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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Bulacan R & R

I haven't seen Bulacan in weeks so I decided to spend my long vacation in Bulacan. My friends had invited me to different exciting places like Gallera and Bora. I declined their offers. It's not every day that I get to spend time with my parents. In fact, due to my various gimmicks, I get to be with them only twice a month.

Found out that mom is already in Bulacan so I don't need to fetch her in QC. Left Makati around 3.

Reached Bulacan past 5 pm. Bought some cheeseburgers for our snacks. ;o)

After our dinner, composed of fried fish and pakbet, I continued my book. Read it till 3 in the morning. Very interesting.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Readability Test

In my continuous search for interesting blogs, I found one that actually calculates the readability of your website. It's pretty simple. All you need to do is type in your website address and voila! You'll learn stuff like how easy it is to read your website content (Flesch Reading Ease) and how much schooling it would take to understand what you're writing down (Gunning-Fog Index). Got good results for me website ;o)

Here's the results:

Try it yourself! http://www.juicystudio.com/services/index.asp

Before lunch time, we withdrew our money from the bank. I also had to do some errands for my special friend. I met with Shaui at Body Shop. The atm located in front of Landmark wasn't working. Bummer! So she accompanied me to the one situated at the walkway. After withdrawing money, we had lunch first at Max's. Ogz, Jowee, and Dennis were there already. We had chicken (of course!), pakbet, and shrimp sinigang. Later on, Raz and Shell joined us.

We looked for a BPI atm that could accept deposits. I found one at Park Square. This is very useful for bills payment.

Next stop, I went to Equitable PCI to pay for Arlyn's AIG card. There was a long queue. Good thing, I brought my iPod with me. When it was my time to pay (after about 30 minoots), the counterperson asked for Arlyn's account number. I forgot to put it on the deposit slip. Guess what? I couldn't find the small post-it where I had it written down. I checked all my pockets and took out all my money. After a few minoots, I found it. Teehee... So that one was finally over.

I went to a nearby BPI bank and applied my HSBC credit card. On Tuesday, I can start paying my credit card online. Sweet!

Around 8, we went to Oody's for dinner. It's Joy's treat so we're all happy. We had some Thai food. We teased Shaui with Rene, as usual. Later on, we went to Vodka Ice Bar and drank the night away. It's our despedida party for Dots. She accepted Dennis' offer to drink sumpthin with alcohol. She tried Vodka Sour. Not sure how many sips she had. Mikks joined us later too. It's been awhile since I last saw my good friend. Pasaway tried the tequila-with-no-hands maneuver but it didn't work. The alcohol gushed from her mouth and nose. Reminiscent of "The Exorcist". It ain't easy, sister.

What made the night more memorable was that there's this girl who can really move to the beat!!! She's very pretty. One of the best nights indeed.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

We Love You, Miguel!!!

Just when you thought your day would be as boring as hell, here comes a surprise from our well-loved manager--Miguel Picornell!!! It was indeed a great surprise to see my old boss ;o) A super dooper motivation. I learned that he now works for Optaros, a consulting firm he put up with 5 other friends.

He'll be here for a week. Too bad Laaa missed him. On his way out of our office, Butch and I shouted, "we love you, miguel!" Teehee....

Have just started with Book 5 of the Dark Tower series. It's entitled, "Wolves of the Calla". The book is bigger so it might take me weeks to finish it. I'm excited to see the illustration too!

I heard that management will give the papers today regarding our increase. I might be drinking tonight if I'm disappointed. Heck, I'll drink even just for seeing my ole boss. Cheers, Miguelito!

After our all-hands, Miget gave me my salary adjustment paper. I should be thankful that it's more than last year's increase, which was the worst ever.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Leader of the Band

On my way to work this mohnin, the cab radio was playing this song, "Leader of the Band". Of course, I took off the earphones plugged in my ears and listened to this classic Dan Fogelberg song. And I know what you're thinkin now. Yep, I sang along.

Some lines struck me. For examples,

"And he gave to me a gift I know I never can repay"
- I thought about the talent He gave to me and wondered if I'm using it to please Him

"His gentle means of sculpting souls took me years to understand"
- Am really glad that Laaa introduced me to Crossroads retreat last August 2004. It felt like going back to the arms of Jesus. I have read countless of books. In fact, I have a small collection of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and J.K. Rowling. But I've never thought of opening the Bible one day. I've never imagined myself singing for the Lord. Well, in high school, I was a choir member but that's about it. Now, every Tuesday I offer my time and life to Him. And I'm already in my 30s so it ain't too late yet. Teehee.

"My life has been a poor attempt to imitate the man. I’m just a living legacy to the leader of the band"

- It's really hard to imitate the life of Jesus. I'm just a sinner who keeps on falling.

"I thank you for the music and your stories of the road. I thank you for the freedom when it came my time to go --I thank you for the kindness and the times when you got tough. And, Papa, I don’t think i said ’i love you’ near enough"
- I must remember that I should always be thankful for all His blessings. A simple, "Thank You, Lord" can be a prayer ;o) Music has been a big part of my life. Even though I don't have a good voice, I still try to sing. Teehee...

But if I were to state my favorite line in the song, I would pick out, "One went to Chicago and the other to St. Paul". I've been to those places and the memories are close to my heart.

While having break this afternoon, we talked about what's going on in the company and how we could address these problems. For the past few weeks, hearing these comments added to my being demotivated. I don't know how I'll be able to motivate people when I, myself, am feeling low.

Good thing, I can tell things to my manager. It really helps when you're open.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

First HSBC Credit Card Bill

After a long wait, I finally got my first ever HSBC credit card bill. It amounted to 13K. I plan to pay this week... in FULL!!! I've learned my lesson ;o) I don't wanna be hounded by those credit card representatives!!! I also need to remember that I will be paying every 9th of the month.

Everyone is excited over this week's pay increase. No expectations at all.

Before the training ended today, we had a short discussion on what's going on in the company. And it's not even good stuff =o( All I hear lately is about complaints. I miss the ole days with Miguel Picornell.

I attended the prayer meeting at Don Bosco. It's the second session on the Purpose Driven Life. Am done with the 8 chapters. I need to re-read some topics though. Am glad that Rojel was able to attend tonight's session. The brothers talked about the recently concluded retreat. I suggested some items like testimonials in the invitations, directory in the CD giveaway, etc.

We had dinner at Wok Inn. Had their famous sipa, halaan with tahong, squids, and fish fillet. Yummy!

Monday, April 25, 2005

The New Superman

Woke up with a slight vertigo. I need to remember not to stay up late tonight. But I so want to finish my book =o( When I reached the office, a headache kicked in. Bummer! All day long I wasn't in the mood to work.

Before lunch, I was able to chat with Arlyn. That's about the highlight of my day, so far.

Training came and we talked about Roles. I also gave my participants some exercises so I can rest a bit. I took some Biogesic to relieve my headache. Hopefully it works soon.

Came across the new Man of Steel. What can you say?

Illustration Friday: Daring

With only a trackpad and Illustrator, I was able to draw this illo. I ought to invest on a digital pen. teehee...

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Wala Ka Bang Sabaw?

Woke up to the sound of my brothers' wakeup call. It's 6 am. Felt lazy to get up yet so I stayed in bed for a few minoots. We're advised to go down for brekky. I took a shower and got dressed.

At the dining hall, we had some coffee and for brekky, we had corned beef, eggs, and one of the biggest pandesal I've ever seen. I only took three bites and that was it for me. Ramil shared the story of "All of My Life" with us. It was the movie of Aga and Kristine.

We heard mass at a nearby chapel. One of the songs we sang was "Lead Me Lord". Again, my favorite. I truly felt His love ;o) The gospel was about following Jesus 'cause He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

After the mass, we had our pictures taken. And I mean, PICTURES. We just love 'em!

Randy led the worship this morning. Afterwards, we listened to the fourth and final talk. Francis talked about "Where Do We Go From Here?". Our battle has just started. We have the support now of our fellow SOLV brothers. Plus, there are prayers to help us with. Dennis, on the other hand, promoted the community.

Later on, one by one, the participants went in front and spoke briefly. It was really great to hear all 5 of them. It wasn't the case in our batch though. Oh well ;o)

Lunchtime came and it's the final get together. I was at the table with Algie, Arman, Arnel, Eric, Rojel, Pert, and Jonathan. We had soup, chicken adobo, and lumpia. While eating, I saw an arm reaching out for my soup. It was Jonathan. I asked him, "wala ka bang sabaw?" I turned to my right, saw 2 soups on either side of him, and wondered. Maybe he just likes my soup. And then he got this embarrassed look on his face. He thought he was reaching for vinegar (for the lumpia). And instantly, we're all in stitches! I couldn't even eat anymore. Took me about 10 minutes to settle down again. That was funny indeed.

Around 1, we claimed our pasalubong. I bought some buco & apple pies and my faves, choco flakes. Bid goodbye to my SOLV brothers. Unfortunately, we weren't able to make a stop at Good Shepherd. Been craving for angel cookies =o(

After a brief rest in Makati, I went to QC and delivered my pasalubong to mommy. I was so sleepy so I had another shuteye for a few hours. Left RSCC with mom and dropped her off at a Lagro station. I went back home in Makati.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Second Crossroads Retreat

After a quick shower, I met my SOLV brothers at ChowKing, Park Square. Already eating their brekky were Caloy, Jonathan, and Arnel. The only guy who wasn't eating was Pert. Since it's still early, I grabbed a bite first. Dennis called later to ask my whereabouts. We later met the first of five participants--Rojel, from Accenture (a colleague of Eric).

With Dennis driving, Danny, Jonathan, and I left Makati at 7. While on the road, Danny led the rosary. We reached Angels' Hills in Tagaytay around 8. I told myself, "this is like deja vu". We're the first ones to arrive.

At the lobby, Joel was preparing our name tags. The rest of the participants, including my invited guest, Arman, were already waiting upstairs in our dormitory. They are waaaay early ;o) So I went up and introduced myself. I met Mike, Terg (I had to ask his name twice and the spelling even), and Ymmell (we had to change his ID thrice; too many double letters; teehee). Right away, I started conversation with 'em. Found out that Mike and Terg are U-Trekkers. They know Lala and Sym. Our fellow brothers arrived some minoots later.

We went to the room where the retreat was going to be held. There we met Glenn and Charlie. The former is our retreat master. Practiced some worship songs with my brothers. I truly enjoy singing so I was happy that I joined the Music Ministry.

Then it's break time! We had mini buco pies. Yummy!

After a few minoots, we started the retreat with the first topic: "Do You Know Where You're Going To?" In this talk, we're asked if we're experiencing some crossroads in our lives. Also if we know where we are right now. Our retreat master is really funny. Kept on telling jokes every now and then.

After the first talk, we were divided into groups. I was assigned in the group of Arnel, Ed, Mike (the new guy), and Danny as our discussion group leader. Right away, we felt comfy with one another. Even Mike had a lot of things to share. Which is good. I remember last year when I also felt at ease in sharing some of my personal issues. The 30 minoots alloted for our discussion wasn't enough though. Bummer!

Lunch came with soup, veggies, and some beef. Unlike last time when it's buffet style, this time, the food was already served on our tables. After our hearty meal, we went back to our dormitory for some rest. The room was big and there were lotsa vacant beds. Since I'm a pillow lover, I took some pillows to make me rest more comfy. Took a catnap from 1 till 3:30.

Break time once more. We had turon and some pink lemonade.

Second talk was about the "Choices of the Heart". This time, it was a fellow SOLV brother named Phillip who delivered the talk. One nice thing about this talk is that the drawbridge story was retold once more. When I first heard this from Noel, it really hit me. I was in tears after the sad story. This time it's different. Since joining the SOLV community, I have been devoting a portion of my time to my Saviour. Singing gospel songs is my favorite! I can never thank Him enough for all the blessings I've received.

Again, I met with my discussion group and talked about the topic. We also thought of a good presentation for the entertainment night later.

Dinner came and I led the prayer. After a few bites, I couldn't enjoy my dinner anymore. Got a headache. I excused myself from the group. I took a nap for 2 hours.

When I rejoined my group, the third talk ("Invitation to a Feast") was over and they're already praying over the participants. I joined in the singing. Three of my favorite songs were sung: "You Are Near", "Shout to the Lord", and "Power of Your Love". How wonderful is that! Moreover, my headache is gone. That was indeed a blessing!

Then entertainment night started. We're the first one to present. We sang "J-O-Y", based on the Michael V commercial. It was quick but funny (for us). Next came the "Labada ng mga Pogi" group. It was better than our presentation. GMA group was next. Joel, once more, stole the show with his Kuya Guy impersonation. The night won't be complete without the brothers hearing from Waway. Dennis (the director), Wilson (the cop), Algie (the brother), and Joel (Waway) did a hilarious take on it, incorporating Mulawin and Darna even.

We then prayed and called it a night. We continued our bonding inside our bedroom. Ate some junk foods. We also requested Arman to give us a few songs. It was so nice to listen to this friend of mine. Of course, we jammed too. We even made fun of Danny's colorful PJs.

I took a warm shower (belting out songs with Ramil), brushed my teeth, and slept around 1.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Regine's Birthday

Today's the Songbird's birthday.

En route to the office, I heard from the car radio that 2 pedicab drivers were shot by an MMDA (a traffic enforcer). Apparently, these 2 drivers threw stones at the officer. In retaliation, the guy fought back with his gun. Stones = Gun. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Only in the Philippines.

Am excited over our Crossroads retreat tomorrow. I'm going with Arman, a colleague, this time.

It's time to pay for A's AmEx credit card. Went first to Landmark and withdrew some money. Walked towards AmEx in Greenbelt 1. When I was about to pay, I flipped open my cellphone to get her account number. It's dead. Whaaaaaaaaat?! I told the counterperson that I'd be back. Need to recharge my phone. Teehee... So I walked back to our office. Recharged my phone a bit. Wrote down her account number on a post-it note (just to be sure). And then went back to AmEx. After a few minoots, her credit card is paid. That was easy. Whew! Plus, I had my
exercise for the day. ;o)

After my walk, I tried Starbucks Light Mocha Frap. Tastes otay.

Came across Gorillaz's new video, Feel Good Inc. Check this out!

If you look closely at my sidebar, I've added two entries: our Zambales and Sagada trips. If you haven't seen a starfish, the former's the place to be. About the latter, well, it's a must-visit!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Neil's Birthday

The Purpose Driven Life. Miget, my manager, lent me her book. In our prayer meeting last Tuesday, we were advised to read a chapter a day. Hopefully with whatever is going on in my life, this book can enlighten me and keep me focused. To be honest, I need all the motivation I can get now. Thank God there is the crossroads retreat this weekend.

It's the birthday of one of our old friends, Neil Ebarle. He's working now in Singapore. And we miss him so much! It's very nice to be chatting with him again and catching up on our individual lives.

Here are two photos taken by Netski and Ogz. In the first picture, a lomo camera is used. The other is a Canon Ixus.

One of my objectives this month is to finish my book, "The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass". Aside from reading Didache and the PDL, this book keeps me company especially in the wee hours of the mohnin.

Have you tried Globe's share-a-load feature? I had a problem earlier because I couldn't remember my password. Old age? Teehee... Anyhoo, for those who haven't done this, here's how to register: type "REG (4 alphanumeric password) (mother's maiden name)and send to 2916. You'll get a confirmation after about a minoot or two. And then you can now send "(amount) (password)" to 2+cellphone number. Plain and simple. Whenever I forget about this thing again, at least, I can go back to this blog entry. Sweet! I just hope she gets my Globe load though. Teehee...

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A New Pope: Pope Benedict XVI

Am so happy that I get to see the new pope early today. I was watching GMA-7's coverage. I was excited to see the white smoke coming out of the chimney. This signalled that there's a new pope. ;o) The people at St. Peter's were ecstatic.

Here are some more photos contributed by Jowee & Ogz:

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

What's with Spam?

From "My 100 List" you found out that I love bacon and eggs for brekky. But if I were to think of my second most favorite food, I'd answer right off the bat, "Spam!". When I was a kid, my brother and I love to eat this "right from the can or from the frying pan". We used to have cans of Spam stored in our cupboard.

Up to now, I still store Spam. Over the years Hormel, the company that makes this wonderful food, has released many exciting flavors like garlic, less salt, smoked, even spicy. I tried them all but I just love the original one. And I just love the smell of it being cooked. When kuya cooks it, he likes to put tomato slices beside it. We even put vinegar on our Spam.

There's one restaurant in Glorietta that specializes in Spam recipes. I haven't eaten there yet. Who knows? Maybe it's calling me to try it out today!

Alistair came from Bohol and gave me some native delicacies. Will eat it later.

At 2 pm, I conducted a product training for our Admin people. I truly enjoy training them. We even requested budget for our break ;o)

Jowee and Ogz have perfected the digital macro feature of the former's digicam. Here are my faves:

At 7:30, I went to Don Bosco for a prayer meeting. I was introduced to "Purpose Driven Life". We were grouped together so we could discuss how knowing your purpose in life can simplify your life. We also need to read a chapter a day for 40 days.

Joined Joy and Ogz later at Cable Car. Tried the sisig rice for dinner.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Transport Strike

When I woke up this morning, I thought of just using my emergency leave. I heard that there would be a transport strike today. It took me a few minoots to get a cab but it ain't that bad.

I met our new QA employee, Cookie. After our lunch, I oriented her on our products.

Printed BIR certificates.

Updated my blog again. I uploaded some photos from our recent summer outing in Bataan. I also added some colors in my template ;o)

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Illustration Friday: Reinvent

Last Friday when I saw the topic, I found it hard to start. Madonna came to mind. And that was it. Hmmm... I thought it's a challenging topic. 2 days later, an idea came knocking at my door. Since I'm a big Stephen King fan, I thought I'd give tribute to one of his scariest creatures--the "It"! Through the years, SK has reinvented creatures that just won't stop scaring the bejesus out of his fans.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Montemar: Summer Outing '05

Me eyes opened and checked the time: 5:37. "Oh fuck!". I was supposed to wake up at 5 so I can cook brekky. My friends and I were meeting at 5:30 am. Guess how late I was! So I immediately sent a text message to Shell and Beng, begging for 10 minoots. In 10 minoots, I was able to brush my teeth, have shower, dress up, and leave my pad. When I reached our meeting place, Shell was missing. She went back to get sumpthin. We left Pasong Tamo a few minoots before 6. Our ferry leaves at 6:30.

En route to CCP, where our boat is, I got 2 calls from Bulilit and Jowee. I didn't like to be harrassed.

And so we got to our official meeting place just in time. Thank gawd! I had coffee to settle me tummy. Laaa was sooo late again. She's the last to arrive. We all thought she wouldn't make it. Anyhoo, there wasn't any seat left so I gave her mine. A few minoots later, I was advised to proceed to the VIP section. Good deed deserves another. Yipee! I got to relax and take a nappy.

An hour later, we reached Orion station. The last time I was here was in December. Anyhoo, we took a bus that led us to the resort itself.

First thing we did was we changed to our swimming suits and applied sunblock. Since I was already wearing mine, it took me a very short time to prepare. We checked out the beach! The sand was a bit hot. The water was otay. We kept comparin it to Bora. Some pichoor taking, as usual.

Frisbee time.

After a few minoots, we had our morning break--spaghetti. Since it's my first meal of the day, i found it good. The rest of my friends didn't even finish their food.

We then checked out the hanging bridge. It's a few meters long and made of bamboo mostly. It wasn't that high even so I didn't feel nervous at all. Y'know that I'm very afraid of heights! Beng, Shell, and Raz tried it too. It was fun!

Then it was basketball time! I don't really play this sport much but I did well in our "ONCE" game. Joe reached the highest score first. I was second ;o) We played 3-on-3 next. Ogz and Shell were on my team. Shell was our Michael Jordan. She rocks! She contributed 3 points!!! I think I scored two. Teehee.

Lunch came. Our meal was composed of grilled tilapia (had 2) and chicken sumpthin. It was just otay.

Rest time a bit. We went back to the beach for more frisbee (Rene, Julius, and Joy even joined us for a game. The sand was freakin' hot so we stopped) and swimmin'. We laughed so hard at Beng's attempt to do a synchronized swimming. Joy was good though. Thanks to her swimming lessons.

We even played tug-of-war at the beach. We lost. Bummer! The two teams started bickering. That was fun.

Swimming and pichoor taking some more. We took our photos while having shower too!

Around 4 pm, we had to eat our afternoon break--Pancit canton. Not so good. Then it was time to leave Montemar. A short stay but it was otay.

On the bus and on our way to the ferry station, Max treated us for some beer. We had fun teasing Candy too. Since it's her birthday, we asked Max to kiss her ;o)

We're the last group to arrive at the ferry station. I got seated quickly though. Laaa, Jowee, and Bulilit were given the VIP section. I trade my seat off to Bulilit. Yipee again! Nappy time!

I miss my mom so much so I decided to proceed to her workplace in QC. We went home to Bulacan that night. Soooo tired but quite happy.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Rainy Days on Fridays

Before having lunch at the mall, Miget and I talked about what's goin on in the company. I told her that it's not good at all. People are demotivated. Many temptations around. The company is losing its ole culture. *sigh* We also heard about one of our colleague's denial of US entry. =o( That's definitely not good news.

The mall was full of hungry people. Our plan of eating at Sbarro didn't push through. Oh well, we settled for Food Choices.

After lunch, I bought Arlyn some Regine CDs and blank ones too.

En route to the office, the FX that we're riding on collided with a motorist who wasn't paying much attention to the road. Good thing, he didn't crash heavily. It was raining so the road is quite slippery. We joked that we still wanted to attend our outing tomorrow.

No JDBC training today.

Shell, Bulilit, and I checked Nike at Rufino again. I was so intent to buy the shoes that I saw last time. It's called a "Spin Trainer". I saw an 8. Tried it on, too small. I tried 9. Perfect! Now, where is the left shoe? I asked for an assistance. After a few minoots, the guy couldn't find it. I tried again. And again. Still couldn't find it. Bummer! I left the shop feeling bad.

Since we weren't able to dine at Sbarro earlier, we tried it for dinner. I, along with Bulilit, Shell, and Netski, had dinner there before watching "The Wedding Date". We pigged out! Shaui joined us a few minoots later.

G4 was full so we went to Greenbelt 1. Shaui had 3 free tickets so we just paid like 45 bucks. Cheap-o! All I can say is that, a cat "stole" the show. We heard her meows throughout the movie. Cute and funny!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

A Very Special Gift from Venice

Before I left my pad, I checked if we already have salary in my bank account. I left disappointed. When I reached the office, I checked again. Still no moulah. Third... Fourth... After lunch with my friends, Shell & Raz, I checked and was surprised to see a bit fatter bank account. ;o)

Yipee, I get to pay my rent now. I did that after we had our dollars exchanged to peso.

At first we thought the JDBC training would be postponed because it's already past 4. Since people started coming in, Eric and I decided to go with the training. I didn't finish my exercise today though. Bummer!

One very exciting thing that happened today is that I finally met with Denden (& Roy). She gave me some stuff from Arlyn. We chatted briefly and she showed me her ring! I'm so happy for her. Anyhoo, back to my pasalubong story, yes! I got some chocolates and a very special gift from Venice. I love it! I put it on my desk so i get to see it every single day ;o)

Then it was time to work on Arlyn's requests. I thought dividing her requests into two parts: someone has to do the grocery while the other works on the unlocking of the cellphone and buying other stuff. I thought Sharon would be perfect for the grocery chore. She requested to do it at SM 'cause she has an Advantage card. I told her I'd meet her there.

So I went to Glorietta and had her cellphone unlocked. It took quite a short time for the unlocking process. But we had to test it to make sure the phone works for both Smart and Globe. My SIM even worked in her phone! At first her SIM wouldn't cooperate. We had to put a paper support inside because the SIM is somehow loose. That settled, I bought some adaptors.

I went to check on Shaui. Turned out that she brought the old list of grocery items. I kidded her, "Lagot ka kay Arlyn!". Anyhoo, I helped her too with the grocery. She didn't know where to get some of the stuff in the list--Swiss Miss, Victoria Sardines (a favorite of mine too), etc. At the counter, Shaui asked me if the sachets are enough. In the list, Arlyn asked for 24 pieces. She said, "Tama na yan! 6 x 3 = 24. Di ba?"

All in all, we had to transport 6 shopping bags. We brought them first to MSE and kept them in a cabinet.

Shaui suggested to have our dinner at Recipes but we already ate there recently. She said she hasn't eaten at Sentro yet. We had sizzling tofu and the house specialty, corned beef sinigang. We're so full!!! We were kidding about charging this dinner to Arlyn but I'll shoulder it instead ;o)

Since it's American Idol decision time again, I planned to watch it in the office. We found out that the boardroom (where the tv is located) is being used for a late night meeting. Bummer! I asked Shell & Beng if I could go see tonight's episode at their condo unit again. They said yes. Yipee!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

All About 13

Normally, the first thing that I do whenever I get to the office is to prepare my laptop, get me some coffee, and read the news. I never read the headlines. I just go straight to the entertainment section. And today, there's an article posted by Mr. Joey de Leon in Manila Bulletin about the number 13 and how lucky it is. Ya gotta count the number of characters in your fullname. If it's 13 letters, you will be in the league of Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior, Manolo Blahnik, and Salvador Balan. Just kiddin'.

While enjoying my crispy tilapia and monggo, my barkada and I talked about our childhood days. Topics, such as "Scribbler pens", "cheating in school", "asshole teachers", and "stealing", were discussed.

Laaa suggested to post my "100 List" as a permanent section in my blog. I will try to do that later today.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I Need A Break!

Am tired. Not sure if the summer outing would do me any good but I want to relax. I miss the beach. I wanna go somewhere, away from the city.

I saw this weird looking speaker system when my friends and I went to Avant. Wasn't able to test how good it is but I'm curious now. If memory serves me right, it's called a Soundstick.

Here's a sample shot from a new Samsung phone that one of my colleagues just bought. I resized it 'cause the actual photo is humongous!

After a very challenging JDBC exercise, my friends and I went to Delifrance to have our break. I had Italian sausage pasta. Afterwards, we bumped into an ole friend, Jet. It's been awhile since I last saw him ;o) We invited him to join us for some drinks at Cable Car.

So around 8, Laaa, Ogz, and I walked to our drinking spot. When we got there, Jet was already there with his colleague named Mark. It was nice catching up with him. I got to "spin" the freebies roulette. What we got was 2 SanMig Light for 1 promo. We were all excited. We ordered pork sisig. Mark doesn't drink for health reason. Ogz brought his cards so we played "pusoy dos". I won once. Later on, Joey arrived.

Back home, I watched the last episode of "Lost". Too bad for Boone's character though =o( As for Survivor, I hate it when it's the episode that Laaa talked about on our way to Cable Car tonight. What a spoiler that biatch!

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