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Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve

Minoots before the clock struck twelve, the whole gang was outside celebrating the new year. Kuya was in charge of the firecrackers. Fiona was in the arms of her mother and enjoying the fireworks from our neighbors. Lance and mom were beating this large aluminum basin like krezy. Dad was the DJ. I was the official time checker and photographer. And everyone was wearing red for some reason.

After the celeb, we had buena noche, composed of spaghetti, barbecues, ham and cheese. I had wine too ;oP

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Two Books in One

Finished two books this month. One is called "The Penultimate Peril", the second to last installment in "A Series of Unfortunate Events" by Lemony Snicket. My good friend, Lala, who's visiting for the holidays has brought me a copy of "The End". Anetski bought it for me ;oP It's one of those hard-to-find books here in Manila. I'm really happy that I'll get my copy soon.

The second book is Stephen King's "The Dark Tower". I've been reading this thick novel for the past 2 years. I dunno why it took me such a long time to finish it. Maybe because I didn't want the adventure of Roland, the Gunslinger, to finish... What's that old adage again? Be careful what you wish for.... If you've finished the 7-book saga too, you'll catch my drift ;oP

Friday, December 29, 2006

One Last Shot

I made sure that I took some painkillers and antibiotics before leaving Bulacan around 7:30 am. Couldn't find an airconditioned bus going to Quiapo so I lowered my standards. I asked the conductor to let me know if it's Lacson st. already. I kept on forgetting where it was located.

When I reached the hospital around 9, there was only a handful of patients in the reception area. I submitted my form and got my request sheet for a 1/4th dosage of PCEC. Shortly after, 3 patients approached and requested me to join their team. The whole med costs 1160 (including the syringes). I only paid 290 for my share ;oP

Got my final shot and bid goodbye to the other patients.

I can't believe I'm finally done with my anti-rabies shots. I can now start drinking again. On New Year's Eve, I'm gonna be drinking red wine to start the year right. Speaking of wines, special thanks to Table for her Christmas gift.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Cutey Patootey

Found this stuffed toy just lying around the house. How cute!!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Little Miss Sunshine

It stars two actors that I truly admire for great acting skills: Steve Carell from "The 40-yr Old Virgin" and Toni Collette from "The Sixth Sense". You would also recognize Greg Kinnear and Abigail Breslin, the superkid who doesn't feel pain in "Grey's Anatomy" and from "Signs". Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub) from "24" made a cameo here.

The movie has a handful of interesting characters: one tried to kill himself, one doesn't talk, one is obsessed with beauty pageants, one has a drug problem, and lastly, you'll also get the most annoying motivational speaker. All in just one family. Beat that!

I like the dinner scene and the van experience is hilarious! If you're planning to watch a movie with your family this holiday season, this is gotta be it.

One last thing: watch out for grandpa's advice.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Time to Heal

It freakin' hurts when I do Number 2. I have to sit on warm water twice a day. I take painkillers at 9 am, 3 and 9 pm. I can't walk properly. I need to sit on a rubber ring for comfort. I bleed.

And then there's the diet. I request Dad to prepare food in a different way... not salty, spicy, nor oily. My water intake has increased tremendously. I seldom drink Coca-cola now.

My doc advised me to take my blood pressure twice a day for a whole month. So far, so good. I can say that I'm excelling in this department. With the adjustment in my diet, my BP is now 120ish over 80ish.

Having Lance and Fiona around really helps. They keep me company (and happy) all day long. When I ask 'em to bring me stuff like tissue and alcohol, they do it in a heartbeat.

Also, I get text messages from my good friends every now and then. This connects me to the outside world ;oP

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas to Everyone!!!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Crazy Christmas Eve 2006

Last Christmas, we celebrated the Noche Buena separately: Kuya and family in Bora while the three of us (mom, dad and me) had it in Bulacan. This time, it's different. We're complete.

Dad didn't have time to cook so we just bought chicken from KFC (I requested Kuya to buy the original recipe 'cause spicy food is a no-no for me now), palabok and chocolate marjolaine from Red Ribbon.

After our late dinner, I brought out the MagicSing and all hell broke loose. Lance and Fiona love to sing too! Lance sang "Somewhere Out There". Fiona mimicked her bro. She could carry a tune sometimes ;oP

Before calling it a night, I played with Lance and Fiona. She has this kitchen playset. I asked her to cook chicken adobo for all three of us. I asked Lance to do the dishes after. Then we imaginary slept (all three of us snored playfully), woke up, and took a bath (I asked Lance to wash my hair). Fiona cooked sinigang this time. Lance did the dishes again. It's already getting late so I instructed them to finish our playtime.

I got my last Christmas gift from Lance & Fiona. A Bora muscle shirt ;oP

D-Day Part Two

My tummy began making sounds. I tried farting but nuthin comes out. That made my tummy ached. I couldn't sleep at all. I pressed this button so a nurse could check me out. I told her about my situation. She said that I should keep on tryin'. I was worried that it could worsen my butt situation. I hate to bleed again. She said it's okay.

12 midnight... 1 o'clock... 2 o'clock... and I still couldn't sleep 'cause of this damn gas! I pressed the call button again. This time, the nurse who checked me out finally asked for a med that could trigger my gas passing. Around 3, I tried to fart. Got a pretty small one. Yay!!! Later I tried again. Got a longer one now. Unforch, I still couldn't get a shuteye.

Around 6, I thought I got some sleep. An hour later, I woke up. I called a nurse so she could check my BP. I was given a series of BP checks for 15 minutes. The docs were worried that I've got a high one--150/100. I was hoping it was connected with the pain. My average was in the range of 140/90 to 150/100.

Tried sleeping again. Around 9, I had my first real brekky. Longganisa with rice, papaya for dessert, bread and coffee. Finally!!! Savored each food.

My second sitz bath was given around 10:30. The nurse gave me this rubber ring to sit on. That way, I don't get to burn my babies down there.

Doc Wenceslao came into my room. He told me to monitor my BP for a month. He wouldn't advise me to take meds yet for my high BP. I should stay away from salty and oily foods.

My lunch came at noon. Meatballs with java rice, pancit canton, and some meat soup. I noticed that all three got some carrots in it. For dessert, I got a mango. I remember my doc telling me that aside from having high BP, I'm also acidic so I need to stay away from fruit juices. Not sure if a mango will make my tummy ache so I didn't touch it.

A few minoots later, Doc Panlilio visited me and instructed me that I must have the sitz bath twice a day (morning and evening). That I will know the feeling of having menstruation because of my open wound. I should get some sanitary napkins for my bleeding which can last for two weeks. That sucks!

Later on, Kuya, Lance and Mom arrived. I was really happy to see 'em.

Got my last antibiotics around 2. Checkout time was at three. Took a nice shower and changed. Kuya did the settling of the bills for me. Actually, EA shouldered it 'cause I was an in-patient. Ning also gave me a Philhealth form for my doctor to sign. Had to wait a coupla hours before I was discharged.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


Woke up at 5:30. I told my nurse that I needed to do Number 2. She brought the IV in. And thank God, the med I took worked on my bowels. Then I went back to bed and waited. My 7 o'clock operation didn't happen. But around 8:30, a nurse helped me changed. Y'know the familiar gown where the butt is exposed ;oP I laid on this gurney and was wheeled in to a room adjacent to the OR. It must be the recovery room. I saw 2 to 3 patients in dreamland. Then after a few minoots of waiting, I was sent to the OR.

While waiting for my operation, I checked out my surroundings. An iPod connected to a boombox was blasting some country music. The artist sounded like Taylor Hicks. Near my head was this monitor where I could see my lifeline. I saw a whiteboard announcing that Dr. Panlilio is gonna operate. An anesthesiologist would be present too. And this thing bothered me. They said before my operation that the OR is sterile. That's the reason why I had to take away my earring. Buuuuttttt, I saw a nurse brandishing out his cellphone and started texting! WTF!

I was requested to do a fetal position. An oxygen tube was inserted in my nose. Then I felt somebody putting some alcohol (?) on my lower back. Had no idea why. Then I felt fingers touching the base of my spine. Like, looking for a specific spot. Then I felt this needle being inserted. Learned later from Nikks that it was the anesthesia. And any wrong move, I could be paralyzed for life.

I was then informed to turnover. My cute little butt was now super exposed to the whole world ;oP I heard people talking. And after a few minoots, they said that it's all over. Now that was quick. Then blackout.

When I opened my eyes around 12, I saw that I was back in the recovery room. A guy with an eye patch was sleeping to my left. After waiting for some minoots, they took me back to my room. Every now and then a nurse comes in, checks my BP and puts a thermometer in my left armpit. I feel no ache in my butt. That's good. The pain reliever that was injected was kinda painful at first but I'm glad it was doin' its job.

First visitors of the day were Nikks and Oyo. I was extremely glad to see familiar faces. Around 7, Mang Rudy dropped by too. Later that night, I was accompanied by my sister-in-law, Angela.

My first dinner meal was this clear soup and jelly. I haven't had anythin since my Max's dinner last night so I had no choice but to eat it. The jelly tastes like orange-flavored cough syrup. Ick!

Continuation on the succeeding post ;oP

Friday, December 22, 2006

Truth Be Told

For almost a week now, I've been having problems with my butt. I've gone to see a doctor already but I didn't think the meds were working for me. Started bleeding yesterday even. So, I visited the ER again and had it checked. Two docs checked me out. One of 'em was the doc (Dr. Prado) who saw my Butter bite first. He wanted me to get admitted that same night because of my case severity. I thought of doing sumpthin' about my problem right there and then.

Next thing I did was to call general surgeons accredited by EA. Tried 7 numbers but only one answered, the office of Dr. Gerard Panlilio. Went to see him but he wasn't around. Another doctor checked my condition and he told me, he & Dr. Panlilio would operate on me tomorrow at 7 am.

While my room was being prepared, I went to have dinner at Max's. My friends, Nikks, Ogz & Table joined me later. We (with Beng in tow) got my stuff back in the office and brought 'em in my hospital room. Room 537 was located near the nurse's station. The room was spacious enuff. I got the standard bed, another one for the guest, a cabinet, a phone, tv, and comfort room. The first thing I checked was the teevee. Good news, it supports MagicSing! Yay!

Took a shower (thank God the heater works). Had my first ECG session. Asked the therapist what I will feel when I'm being tested. She said, "Nada". Afterwards, I was sent to X-ray. I asked the therapist again if it's otay to have 2 x-rays in a year. I had one last September during our annual physical exam. She said it's ok.

When I got back, my friends excused themselves for dinner. A nurse came in and escorted me to the sitz bath room. It's a small tiled room where a tub throne was placed in the middle. Hot water was waiting for my butt ;oP I sat on that for 30 minoots. Then I was given this icky med to help soften my bowel.

A doctor interviewed me about my medical history. Yes, I had a BP problem when I had vertigo 2 years ago. I stopped drinking 4 months ago ('cause of my dog bite). I occasionally smoke. Got UTI and a bad back a month ago. I couldn't lie because my friends were back and listening to this ;oP

I bravely watched while this huge needle was being inserted into my left arm vein. That's for antibiotics, pain reliever and IV.

After my friends left, I slept. Got a big day tomorrow.

Mo' Christmas Gifts

Here are photos from last night. Aedner bought his N70. The first pic was taken with his phone. The second was from mine.

Afterwards, he treated us some Shakey's dinner ;oP Thanks, buddy!!!

I luuuuuv the holidays!!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

O Christmas Tree!

Before having our break, I thought of taking a pic with this giant Christmas tree in our office building.

Super thanks to Raz (for the Bizu cake), Chel (for the Australian desktop souvenir), Mims (for the cookies), and Candy + Paw (for the surprise gift). Keep 'em comin', guys ;oP

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Jackets 'R Us

My friend, Aedner, has expressed his interest in the jacket that I bought some weeks ago. I got it from "People are People". Last Christmas party, he requested it from his Kris Kringle daddy/mommy. Unforch, he didn't get it. So he just bought one for himself ;oP

Here we are modeling the cool jacket. His got black or super dark blue (according to him) while mine is dark brown. Nikks commented that I look like Tim Yap in the last photo.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Shelita's Visit

Around 11, I got a message from Chel that she's waiting at the Starbucks near the office. Told her that I'd meet her before I head upstairs.

Chel looks good. She gained a few pounds which suits her ;oP I asked her to drop by the office first before we had lunch. I'm pretty sure that people would be surprised to see her. I gave her a tour in the office, not forgetting to visit Mims'. Mims kidded her that she's a "Dona" now.

Anyhoo, we had lunch at Sentro. She didn't wanna eat at Recipes anymore 'cause it was where we celebrated her despedida. We were joined by Pasaway, Razul, Ogz, Joe and Rene. I ordered some pica-pica platter, sinigang corned beef, and boneless crispy pata.

She told us that Beng (one of our friends) was left home alone. I told her that maybe Beng's already staring at the ceiling and twirling her locks ;oP Beng's planning to visit Manila next year. Yay!!!

We asked Chel about the Aussie culture and if she misses Pinoy food. She shared with us her experience with the English spelling adjustment (organization is spelled with an "s" and not a "z") and the weird pronunciation of words.

Chel gave us some souvenirs from Australia featuring some Aussie landmarks. I got first Sydney Opera House but when she told us that she has a kangaroo, I made a switch ;oP

She also showed the Aussie currency. It looks pretty cool with a transparent section.

Too bad we don't have a souvenir photo with her 'cause my phone died.

Around 2, we parted ways. She told us that she's joining us at Liliw next week ;oP

Monday, December 18, 2006

A Tail of Two Cities

Woke up with a strange feeling down there. My butt hurts. After doing a Number 2, I noticed a lump sticking out. WTF! Could it be? I'm developing a tail! How strange!!! Last night, I saw a man walking strangely. I told my friend about it. He said that the man might have hemorrhoids. I laughed so hard. I guess karma bit me hard this time.

Went to Makati Med and have it checked. The lady doctor interviewed me. I didn't tell her about my karma situation though. I told her that the previous night, I carried some heavy stuff. She told me that she's gonna inspect it. Whaaaaaaaaaaat?!!! I declined but she told me that she'd be gentle. Oh man!!!

After the prodding, she gave me some medicines to buy. Funny that she didn't give me anything for the hemorrhoids. Antibiotics plus some meds for anti-dehydration.

Got a text message that Shell's gonna visit us tomorrow. Yay!!! Can't wait to see her.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Holy Kettle and Prison Break

First tasted this delish popcorn when Joyish brought some at work. Once you've eaten one or two popcorn, it would be sooo hard to resist. Unlike the usual popcorn, this "Holy Kettle Corn" ain't greasy nor salty. In fact, it's a bit sweet... but not too sweet like those caramel-coated thingies. It doesn't have MSG too. Sweet!!! If you haven't tasted one, then go buy one today. It's sooo worth it. But lemme warn you, there's another brand called "Kettle Corn". Don't be fooled.

On my way home to Bulacan, I bought 2 big bags for meself and 2 small bags for mom and dad. I wanna enjoy my "Prison Break" marathon biting on these munchies.

Speaking of "Prison Break", I've just started the first season. My friends, who are fans of the show, have been convincing me to jump on the bandwagon. According to Ken, it's like the first season of "24". One work mate has even tried watching the whole season one in just one weekend. Whoa! Right now, I'm really enjoying it.

I like that the setting is in Chicago. I miss that city so much. As for the characters, I like the funny "Sucre" (Amaury Nolasco). I think "T-Bag" (Robert Knepper) is creepy. The Doc's (Sarah Wayne Callies) cute when she smiles ;oP

My favorite episode, to date, would have to be episode 6 of Season 1. It was intense and exciting. It's about time that we get to see Dominic Purcell's character in action. All those muscles must be put to good use ;oP That law of elasticity involving the devil was cool. What happened to Marilyn, the cat?

Kudos to the director for the wonderful execution of this 2-part episode.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

It Comes and Goes

Moulah, that is. We got our salary today around noon yesterday. I went to the bank with some friends and withdrew my money. Afterwards, we went to Sanry's, GB1, to exchange 'em. The rate was 49.50 pesos to a dollar. Not bad.

Late lunch at Chicken Bacolod. I had pecho and some garlic rice.

Attended my class on JSP. It's a fun topic compared to the confusing one yesterday on Cookies. Finished my exercises today ;oP

Afterwards, I went to HSBC to pay for my credit cards. Friends who have borrowed money in the past gave me their payments today, so that was good.

Dinner at Cena with Joyish, Nikks, Ogz, Ken and Beng. We had paella, calamares, beef salpicao, and some fish that I didn't even taste. For dessert, we had a warm Toblerone cheesecake and some choco cake.

Before going to Platinum for a night of singing, they had GinPo. Nikks also recognized a PBA player named Ritualo. A photo op for her.

I miss singing so bad. I sang "In Love with You", "Hanggang Ngayon" and "I Want to Spend my Lifetime Loving You" with Ogz. I also sang "If You're Not the One", "Bukas Sana" and "Di Na Nag-iisa" solo. We finished our videoke session at 2 am.

Friday, December 15, 2006

The New Blogger Beta

I recently switched to the latest version of Blogger. This time, they added a few features. One of them is located down below the editor. It asks if you want your readers to comment on your entries or not. Also, you can now attach tags or labels to your posts. So if you're the type of blogger that wants every post placed in categories, then this latest feature is perfect for you.

Blogger now offers a way to customize or colorize your templates. I haven't tried this yet. Am a bit worried that it might ruin the template I've designed myself. Anyhoo, I'll save my old template and try it later ;oP

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Where's the Beef?

I really can't believe it. It's been 2 weeks and we still haven't received our thirteenth-month pay. People at work have been voicing out their concerns through yahoo messenger statuses. Some friends from different companies have already gotten and spent theirs. Where's ours?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Still No 13th Month

I was hoping that my 13th-month salary has already been added to my bank account. Unforch, that wasn't the case. Still no moulah. I'm down to my last 490 bucks. Will I survive???

Today's also the start of our Java Web Application Course. I attended the class with Dave, Bimboy, Dax, Robert, Louie, and another co-worker. I was off to a rocky start because my Tomcat wouldn't run and I got confused with the WEB-INF settings. But I was happy that I was able to complete the exercises and the assignment for tomorrow. 'twas fun to be coding again and just thinking--minus the talking.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Versace Man Eau Fraiche

After Boss Selection, I found this new scent from Versace. It's called Eau Fraiche. I like the fragrance because the smell reminds you of a spa session. Y'know that I love 'em spa ;oP

Monday, December 11, 2006


Ordinarily, we hold parties on a Friday. Y'know, so you can drink as much as you can without worrying about the day after. But this time, our Christmas party was moved to a Monday because the big honcho arrived only today. That's otay because he likes to shower us with nice gifts ;oP

People arrived in costumes. There are 6 groups from different movie themes: Bagets, Rizal, Pirates of the Caribbean, Flintstones, Grease, and Shrek (where I belong). I'll post more pictures when I get 'em.

From L to R (clockwise): Mike Wong (2nd Blind Mouse), Bimbo (3rd Blind Mouse), Dennis P (Pinocchio), Maidette (Princess Fiona), Ramil (Shrek), Toffee (Puss n Boots), Aidz (Gingerbread Man), Racquel (Fairy Godmother), Bel (Little Red Riding Hood), Don (Don-key), and Rene (1st Blind Mouse).

Maidette led the prayer and Mims gave a talk afterwards. First activity of the night was a charades game. Three teams competed and the Pirates group won. The Grease team came in second and last was the Flintstones.

Then it was time to eat. We used to host these events. Now, I could enjoy my dinner without worrying about hosting. 'twas such a change. Sweet!!! I had some seafood, cordon bleu, and pork loin with some apple sauce. The lechon was the best! For dessert, I had some choco brownies and butterscotch (recommended). Blue Petals was our caterer for the second time.

The first batch of raffle prizes was given away. I was hoping that I could bring home some good stuff. Unforch, I didn't get anything. Most members of the Customer Support won.

Then gifts were exchanged. I started it by calling my baby, Doody. 'twas Jan So. He requested for a cellphone so I gave him one. Second hand only though.

Group presentation was next. First was the group of Flintstones. They have this tarpaulin designed with the characters with the members' faces superimposed. Plus, they created an MTV with Reel 2 Real's "I Like to Move It". There's a portion where each member would do a dance improv.
Norma brought the house down with her dancing. In the middle of it, she stopped and thought of her next step. That was hilarious!!! This group won the best performance.

Next was our group, Shrek. For 2-3 days, we've practiced our number. People liked Rene's dancing. He channeled Michael Jackson in his solo routine.

I couldn't remember the sequence anymore of the other presentations but the Grease group did a tremendous job with their medley where Jimmy played Olivia Newton John's character while Vee played John Travolta's. Rizal's presentation was the funniest because Rey and Sherwin did the voice over. The Pirates and Bagets group sang some Christmas carols.

Mr. JW gave away some iPods, PSP, headphones, and digicams. The luckiest of the night was Joy. She got an iPod from her daddy, J Church. Plus, she won the teevee grand prize.

I was feeling bad because it took quite a long while before I found out who my daddy was. I received a webcam though from Randy. Super!

Dancing came later. For the first time, I was dancing sober. Nikks, Ning, Beng, and K were my dancing partners. It's fun to watch Mike Wong getting a private lesson with Earl. Aedner and Oni battled it out with a pretty lady. Ogz and his posses had so much fun hackling 'em. Ning was lifted in the air by Butch. Imagine Vilma in her show before.

Around 3, I paid for the caterer. I was in charge of food, this time. I also suggested to my friends that we eat sumpthin, like noodles. JW gave us some moulah to spend on brekky. We planned to eat at North Park but it was already closed. At 7-Eleven, some people bought ice cream and noodles. We ate them back in the office.

Before calling it a day, Aedner and Max had a very interesting discussion on Buddhism and Christianity. Slept around 5 am.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Mission: Donkey Ears and Tail

I prepared my materials: felt paper, glue, scotch tape, pair of scissors, pencil, ruler, headband, crayons, newspaper and leftover Krispy Kreme boxes.

Cut my ear template first on an old newspaper. I then traced it onto the Krispy Kreme box. I looked for coupon bond but couldn't find one. I grabbed an old Bench paper bag and cut it into strips. This would serve as my fur. Glued the gray felt paper onto both sides of my cardboard, put some newspaper stuffing inside, glued the fur, and colored the center with brown and black. Secured the ears onto a headband I found lying inside the house. Voila! My donkey ears are done ;oP

Next, the tail. Hmmmm... how do I create one? Looked at the newspaper and suddenly got an idea. I twisted it and covered it with the gray felt paper. As for the tail bush, I got some brown felt paper and cut it into strips.

I really enjoyed creating my donkey costume. Watching a lot of Art Attack helped, me thinks. Am pretty sure I won't get any award on this but I give myself props for being so freakin' creative ;oP

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Friday Feast

When Kendz suggested that we had dinner at Friday's last night, it sounds very enticing. It's been quite awhile since I last had dinner there. Table and Nikks completed the group.

Kendz ordered Chix Fingers (for kids), Nikks and Table shared their cheese sticks and Caesar's, and I had half back ribs.

While waiting for our food, we had fun talking about the "others": a waiter/waitress, a couple of the same sex and a family joined by the nanny.

The ribs was quite tasty. Shared it with my 3 ladies =oP I ordered java rice to go with it instead of the usual fries. I don't like sticky consistency though. I also requested for the coleslaw since it was missing when the meal arrived.

After dinner, I told my friends that the dessert is on me. We ordered some choco eruption (not available unforch), banana split pie (recommended), and some choco pecan thingie (warning: choking hazard).

Friday, December 08, 2006

Dreadlocks No Mo'

After lunch today, I and Nikks went to SM to buy some birthday cards and costumes for our party this Monday. Since there wasn't any animal costumes in Toy Kingdom, I just decided to buy some felt paper and I'll make my own costume this weekend.

For some weeks now, I've been thinking about cutting my dreadlocks off. 2 years and 9 months is enuff, knottydon thinks. Every time I see someone with very short hair, I get jealous. I wanna feel my scalp again ;oP

So Nikks and I proceeded to Bench Fix salon. Nikks asked if there's an available stylist. The people there thought she'd be the client but when she pointed to me, the attendant informed us that they can schedule us at 3:30. Can't wait that long.

Next stop was Crispin Britanico Salon, the place where I had my hair colored last year. They asked if I wanted to have an ordinary stylist (180 bucks) or a senior one (360). I wanted someone good to fix my hair so I opted for the latter. I recognized my stylist, Lita Glory, because she was the one who did my hair.

Before Lita cut my first dreadlock strand, I made sure that I recorded it. Y'know, this is a freakin' Kodak moment for me ;oP

After a few minoots, they're gone. I'm left with short hair with lotsa sticky wax so 2 stylists began combing it. I now look like Guy Sebastian. Then they shampooed my hair and put some hot oil. One stylist began massaging my scalp and back and it's the best I've had in years!!!

Then Lita came back to cut and style my hair. I'm happy with the results ;oP Nikks also had her hair done. She now sports a more edgy style!

When I came back to work, Candy shrieked. She couldn't believe her eyes. Joy also screamed. Many were shocked. Teehee.... Somebody commented that I look really young "daw".

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