songs. I sang "Banal na Aso..." and the crowd liked it. Marvin sang a few songs like "Lakas Tama" & "Kahit Kailan". Joy sang "Friend of Mine".

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Start Spreading the News

*** contains very graphic images (nsfw)

Woke up at 6. Emily's already in the shower so I prepared my stuff, including me packed lunch, for my trip. I took my bath and we left around 6:30. Emily dropped me off at the Dunn Loring station.

It's my first time to ride on the Metro. Got me ticket and waited for my train. I kept on looking at each station so I won't get lost. When I reached the Metro Center, I went upstairs and looked for the Red Line. I took another ride going to the Union Station.

Went outside and asked somebody where the Greyhound Bus Line is located. I walked for a good 15 minoots to the bus station. Good thing, I've been working out a bit (and my bag ain't so heavy) so that helped. Teehee...
As soon as I entered the bus station, I channeled Sydney Bristow and became the "Mystery Traveler". I checked out the facilities before falling in line with the rest of the passengers. I was planning to take the 9 o'clock bus to NYC but got here an hour earlier. The bus left at 8:11. It's a 4-hour ride so I made myself comfy. I sat three seats from the restroom. Y'know my bladder gets hyperactive ;oP
Inside the bus, my tummy began aching. I was itching to eat my Spam & eggs but it's hard to eat rice in a moving bus. Am also afraid that the smell would permeate the whole bus. Nevertheless, I took a small bite every now and then.
A few minoots to 10 o'clock, the bus made a stop. The driver informed us that we can do whatever we want for 15 minutes. Sweet! I ate some more, relieved myself and stretched outside a bit.
Reached the Big Apple around noon. It's my third time here. My first was with Joy last '98, when we watched "The Phantom of the Opera" and did the whole city bus tour. Second was with Khaled last '99 when we watched "Miss Saigon" and went up the Statue of Liberty. This time, like I said, my goal is to watch "Les Miserables".

Left the Port Authority and looked for the nearest pay phone to leave a message for Joyish. Note to self: bring coins next time for these damn phones. It costs a buck to call for 4 minoots. Told her that I'm already in the New York and will check out Times Square a bit.
I looked for the Museum of Sex. After walking for like 15 minutes, I found the place and paid 9 bucks. Good thing I brought with me a coupon. I saved like 5 bucks on the entrance fee. At the lobby, I deposited my bag and looked around the small gallery. They sell books, t-shirts, and other sensual stuff. Boring! I went inside the main gallery.
First floor has an exhibition on Kink. They showed different types of fetishisms: from rubber body parts, cloth textures, balloons, animal masks, to wearing children's clothing and bondage. There's a big roadmap on the floor but reading through it didn't interest me. I went upstairs.

The next exhibition is about the impact of sex in movies. They showed film clips of "Basic Instinct", "In and Out", & "The Color of the Night" and popular sex videos of Paris Hilton & Pamela Anderson. In one corner, there's a documentary on the different sex positions.
The third & last level contains a collection of objects on human sexuality: sex education books, dolls that really look like humans (you can pick the color of the hair, the eyes, the lips!), holograms, toys, and interesting contraptions.

There's a corner where you can submit your evaluation on what you've witnessed in the exhibits or send your suggestions. If you feel like it, you can post your own stories in their archives.

Around 2 pm, I looked for a place to eat. I still have some more Spam & eggs. Found Manhattan mall and decided to eat at the Food Court.

Fully recharged, I began walking around the city again. I called Joy again too. Found out that they're in New Jersey with a friend named Marvin. We planned to meet at the Statue of Liberty around 4:30.

Times Square is busy as always. Different smells: body odor, perfumes, pretzels, and yes, paint! Guys spray painting on boards to make them look like planets or other sceneries. Boy, they are really good! Artists drawing caricatures of tourists. I pity the models sitting there and not moving for a good 10 minutes. And then, there's the naked cowgirl. The battery of my phone died so I couldn't take a photo but I promise myself to check her out soon.

At 4 pm, I bought a ticket for the subway. It's my first time to ride by myself. Rode the coach goin' to South Ferry. Made sure that I'm in the first 5 coaches. I dunno why but maybe the rest of the train has a different route. Got to the Ferry station at quarter to 5. Called Joy again but had some problems with the communication. The pay phones gobbled all my quarters =o( At long last, I reached them. I was informed to look for Pier 11 and take the Weehawken, New Jersey trip. Another long walk towards the pier. Paid for my fare (9 bucks) and waited for my boat.

En route to Weehawken, I saw the Liberty statue once more. Can't help but smile at her ;oP

Am finally reunited with my friends, Joy and her family, as well as, Marvin and his family. They took us to Crabhouse where we had a very sumptuous dinner. We had some lobsters, crabs, and prawns. There goes my diet! Marvin is a very fun company.

Later that night, we met Joy & Marvin's old classmate named Gina (along with her bf) at Chili's. I had three beers. I tasted O' Doul's, Bass, and Michelob Ultra. Marvin ordered some chips and a very delish boneless buffalo wings.

Joy and family were staying at Clarion Hotel near La Guardia airport. She had to request a separate bed for me. Took a quick warm shower before calling it a night.

Friday, May 25, 2007

At Emily's

Am now blogging inside the house of my good friend, Emily. She offered to drive me to the Metro station tomorrow morning. Am gonna catch the 9 o'clock bus ride to New York. Hopefully with all the preparation that I've done, I won't get lost or lose too much time figuring out where to go next.

Instead of flying, I opted to take the bus. I got a very good deal with Greyhound Bus Line by being their Mystery Traveler. From 35 bucks, I got the fare for half the price. Sweet!

I cooked my brunch for tomorrow: Spam, eggs, and rice. I forgot my water bottle at work so I still need to get a drink before I get on the bus. It's a 4-hour ride.

Am excited to see New York again!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Congrats, Jordin

2007 American Idol

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Au Naturale

I had my last haircut in February. My hair is getting longer so the Anime look doesn't work for me anymore. So I decided to go au naturale. I chose a dark brown color for my hair. It says in the directions that I had to wait for 25 minutes for the chemical to work. After the required time, I rinsed off the color. The outcome? Well, it got rid of my blonde highlights alright but it didn't cover the black hair much. I will definitely add some more color tonight!

In other news, Alwyn got himself the Rayman game for his Wii. I'm excited to play this again! Speaking of Wii, I will buy one for Noel in New York. Hopefully, when I get there this weekend, they would have one in stock.

I also reported the eBay seller that didn't give me my coin collection display frame. I already paid him 25++ bucks but he wouldn't answer my messages nor send me the product that I bought from him. Hopefully I'll get my money back from PayPal soon.

Yesterday, I tried to practice Bikram yoga by myself with the help of a visual aid I created (thanks to the internet). I still sweat a bit and felt good after the session. This could be a daily habit!

NYC Planning Update

Last week, I was at my wit's end trying to find a cheap place to stay in New York. Then came an offer from my friend, Weng, in Jersey. She told me I could spend the night at their apartment. Sweet!!!

I also got my e-tickets today. I hope everything works out well. I'm excited now!

What to do in Jersey? Hmmm....

Monday, May 21, 2007

Bikram Yoga

Since Noel & Alwyn couldn't join us for mass, I became the designated driver for Rene and I. We didn't hear mass last week because we went to Maryland. I don't wanna miss God's blessing again for this week. When we reached "Christ, the Redeemer", I strained to hear the priest. He was saying, "Through Him, with Him and in Him..." We're super late alright.

After mass, we went back home to fetch our friends. Noel didn't wanna eat out. So the three of us went out to look for a place to eat. We tried out a new Mediterranean resto in Herndon called Sorrento Grill. My officemate, Naj, recommended it too last week.

The outdoor dining was filled already so we went inside. The place was decorated with paintings depicting views of the ocean from a balcony filled with flowers. Pretty nice. Too bad Alwyn didn't bring his camera.

While waiting for our orders (I got myself chicken and beef sirloin on rice), we were given a bread and some yogurt sauce to go with it. My meal came with grilled tomatoes, onions and cucumber. 'twas good but I found it dry. I asked the waiter if they have some sauce to go with the beef. He told me that he could give me some spicy sauce. That would work for me.

I finished only half of my meal. Time for dessert. I was so intrigued by their Rosewater Saffron ice cream so I ordered it. I thought the ice cream would be rosy colored but it was yellow. The minute I tasted it, it reminded me of church because of its smell. I felt like I was praying when I was eating it =oP

Next stop was Walmart and Grandmart. I was happy that I was driving again.

After dropping off the guys & the groceries, I went to Reston for my Bikram Yoga session. I'm super excited to try it out. I paid 17 bucks for a one-time session 'cause I'm not sure if I will like it. Sunny, who reminds me of Dr. Cristina Yang from "Grey's Anatomy", is my trainer. She's bubbly and funny.

I met Yvette while waiting for the class to start. She's done yoga in New York too. She gave me some pointers like, if I feel like going out of the room because of the heat, I should stay instead and lay down on the mat. Don't watch others 'cause they might do it differently. Just listen to the trainer and I'll be fine. The Bikram Yoga has done wonders for her health. Sweet!

I removed my shoes and went inside the yoga room. It was hot alright but manageable. It's not a sauna hot temperature. I positioned myself at the back. Laid down my mat, my towel and iced water. More peeps started to come in. There were only 3 guys. We're like 12 in the class.

Sunny positioned herself at the front center and she began the session with a breathing exercise called Pranayama Breathing. She told us to breathe in through our nose and breathe out through our mouths... LOUDLY!
The next 25 poses involved some challenging poses. The first 12 steps are done while standing. The remainder was done on the floor. There are poses that imitate a tree, a cobra, a balancing stick, a tear drop, and an airplane (wheeee!). While doing these poses, I could hear my heart beating like a drum and I was sweating profusely.
There's also a part in the session that Sunny sang "I Can See Clearly Now" (maybe to relax us).

There's only 1 pose that I skipped (number 23) because I'm afraid that I would lose it if I bend down again. I kept on drinking my ice cold water and rested a bit. The last pose was quite fun. We breathed out like 50 times with the aid of our tummy.

Afterwards, we laid down and closed our eyes. Then I felt an ice cold towel placed on my left hand. I put it on my face. Refreshing indeed!

The 90-minute yoga is finally over and I did it. I told Sunny that I made it! It feels great afterwards. Sunny informed me that a Bikram Yoga center is opening soon in Ashburn. I'm really looking forward to that. We chit-chat a bit before I head back home.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Makes Me Wonder

Maroon 5 is releasing a new album entitled "It Won't Be Soon Before Long" on Tuesday. They performed their latest single, "Makes Me Wonder", in American Idol and SNL. I love the song so much that it's now on Repeat One in my iPod. If you haven't heard it yet, here's the vid (courtesy of bakerskate21) and lyrics (so we could all listen to it and watch as Adam Levine makes his sexy eyebrow raises a la The Rock):

I wake up with blood-shot eyes
Struggled to memorize
The way it felt between your thighs
Pleasure that made you cry
It feels so good to be bad
Not worth the aftermath, after that, after that
Try to get you back

I still don't have the reason
And you don't have the time
And it really makes me wonder
If I ever gave a fuck about you

Give me something to believe in
Cause I don't believe in you anymore, anymore
I wonder if it even makes a difference to try
(Yeah) So this is goodbye

God damn my spinning head
Decisions that made my bed
Now I must lay in it
And deal with things I've left unsaid
Want to dive into you
Forget what you're going through
I get behind, make your move
Forget about the truth

I still don't have the reason
And you don't have the time
And it really makes me wonder
If I ever gave a fuck about you

Give me something to believe in
Cause I don't believe in you anymore, anymore
I wonder if it even makes a difference,
It even makes a difference to try (yeah)
Ånd it's hard to hide the feeling
But I don't believe it's true anymore, anymore
I wonder if it even makes a difference to cry
(Oh no) So this is goodbye

I've been here before
One day I'll wake up
And it won't hurt anymore
You caught me in a lie
I have no alibi
The words you say don't have a meaning

Cause I still don't have the reason
And you don't have the time
And it really makes me wonder
If I ever gave a fuck about you and I
And so this is goodbye

Give me something to believe in
Cause I don't believe in you anymore, anymore
I wonder if it even makes a difference,
It even makes a difference to try (yeah)
And it's hard to hide the feeling
But I don't believe it's true anymore, anymore
I wonder if it even makes a difference to cry
(Oh no) So this is goodbye
(Oh no) So this is goodbye
(Oh no) So this is goodbye
(Oh no) So this is goodbye

Driving Mr. Knottydon

Around 5 pm, I decided to check out the Bikram Yoga session being offered in Reston. It's like 13 miles from our place. I've been planning to attend a yoga session for the longest time and I was excited.

I didn't know the traffic would be bad along route 7 during this hour. I only have 30 minoots! It's says in the map that I got from MapQuest that the road will merge onto VA-7100S (Fairfax County Parkway). I missed the turn. Fuck! I had to look for a place to maneuver.

The road then merged onto VA-606E (Baron Cameron Ave). I turned right on Reston Parkway. Then I turned left on Sunset Hills Road. This is where the problem began. I couldn't find 11495. I kept on traveling for a few distance away till I decided to turn back.

At last, I found 11495 but there wasn't any building sign that says "Bikram Yoga". Found a guy standing in front of a building and asked him. He pointed to his left and told me that he thinks there is where Bikram Yoga is located 'cause he sees peeps there in workout attire. Otay, that's good enuff. I parked near the building that he pointed to and went inside.

The lady that answered the door told me that they don't have 6:00 classes on Saturday. Crap! She told me to come back tomorrow. Also, she showed me where the yoga room is. It's freakin' hot inside. She advised me to wear sumpthin light, bring a big towel & an iced water bottle, and drink lotsa water tonight. I could also rent a mat for 2 bucks. I'll be needing that as well. At least tomorrow, I'll be more prepared ;oP

Went back to Ashburn. I looked for a frame for my coin collection at A.C. Moore but the guy who works there told me that they don't sell those kinda frames. Crap!

Since I was a bit hungry, I checked out a nearby resto called
Akira. The resto has many clientèle so it means the food is quite good. Got myself some Cali maki and fried gyoza. Yum-O!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Les Mis in a Week

One week left before I see New York once again. I just bought my tickets (am watching with Joyish) through BroadwayBox.com. I called their number, (212) 947-8844, and asked for their best center mezzanine seats. Plus service and handling fees, the tickets set us back 148 bucks. I was informed that I'll get the e-tickets on Monday. Can't wait.

Now the problem is if I'll be staying for another day (am supposed to go back to VA on Sunday), I need a place to crash. I've been looking at the hotels near the Port Authority and they're expensive =o(

Any advice, peeps?

Friday, May 18, 2007

Wassup, Doc?

Am scheduled to have my physical exam today. My company got me an insurance which I think is pretty important to anyone who will be working here in the States for some time. You'll never know when sickness will knock on your door.

I dropped the guys off at the office and then I drove over to the clinic. Got lost along the way (thanks to my poor sense of direction) but got there before 10 am.

Completed some forms and paid 125 bucks for their service.

A nurse got my weight and height. He led me to a small room and took my BP. He told me that it's a bit high.

Then my doctor came in and interviewed me. He looks like a younger Jay Leno. I told him that I had history of vertigo, high blood pressure, etc. Afterwards, he inspected my ear, throat, neck, chest, and THAT area.

He couldn't find anything alarming in me except for my high BP so he asked the nurse back to take mg ECG. The nurse also took some blood for more testing.

I'll know my results on Monday so please pray for me.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Must Love Dogs

My chat with Brenda this morning led to her inviting me over to her house to meet her dogs. Their names are Sago (pronounced as "say-go", a purebred flat-coated Retriever), Roca (an Australian Shepherd-Chocolate Lab mix), and Lila (a Shepherd/Yellow Lab mix).

First, we dropped by Arby's to get some food. Arby's offers "Pick 5" where you can mix and match food such as Arby's Melt, fries, soda, turnover, cinnamon bread and potato cakes. Got two Melts, turnover, fries and Pepsi. I plan to eat the leftover before my workout this afternoon.

On the way to her house, Brenda gave me the scoop on her dogs. She told me that Sago is the friendliest one (her favorite), Roca is a beauty, and Lila is very shy.
True enuff, when we got home, Lila won't even come near me. She stays far back and hides from me. Sago and Roca, on the other hand, were super adorable. I fed them some chicken jerky and they kept licking my hands. Brenda taught me the hand signal to make them sit. They sit alright but only for a few seconds =oP
While eating our lunch, I noticed that they also have birdhouses and a couple of birdbaths. Brenda gave me a quick lesson on the birds that stopped over to eat. I saw a mockingbird, dove (even heard its cry), and some other species. Too bad, the woodpeckers didn't visit us today.
Played with the dogs some more before heading back to the office. I tickled Sago's belly and she liked it. I miss playing with my own dog, Butter =o(

En route to the office, a very cool thing happened. Brenda stopped the car at a certain side road then a cardinal flew up to the passenger side mirror, just a few inches from me. Too bad, I wasn't quick enuff to take its photo.

Special thanks to my friend, Alwyn, for lending me his cuh-mera.

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