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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Stressful Day & Relaxing Evening

I was informed to go to A1 Driving School in Boni before 8 am. Since I don't wanna be late, I woke up at 4 (with barely 2 hours of shuteye). Bummer! Reached Boni at 6:30. Good thing, there's Jollibee where I could have my brekky. Finished my meal and proceeded to A1.

I met the A1 representative named Vladimir. He told me that we would leave at 8 to go to the LTO licensing center. In the meantime, I had to read a test reviewer (with correct answers already
encircled for us). He also reminded me that I only need 30 correct answers to pass.

Applicants started to come in.
Instead of socializing, I focused on the reviewer because I so badly needed a license to drive in the US. I already lost my old license in Illinois. I read every test questions and tried to absorb the correct answers. Some answer choices are absurd.

Around 8, Vladimir accompanied us to the LTO. I came with 4 other lady applicants. First thing was the drug test. I was discouraged to pee earlier because in the test, I had to surrender my pee. Paid 250. Waited for our medical exam.

Around 9, I heard an old lady calling my name. Went inside a small room. An old lady asked me about my height. She also told me to weigh and do a simple eye exam. I've got astigmatism so I found it hard to read the last batch of letters. Not sure if she would require me to wear glasses while driving.

Another waiting period. To pass the time, I socialized with a fellow applicant named Maricel. When I checked her reviewer, I almost panicked. I didn't know that the reviewer is 100 items. I missed a few pages. Crap! I reviewed the remaining items.

Next step was to have our picture taken. I've seen a lotta driver's licenses and some photos are badly taken. Either the person looked hungry or tired or even sick. I wanna make sure that I look good in my driver's license.

Before we took our exam, Vladimir gave us a quick run through on what could possibly be included in the exam. He advised us if we don't know the answer, we could leave it blank. They could do sumpthin about it *wink* *wink*. Also, there shouldn't be any erasures or double answers.

When I got my questionnaire, I prayed for some wisdom. There are posters on the wall that you can use as guides. Vladimir wasn't kidding when he said that the exam is easy. I wanted to perfect the exam but I encountered some questions not included in the reviewer. Hmmm... should I leave it blank? Nah, I proceeded to the other questions first and went back to them later. I wouldn't forgive myself if I rely on other peeps to pass this exam.

After a quick review of my answers, I waited for Maricel to finish. I even helped her in two questions. I also wanted to pee so I submitted my test sheet.

We waited for Vladimir to give us the results. All I need is 30 correct answers and I'm gonna celebrate. He appeared and gave us our scores. He said, "Balan, Salvador... 38". Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!!! Thank you, Lord, again.

Later in the evening, I went shopping. Found a nice cap from Reef. Am not new to this brand anymore because I got a pair of Reef slippers for my 33rd birthday.

I still have 5 massage treatments at Suriya so I visited them again and availed a deep tissue massage + back massage + reflexology = 3 hours of pure relaxation. I must've fallen asleep too because I heard myself snoring. Teehee....

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My New Do and Tiongks' Post B-Day Celeb

So many things to do, so little time....

Yesterday, when my boss informed me that I'd be leaving for Virginia on Saturday, I almost clicked the panic button. I only have 4 days to prepare for my trip. I still don't have my driver's license. I haven't packed yet. Hay caramba!

Visited A1 Driving School today in Glorietta. I paid them 1700 for my license processing. Tomorrow, I'll take a written exam. If I pass that, I need to pay 250 for the drug test. And then, I'd get my license in the afternoon. Wish me luck!

Before I did my grocery, I visited Bench Fix Salon. For the past few days, I've been thinking about having a new hairstyle. After seeing American Idol's Blake Lewis' hairstyle, I got inspired to copy it. I printed a photo of him and then showed it to my stylist. I asked him if he could copy it. After 3 hours of highlight application, hair washes, and a few clips here and there, I got myself a new hairstyle. What do you think?
Early in the evening, I got invited to Eric's post birthday celeb at Trellis. According to Boyette, the branch in Kalayaan is no longer in existence. I remember, that's where my bro took me for my first sisig encounter.

Ogz took care of our orders. While waiting for our friends to arrive, Nikks, Kendz, Joy and I checked out the stores nearby. Kendz and Nikks bought some pork rinds. Yum-Oh.

Eric arrived with Boyette, Brian Z (our co-worker from Ashburn), and Gentley. OJ, Jimmy, Raz, Boy, Anbby, Ramil, and Max completed the party.
We had sisig (of course), grilled liempo with ensalada (diced mango, onions, tomatoes, and bagoong), grilled fish and broccoli. We also tried the 100-peso garlic peanuts to complement our San Mig Light.

Around 10, Raz, Kendz and I thanked Eric for his treat and bid goodbye to our friends. Reached Bulacan around midnight.

Desperate Housewives Updates

In this episode, we found out that Orson ain't the real bad wolf in Wysteria Lane. Am happy now for Bree ;oP

Carlos delivered the best line of the night, "to warn the Scavo boys!".

In the scenes involving the real Bree, it was shot inside her house. The peeps behind the show made it possible that she won't need to leave her own home for the taping. As for her co-actors delivering the lines with her, well, as you can see, sometimes it ain't Bree.

Monday, February 26, 2007

L-1 VISA Approved

I was scheduled to appear at the US Embassy at 7 am. Instead of leaving Bulacan on Monday morning, I decided to leave on a Sunday night and spend the night at our office in Makati. 'twas raining badly when I left. I hope that was a good sign.

Woke up at 3:30. Prepared my brekky (noodles & Spanish bread). Called a cab to pick me up in an hour. Reached the embassy at 5 pm. I was surprised that the entrance didn't have that many peeps. Turned out that the peeps at the entrance were scheduled at 6:30. I was informed to wait at a nearby shed.

6:30 came and we were told to go inside. There were three lines: one for immigrant, one for non-immigrant, and another one for seafarers. I also noticed a sticker telling everyone that beginning March 1, they won't allow cellphones to be brought inside the embassy. I deposited my cellphone.

First stop was the Pavilion. I stood in line and presented my application papers including my passport. The lady asked for a photocopy of my Notice of Action. I told myself not to panic while I search for it ;oP I was given a number, 2008, and told to sit down for awhile.

A lady announced that the applicants will go through the finger scanning process next. The numbers will be called randomly. At quarter to 8, I heard my number.

At Window B, I stated my full name and birthday. I scanned my left and right index fingers.

I proceeded to the interview room. It's been 2 years since I last visited this room. It hasn't changed a bit except for an electronic panel flashing the numbers and windows to go to for the actual interview. 'twas a pretty quiet room. I think everyone was praying too (including me).

When I saw 2007 at Window 3, I thought I would be next. And I was right. The lady greeted me first and I greeted her back. She mentioned "Andersen" and I told her that I once worked there on a project basis. She asked me about what I will do in the US. She asked me to explain about our products. Since I was in my element, I happily explained to her what our products can do.

The interview lasted 15 minoots or so. She didn't ask for any documents. She handed me the yellow slip. Thank God I passed!

Next stop was the VISA delivery area (back to the Pavilion). You can easily feel that the atmosphere here is more relaxed. Peeps are now talking to one another and there are smiles on their faces. The agony is over.

Paid 135 bucks for Delbros to deliver my L-1 VISA in 1 to 3 days. Before leaving the embassy, I claimed my cellphone and hailed a cab.

On my way back to the office, the cab lost its brake. Good thing, we weren't speeding at all. Whew!

Desperate Housewives Updates

It's been awhile since I last watched an episode of "Desperate Housewives". Super thanks to my good friend, Raz, for supplying us the latest vids. I miss the women of Wysteria Lane.

There's only one man for Susan Myers and I believe it's Mike Delfino. They're like Rachel and Ross of "Friends". I don't think the wedding of Ian and Susan would push through though.

Julie has finally given in to the charm of two-timing Austin and got heartbroken. Girl, there's a new guy in town and his name is Zachary. My, oh, my, Zach is now a man! For awhile there, I thought that John (Jesse Metcalfe) would make another comeback. At least, he has found a new friend in Gaby. Why do I get the feeling that he's gonna turn up like Paul Young?

I love watching Lynette and Tom. They're so cute together. I'm happy that the family business is doin' well. The boys are so adorable. Oh, that girl can cause serious trubs later on....

I like the way the director knows how to shoot a preggy woman (Marcia Cross) and make it look like she ain't preggy.

Good news that Andrew is now protecting his mother. As for Bree's daughter, she's a freakin' slut.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Smallville Updates

Where is "Smallville" heading? I don't get it why the show ain't concentrating much on Clark anymore. After 6 seasons, they couldn't think of a BIG surprise anymore so they threw Chloe in the meteor-shower-freak mix. Now the thing is, what can Chloe do?

Lana is getting closer and closer to the truth. Clark is getting careless. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

First, Tom Welling directed an episode ("Hydro", the one where Tori Spelling guested). Now it's Michael Rosenbaum's (Lex Luthor) turn.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Lost Updates

The latest episode was the most boring for me. I kept on yawning throughout the show.

We found out sumpthin about Jack's tattoo. According to the show, it says, "He walks among us, but he's not one of us". In real life, it reads, "
Eagles high up, cleaving the space".

Four relationships were presented: Jack & Juliet, Jack & Achara (Bai Ling) , Karl & Alex, and Sawyer & Kate. I only like the first and last.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Prison Break Updates

This episode is loaded!

When I saw the big dictionary that T-Bag owns, I remember when I was in Elementary. I had this dictionary which I used to practice my spelling skills.

Agent Kim got what he deserved. Scofield ran him over and Burrows beat the crap out of him. I wanna see Agent Kellerman pouting after Sara locking him out ;oP

C-Note made me cry.

American Idol Updates

It's the ladies night. I really enjoyed Jordin's performance. Doolittle was good, as expected.

Dunno if you noticed but the show always save the best for last. Lakisha Jones brought the house down with her "And I'm Telling You".

Fearless Forecast: Antonella Barba (no matter how hot she is) could go home for murdering Aerosmith's "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing".

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

24 Updates

If you've followed the very daunting career of Jack Bauer for the past 6 seasons, you'd know that when it comes to people, they don't normally seem what they appear. Take the case of James Cromwell's character, Phillip Bauer. I don't think he would take the role if it's not challenging enuff.

It's fun to see Jack and Chloe together.

As far as Morris is concerned, well, he doesn't have that thing that Edgar Stiles had. He needs to work on it more.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Heroes Updates

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I hope Mohinder Suresh would realize sooner than later that his sidekick is the one that's killing all his test subjects.

I'm happy that Peter Petrelli is a fast learner. He can now fly too with his hair flying all over the place. Boohoo, Clark.

Stan Lee made a cameo appearance. In case you, guys, didn't notice, he's the bus driver.

It's so sad that Hiro and Ando parted ways =o(

American Idol Updates

It's the guys who opened up the first live show of "American Idol". What can I say about their performances? Well, only a few were memorable:

I like Blake's performance. The song he sang, "Somewhere only we know", became an instant favorite. Am trying to get the song now. If you have Keane's version, puh-lease send it my way. Super thanks, Olive, for the mp3! It's now on repeat one ;oP

I enjoyed Justin Timberlake lookalike Chris Richardson's, Jared Cotter's, Phil Stacey's, and AJ Tabaldo's performances. Chris Sligh is hilarious.

I don't like the other song choices. "Now & Forever"? Hello?

Fearless Forecast: Sundance's poor song choice could get him into big trubs. Nick Pedro could go home too.

American Idol

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I Want...

Blake Hairstyle
Beatboxing Blake Lewis' hairstyle.
I guess my plan to grow my hair long would take a backseat for now ;oP

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Grey's Anatomy Updates

Remember the elevator scene with O'Malley before? In the latest episode, it's Izzie's turn to shine! I like how she handled everything. You can feel the pressure. It's nice also that Dr. Webber and McSteamy guided her.

Of course, I don't think Meredith's gonna die anytime soon. For Pete's sake, she's the star of the show!

The producers must've found out that the viewers (including me) love Duquette so much that they brought him back for a cameo ;oP

Monday, February 19, 2007

Razon's Halo-Halo

Am I the only one who hasn't tasted this infamous halo-halo from Pampanga?

Well, after lunch today, my friends and I toured the branch in Jupiter, Makati. I paid 65 bucks for my first Razon's halo-halo. There are two slices of leche flan on top of finely shaved ice. If you're used to eating halo-halo with all the works (like I do), you'll be surprised that this version doesn't have much stuff in it. I found some macapuno, sweetened banana, and beans though. And it's creamy too.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Eight's Treat

Before I joined my friends for a night out, I went to pick up my new 2xist underwear. I met this friend who sells these branded undies you normally cannot find in the metro. Paid 900 for it. It's original price was 26 dollars. Not bad, eh?

Around 8, I went back to the office. Raz, Bulilit and I joined our friends (Joyish, Nikks, Kendz, Ogz, Aedner, and Eight) at Carafe. They were seated in front of the small stage. A guy was already singing his heart out.

My friends have already eaten so I ordered some sisig while Raz & Bulilit both ordered grilled tuna. I already know that sisig at Carafe was good but the grilled tuna was delish too. It has a small portion of veggies to complement the meal. Yum-Oh.

We brought some wine with us but it has a half-price corkage so we didn't open 'em.

The night's party was Eight's treat to the barkada. We ended our two-week training today so what a better way to celebrate it than to have cold beer bottles in our hands. Unforch he had to leave early because of some prior commitment. He left me with his treat money. The group planned to contribute 100 bucks each so Eight won't need to overspend on us. Super thanks, buddy!

Kendz was the second casualty of the night. She had to do some errands tomorrow morning.

Luke, Aedner's friend from Amsterdam, arrived shortly. He could speak a little Tagalog and could understand some of the words we're saying. He has an ice cream business back home.

During the second set of the house artist, he invited peeps to sing with him. I suddenly heard my name being shouted by my barkada. WTF! The next thing I knew, the singer was already calling my name on stage. I obliged. I sang "Kahit Kailan". I did the Jay Durias' part and the other singer did Brix's. After my number, we teased Ogz to sing too but he folded. He promised though that he'd sing at Nikks and Joy's birthday parties.

Bulilit and Razul bid goodbye next.

I bought another pack of Gudang Garam. It's nice to smoke and drink at the same time. Unforch, Nikks hid it away from me. This is the second time that my friends took my cigarettes away. After some minoots of asking them back and not talking to them, Nikks gave me back my smokes.

Then it was time to continue the fun at Ice Bar. Well, at least, we saw some peeps dancing unlike last Wednesday. There was a radio-sponsored party happening at Bedspace (just a few distance away) so they have more peeps over there.

After an hour or so of dancing, we called it a night. Well, Aedner and his friend were planning to go to Malate. I didn't wanna sleep yet so I asked them to drop me off at Giligan's. Later on, I went back to Makati for a relaxing massage ;oP

Lost Updates

This time, Desmond is in the spotlight. Desmond's girlfriend, Penny (Sonya Walger), is also Sleeper Cell's FBI Agent Patrice Serxner.

We were led to believe from the start of this very interesting episode that Desmond was saving Claire but WAIT! There's a surprise in the end.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Lunch with Jun

As I was walking towards a photo shop, a big red vehicle stopped beside me. I recognized the driver right away. 'twas Jun, an old friend. He's looking for Ogz because he needs to give him a bag that Ogz wanted to buy from him. Since Ogz wasn't around yet, he accompanied me to the mall.

My agenda was just to have my photo scanned. I need to have 2 passport photos for my VISA application. It cost me 185 to print 10 copies.

While waiting for Ogz, Jun and I checked out "People are People". Found this ├╝ber comfy shirt with some Chinese designs. It looks nice too on jeans so I bought it. Speaking of jeans, I found a nice one but it costs like 10 grand. WTF!

Next stop was "Replay". Ogz appeared a few minoots later. He told me to try some of the caps. One was too small and the other was too expensive. 5 grand for a cap? I don't think so.

We went to "Zara" next. Ogz found this red shirt that he wanted me to try. He has a high sense of fashion so I trust his judgment. Tried the shirt on and it was nice indeed. Since they don't have a large-sized in stock, I settled for the XL. While paying for the shirt, I found this cute bright orange boxer briefs and bought it too. I reached my shopping quota for the month!!!

Then it was time to have lunch. Ogz suggested that we eat at Yum Yum Tree. But when we passed by Bon Appetit, I suggested that we looked inside first. Their buffet looks sumptuous. We decided to eat there instead.
We had steak, tanigue, kebabs, pancit, pata tim, sweet & sour fish, beef, the WORKS! We weren't able to finish everything but enuff space for some ice cream =oP

Friday, February 16, 2007

Heroes Updates

It's about time that Ando does his share of being a Hero.

Ain't it neat that Matt Parkman and Jessica Sanders' lives got intertwined because one lives to protect and the other one does the opposite to live?

Whenever I see Sylar, he always brings bad news. And in this episode, he acquired a new ability. I wanna see a Sylar-Peter Petrelli face-off in the end. Both are very powerful individuals.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Night with Friends

The fun never stops on Valentine's day. Last night, Joyish suggested that we continue the celebration by having dinner. Nikks helped by inviting everyone in a yahoo conference so we can decide on where to eat. I suggested that maybe we could rent a hotel room for the night. A good dinner would be nice too to complement the red wine that some peeps brought ;oP

We found our place at National Sports Grill in GB3. One of our officemates named Joe has a friend named Rose who works there. She gave us a 10% discount too. Sweet!!!!

Eight, my sole participant, and I have been planning to drink since last week. Since I wasn't going home yet, I decided to have a drink or two with him before joining my friends at NSG. He knows this place that serves cheap beer and a delish sisig. I can't say No to alcohol especially after recovering from a 3-month hiatus. You don't know how hard it was for me ;oP

Carafe bar, an open bar/resto, is located near Makati Med. When we got there, it was already 90% full. People were already drinking and eating. A local band was singing some cheesy love songs.

We ordered a bucket of San Mig Light and sisig. It arrived a few minoots shortly. Ahhh, I miss drinking ;oP

After our second bottle, I informed Ogz that we're testing the place that we planned to go to on Friday. I invited him so that we could go to NSG together. After some minoots, he arrived with Aedner. They got lost along the way. My it's-near-Makati-Med-and-Mercury-Drug direction wasn't enuff. Near-the-back-of-Burgundy-Tower clue did the trick. They finished our bucket for us.

I noticed that Aedner likes to peel the label off of his beer bottle. I asked him why he does this. His explanation made sense--he wants to see right away which bottle he's drinking from in a table filled with bottles. He asked me if I knew what's written on the label. Told him no. He stated, "You hold in your hand the first light beer in the country and the only light beer you should have, expertly brewed by San Miguel with full beer flavor and the right alcohol hit. Made less filling for your total drinking enjoyment. The perfect balance between light and right". Yep, he memorized it.

Eight settled the bill. The second part of his treat will happen tomorrow ;oP (Super thanks, buddy!!!)
Around 9, we (minus Eight) joined our friends (Joyish, Kendz, Nikks and Bulilit) at NSG. We ordered pizza, salad, wings and beer. Our waitress named Jasmine was a beauty. Our pizza was cooked late so she offered to give us free dessert. Since I was using my HSBC credit card to pay for everything, we got another dessert for free. Yum-O!
'twas already past 10 when we left NSG. Kendz had to leave early too for the last MRT ride home. Since we're still full, we did some walking. When Aedner and I reached "Vodka Ice Bar", we got tempted to dance. The rest agreed. So we (Aedner, Nikks and I) danced for an hour. The doorman and the lady who's stationed at the restroom area didn't recognize me at first. It dawned on them that I don't have my dreadlocks anymore. They asked me why I had it cut. "For a change", was my answer. Anyhoo, it will still grow.

Since it was already late, I hailed a cab. Dropped off Bulilit at Crossing (he gave me 50 bucks) and I paid the driver 160+70 bucks when I reached Philcoa. I waited for a jeep that would take me home. Good thing, I found one around midnight. Thank God! Reached home around 1 am.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day with Friends

It's another payday so after getting our moulah from the bank, my friends and I went to the mall to have our money exchanged to the local currency. Dollar to Peso is now at 48.55. Crap!

We had a hearty lunch at Super Bowl. We ordered beef with broccoli, sweet & sour fish fillet, seafood platter, and, of course, Yang Chao fried rice.

We're already done eating when our friend, Butch, arrived. He ordered sumpthin for himself. While he's enjoying his food, we asked one of the waiters to take our group photo. In the first pic, Bulilit excused himself to the restroom.

When we got our bill, the waiter gave Nikks a pink heart-shaped balloon for wearing red on V-Day. After a few minoots, he gave her a planner. The crowd objected. We wanted the planner to be raffled off. Nikks was protesting by beating Butch with her balloon. All of a sudden, it popped. Everyone (including the peeps in the nearby tables) was stunned for a second. Then we started laughing ;oP

Ogz and Joy didn't join the raffle because they already have a Starbucks planner. Butch wrote down some numbers on pieces of paper and Rene picked the winner. Kendz won ;oP

Before we left the place, Boyette was given his birthday treat. A scoop of ice cream with wafer stick.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Suman sa Mangga without Cheese

My friends (Nikks, Kendz, Joyish, Bulilit, Rene, Ogz, Razul, Aedner) and I had our afternoon break at TsokoNut, a small resto famous for their homemade chocolate drink. I used to eat here when I was still renting a unit at Cityland. They have a branch at WalterMart so it was convenient for me to have dinner there whenever I don't feel like cookin'.

Anyhoo, I checked out their menu and ordered bibingka. Unforch, the lady at the counter informed me that they don't have bibingka. Crap! What to order then? I let my friends ordered first while I was still deciding on what to get. After a few minoots, the counterlady told me that they could create me one but I have to wait for 15 to 20 minoots. That is fine with me. Aedner and I shared the bibingka and I got myself some hot choco drink and their own version of Churros. By the way, they call it "panyolito".

While waiting for my order, Nikks told me to get her "suman sa mangga". I approached one of the waitresses and ordered the food. When I got back to our table, Nikks informed me that she didn't want the "cheese". So I went back to the waitress and specifically instructed her not to put any "cheese" on the suman.

After a few minoots, the waitress (with a big smile on her face) informed me that they don't put cheese on their suman. I shouted at Nikks, "They don't actually put cheese on their suman". And my friends broke out in laughter. Nikks didn't want "drinks" with the meal. Not cheese =oP Well, I don't really eat suman so I didn't know that ;oP

Butch Cui joined us later. I asked him about his trip to Dubai. He told me that his hotel room costs a lot (about 300 US dollars). He's seen the infamous 7-star hotel shaped like a sailboat (Burj Al Arab Hotel). He didn't visit it because it would cost him 50 bucks just to get in. There were a lotta nice sports cars there. Too bad he didn't bring any digicam with him.

When "my food" arrived, my friends wondered why I took Nikks' food. I didn't know that I was supposed to order for her another bibingka. My friends were all surprised. And then I looked at the food in front of me. 'twas not a bibingka at all. It's the suman sa mangga! This ensued MORE laughter. Oh my god! FUCK the suman!

Replay Polo Shirt

Last month, I visited the Replay store in Glorietta 2. Found this attractive polo shirt but I was shocked when I checked the price tag. 'twas quite stiff. I told the sales guy if they plan to lower their prices anytime soon so I can afford this shirt. He told me that they have none yet.

Fast forward to last Friday, I visited again the store. I asked for the shirt and tried it on. Since Replay is still on sale mode, I was actually planning to buy the freakin' shirt.

The lady informed me that she would give me 60% discount on the shirt. Whaaaaaaaaat?!!!! There must be a God!

Grey's Anatomy Updates

Remember the bomb-trapped-inside-the-body episode where Christina Ricci guest starred? That for me is one of the best written episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Well, I think, after that they've been trying hard to produce unforgettable telly moments. The latest two-part episode can be put in the list though.

First, they showed some cute & light scenes (elevator and Burke & Yang).
I like that they brought back Kali Rocha's perky character, Sidney Heron.

On the 12th-minute mark, it was pure chaotic!!! It's about time they shoot scenes outside Seattle Grace Hospital.

Alex gets to be the hero in this episode too.

For a second there, I thought only Meredith can see the girl. Y'know those weird ghost stories.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Prison Break Updates

It's about time that we see some action between Sarah and Fish ;oP

While watching the episode, I thought, why is Agent Paul Kellerman going back to ole business. But then, he was smart enuff to figure out that he's not talking to the real President herself. I love his character.

It's sad to see Haywire go =o( Well, at least, Alex Mahone didn't shoot him.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

My Name is Heroes

I was watching "My Name is Earl" (the Frenchie episode) when I noticed the writing on the board...

Grey's Anatomy Updates

It's fun to see Denny Duquette again (even for just a second or two). I just love the Izzie-Denny romance last season.

Meredith's scenes with her mom are all Kleenex-grabbing moments.

Addison is the luckiest woman in this show ;oP

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Lost Updates

Seeing Sawyer beating the hell out of the guy who was sent to kill him was funny. Would've done the same thing. In this season opener, Sawyer delivers the funny remarks.

It's nice to see the daughter of that Frenchwoman appearing again. Alex's a beauty.

Juliet's husband is freakin' stupid. Why would you stand in the middle of the road? We've seen this happen in "Final Destination" and "Smallville", hello???

Friday, February 09, 2007

Heroes Updates

It's fun to see Peter Petrelli and Claude (the Invisible Man) bonding.

Sylar's comment, "That was for the haircut", was funny. I was uneasy in the scene where he visited the Bennet's residence. I thought he would kill the poor dog ;oP Don't really care about the mommy. Teehee...

Claire was beautiful in the scene with her firestarter mum.

I kinda expected that Nathan would be Claire's dad. Well, her mum is pretty so most likely, the guy that would get into bed with her should also have the looks.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

24 Updates

The Bauer Bros are fighting. Ain't that sad? Graem's revelation was such a bitter pill for our hero to swallow. I like the scene where Jack's dad was watching his boys.

Uhm, the twist about Morris was predictable.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

SmartBro Connection

Finally, I've got a faster internet connection at home. I've tried a buncha prepaid cards before and even hooking up my cellphone to my laptop as a modem... but the speed was frustrating. Now I've upgraded myself. I will be paying 999 each month for my SmartBro connection. Ahh, the glory of speedy downloads ;oP

Tried BitComet (with the help of my friend, Allen) but unforch, it doesn't seem to work 100% yet.

I might try BitTorrent next. Otherwise, I'll be sticking with eMule.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Buff Spa

After a very disappointing foot spa session at David's Salon in Greenbelt 1, I am scouting for the best foot spa in town.

I discovered Buff Spa in SM Fairview. They offer foot massage, pedicure and foot spa for only 240. Not bad. Since I was already sleepy and tired from my window shopping, I tried it.

Their shop contains about 10 seats for all your foot massaging needs. The chair has very comfy cushions.

First they put my feet in lukewarm water. Then they brought out this spa machine so I could soak my feet in soaped water for about 30 minoots. I tried the other settings in the machine. You can add cold bubbles in your heated water or leave out the heat altogether.

A lady in uniform started cleaning my feet and lower legs. She cut my toenails beautifully. I told her to be careful 'cause the skin around my nails is soo sensitive.

Afterwards, she examined my feet for some rough edges and filed 'em like crazy. She even went in between my toes. That's a first.

The massage came last. I would've preferred a longer massage though.

All in all, 'twas the best foot spa to date. In case, you wanna check it out, they also have branches in SM Manila and Sucat.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Smallville Updates

When my officemate, Anbby, said that the latest Smallville episode was good, he forgot to mention that it was such a Smoochfest.

In this episode, everyone was in the mood for some lip action. And Smallville (aka Clark Kent) was at the center of it all. Lucky guy.

Remember the red kryptonite? Well, it's back with a vengeance. I guess it releases inhibitions. Who needs alcohol when you've got this red meteor rock?

There's one scene that reminded me of "Superman Returns". And finally, Smallville is flying.

I think Chloe and Jimmy look cute together.

Quote of the Day

"A cellphone, no matter how expensive,
is just a paperweight
when the battery is dead."
- knottydon

Sunday, February 04, 2007

To the Rescue

Before dinner, mom got worried about not seeing one of our puppies. Recently, our dog named Bubbles gave birth to 3 pups: a black one with white underbelly, a white one with black spots (the color of the mommy), and the third one is also white but with brown spots. I told mom to eat first. I'll try to find the missing pup after dinner.

When I went out to check, I found the black and the b&w sleeping in each other's arms. Hmmm, where's brownie?

Unforch, the pup is still too young to have a name so I can't call him/her by any name. What I did was I made some loud puppy-calling noises.

I checked our dark backyard. I thought I heard some whimpering. I quickly walked towards the sound. Then I found the puppy. His/her head got stuck in an opened can of corned beef. "Oh my god!!!" I immediately carried the pup inside. I informed mom and dad about the situation.

Dad looked for some oil while I carefully pulled the puppy's head. The jagged edge of the lid could seriously hurt both of us.

After a few seconds, the pup's head came free.
Whew! Thank God!!! Mom quickly fed the pup some corned beef. I thought that's funny.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

24 Updates

We now know that Jack Bauer doesn't really like liars. Case in point: plastic bag torture. He's willing to do anything just to hear the truth.

Hmmm... Is it just me or 24 is taking some pointers from "Sleeper Cell". They have this undercover (UC) named Walid Al-Rezani spying on some alleged terrorists. Walid kinda resembles our Darwyn from "Sleeper Cell". Maybe it's just coincidence....

I wished Karen Hayes didn't give up too easily.

I love James Cromwell in "Babe" and "Six Feet Under". I'm really happy he plays Jack's father.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Early for Work

Recently, I've been coming to work late. Y'see, I reach home at past 11 in the evening already. Then I have to have dinner. Obviously, I couldn't sleep right away so I catch up on my teevee series. I end up sleeping around 2 am.

I wake up around 9 already. I leave Bulacan after 30ish minoots of coffee/choco drink, shower, and preparation. I reach Fairview at past 10. I wait for Fermina bus at 10:30. If a Fermina bus doesn't show up, I wait some more. Thus, I'm always late.

That changed today. I woke up at 5:00. I actually set my alarm at 4 but I was still sleeping so I didn't hear my phone ringing. I left my place at 5:30. Reached Fairview around 6. Boarded an FX. Clocked in at 7:23 at work. Good news is, I can leave the office at 4:30 today. Yay!

Dad is sick so nobody's cooking for the family. I just might buy us some pizza or sumpthin for dinner.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Heroes Updates

I like watching Hiro and his sidekick, Ando (who looks like Rannie Raymundo). I dunno what Hiro's father is doing in the story. Maybe he can give Hiro access to the sword???

Micah's my new hero. I love this kid. He can pay all my credit card bills ;oP

When Niki's husband visited her in the prison and hugged her, I was tempted to sing "Sun and Moon".

Sylar's moment was very predictable though.

I wasn't expecting Claude (Invisible Man) to help Peter. I'm glad he's one of the good guys now.

Lastly, we have a firestarter in the house, Claire's mom.

Prison Break Updates

Did you, guys, notice that Terrence Steadman is also Meredith Grey's father?

In this latest episode of "Prison Break", am really happy that Michael Scofield is in thinking mode again. Don't cha just love those piercing blue eyes of his.

The adorable Haywire is back too. Now we know what his plan is. The gods are smiling on Sucre. He found himself a new friend.

Fox News gets promoted too. Lync and Fish are on national tv. Teehee.
I love the part where they screwed with the guys who analyzed their taped confession.

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