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Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Miracle of Bread and Fish

Kuya, with his family in tow, paid me a visit at noon today. The food (composed of fried chicken and a grilled fat bangus) that they brought with 'em was just perfect for my late brunch. I thank my Daddy for that ;o) We had a hearty meal!

Since I didn't get a decent sleep last night, I took a nap with my pamangkins. Angela left to be with her family. They're leaving for Bora tomorrow.

The 5:45 mass at Don Bosco was special. The gospel was about the miracle of the 5 loaves of bread and two fish. According to the story, the food was shared by a boy. That reminded me of Lance who heard mass with his Uncle Dondon for the first time--Kuya was left home with Fiona. He still calls me "Dondon". Anyhoo, the joy that Lance gives me, his family, and especially my Mom and Dad is truly remarkable. He's the first baby in the house so that's sumpthin. When you spend a day with a child, it is truly special. You feel like one too. Hakuna Matata. You just wanna enjoy the moment and play. That's how I treat my life. I just enjoy and play ;o)

Photo Friday: Somber

This photo was taken by my SOLV bro, Algie, during our brotherhood in Anilao, Batangas. Read more.

Illustration Friday: Aging

When I learned about the topic for the week, I immediately thought of doing a tree age. Y'know those circles that determine a tree's age? Thought better of it. Next, I thought of doing birthday candles.

I'm a big Starbucks fan. Their coffee specials are illustrated on blackboards with colorful chalks. I imitated that art with my submission. Another thing I did, I infused actual images of candle flames ;o)

Saturday, July 30, 2005


You've read the drunk version of my Embassy story. Now here's the sober version of what happened last night.

In one of our chat sessions at Starbucks, we discussed clubbing. Since we all haven't checked out Embassy at the Fort yet, we all thought of going there this Friday. And so for the past few days, we've been wrecking our brains on what clothes to wear ;o) We heard that Embassy doesn't allow people wearing cheap-looking outfits. I still have a few clubbing shirts in my closet. The last time I've used them I was still in Chicago strutting my dancing prowess.

Friday came. After taking a quick shower and wearing my Italian polo shirt, I met my friends (Joy, Ogz, Dennis, and Boyette) at Cascada in GB3. We didn't wanna go to the club yet till 11-ish. I thought it's "jologs" to be there at 10, which is their opening time. We tried buying beers at Pier One (I made a joke at this resto-bar and called it "Pierone") but they didn't allow us. So we went to Gourdo's to get some.

At 11:30, we went inside this bar co-owned by Tim Yap. An entrance fee of 300 will buy you 2 beers. There were bouncers everywhere, all wearing black as always. Club music was playing. There was a huge projector screen playing some videos. People were in chunks, chatting and having fun. I noticed that Embassy allows people in rubber shoes!

Around 12-ish, nuthin was happening yet. 12:30... 12:45... People started dancin'. It was a river (if I use "sea", it would be an exaggeration) of people dancing, jumping, gyrating to the music. It was fun. I've danced with strangers. My favorite was this European-looking couple.

At 3:30, my friends made a sign that it's already time to go. Oh well. I got drunk, that's good. San Mig Light costs a hundred. Highway robbery!

Drunk Blogger

Is there a rule for blogging drunk? I'm not sure what ideas will come out of this nonsense typing.

My friends and I have been to Embassy. They say that it's a cool place. But when we got there around 11:30, the place was dead. There was techno music but nuthin's happening. Past 12 midnight and people started dancing. I was able to dance with Joy and some foreigners so I was delighted. Around 3:30, my friends decided to leave.

I've had several bottles. I dunno how many but I'm trying my best to come up with a good entry here in my blog. If it doesn't make sense, blame it on the San Mig Light that i've consumed ;oP

Friday, July 29, 2005

Emporio Armani White: My Next Perfume

My Lacoste Style in Play is almost empty so I'm deciding to buy a new perfume soon--a new fragrance. I've tried the black Emporio Armani and it was otay. The white, if I remember it right, has powdery smell to it. I love the smell of powder so I'm getting this one... unless, there's a better suggestion.

So far, I've tried Acqua de Gio, CK One, Fahrenheit, Bowling Green, Black Emporio Armani, Obsession, Perry Ellis, Carolina Herrera 212 (I love the bottle!), Hugo Boss in Motion, and Lacoste Style in Play.

Knottydon's Ginisang Ampalaya

For the past few days, I have been looking for a recipe of "Ginisang Ampalaya". I dunno. I'm one of the few who likes this meal. Anyhoo, last night, I tried my best to create my own version since Google failed me this time. Here's my own recipe:

A handful of ampalaya (bitter melon, in Ingles)

2 tomatoes, sliced
1 onion, sliced
2 garlic, crushed
pork, sliced into small pieces

shrimp, peeled
fish balls

2 beaten eggs
salt, pepper, MSG (if you wish) to taste

The sliced pork came into my heated pan first. I want my meat cooked and brown. Then I put in the garlic, onion, and tomatoes. I sauted everythin. After a few minoots, I threw in the ampalaya. Not sure if it will take some time to cook but I did it anyway. Put some salt, pepper, and em-es-gee.

After a while, I added in the shrimp and fish balls. Mix, mix, mix.

I beat the eggs and threw it in too.

I forgot if water is needed though. Since I want some sauce in my food, I put some agua.

After 10 minoots, it's time to eat.

A big SUCCESS!!!

Good for 2 persons. I brought some today for me lunch. Yay!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

After 41 Drinks...

and a tee shirt purchase, I finally claimed my Starbucks bag. Yay!

And I got a thank-you card from Arman. I lent him my "The Alchemist" book ;o) I love that fable so much I'm sharing it with my friends ;o)

Voltron & Transformers

Are you ready for this?

There will be a big-screen version of "Voltron". Yep, those 5 colorful lions will come alive finally!

I also just found out that Spielberg is the executive producer of the live-action version of "Transformers". Whoa! Can't wait to see that one! It's slated to be shown in 2007. I'm excited to see Bumblebee (my favorite!).

Time for Illusions!

If I tell you that squares A and B are identical (same shade of gray), would you believe me? Look very, very closely.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Can't Get Enuff of Worship Songs?

Boy, I've got good news for you! There's this site given to me by my friend, Doths (through Arman). Click here, www.allworship.com, and then go to Basic Stream. You can listen to worship songs all you want, day and night!!! I notice that you cannot change the songs and the title of the song is not displayed =o(

Pingpong Tournament 2005

Thanks, Alistair & Tina, for these wicked photos!!!

Jagged Little Pill's 10th Year

Found out from watching Jay Leno last night that Alanis Morissette has released an acoustic version of her album, Jagged Little Pill. It's been a decade since we last sang our guts out with her "Ironic", "Head Over Feet", "Forgiven", "You Oughta Know" (a favorite), and "Perfect". I'm excited to hear how she does the hidden-track, "Your House", in this acoustic version. Ten years ago, I (we) felt the angst. Now, I will just enjoy the experience she has gained in those years, through her music. Visit her site at www.alanismorissette.com.

As for me, it's time to visit Tower Records!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

My Broken Vow...er... Medal

My first ever sports medal. Now broken into pieces. Bummer!!!

Good thing, I'm good at puzzles ;o)

Haberdey, Kuya!!!

A shout out to my kuya!!! I love you, bro! Tanda na natin!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Harry Potter 6: Review*

* contains spoiler so please don't read if you haven't read the book *

I told myself to finish this latest HP before doing my grocery today. And now, I'm finally done!

I can't say that this will be included in my favorites in the series. Two things that stood out here are the love life of the two characters: Harry and Ron; and some insights on Voldemort's past.

I already found out about Dumbledore's death so I wasn't shocked in the end. Somehow, his death reminds me of another death in the LOTR series. I'm hoping he'd come alive in the final book. Heck, this is a MAGICAL adventure, right?

The frequent visits to Dumbledore's office got too boring for me. The Quidditch game didn't excite me at all, unlike in the fourth book. Good thing they didn't kill Fang. Otherwise, I'd rally for the dog ;o)

I thought Buckbeak attacking Snape was funny.

Photo Friday: Attractive

This was taken by my friend, Joy. It's the beautiful island of Boracay. Every summer, my friends and I visit this wonderful beach. Fine, white sand, friendly people, sumptuous food, only the BEST!!!

Illustration Friday: Tranquility

Couldn't figure out how to interpret this week's theme, tranquility. I thought of using pastel colors and drawing the beach, but instead, I focused on the twilight, which brings me peacefulness.

I used Illustrator for the background and mountain ranges. As for the illuminating effect of the moon, I used my handy Photoshop for that ;o)

I find my illo very simple but effective.

Sunday, July 24, 2005


Wonder what that is? Read on....

After hearing mass at Don Bosco--where the main gospel was about the Kingdom of God, I had a diniguan dinner at Goldilocks.

I then went to my usual hangout place, Powerbooks. As I was reading my Potter book, I thought I heard someone played a butt trumpet nearby. I looked up from my book and observed who did it & the people around this person. Funny thing is, this culprit seemed oblivious. The guy behind him reacted a bit, he actually fanned the air. After a little while, things returned to normal. Maybe, I just imagined it.

After 8 minoots, the guy farted again. I said, "wtf!" and left the area.

Wassup with that guy? Doesn't he know it's really, really BAD to fart in public???

Before I forget, CFC stands for the Case of the Farting Customer ;oD

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Nobody Remembers Second Place

I'm happy that our pingpong tournament is finally over. Rudy and I played 6 games total. We learned sumpthin from all the games we played. First & last opponent pair, Bulilit & Ces, second was Nikki & Max, third was Ning & Racquel, fourth was Vee & Ruthie, and fifth was Chel & Tabel. We actually just enjoyed the minoot. We really didn't care if we win or lose. I always say that it's just a game. Life goes on.

I was happy to receive my first sports medal last night =o) Unfortunately, it fell and broke into pieces after my crazy dance. I even got 500 bucks which I donated to our booze supply. Boy, I got drunk last night. Strong Ice + Rhum cola = Intoxicated Knottydon.

"Nobody remembers second place..." but for last night, I will definitely treasure it for the rest of mee life.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Pingpong Tournament 2004

Yep, those were the happy times!

Dang! I Missed this in Taiwan!!!

There's this toilet-themed resto in Taiwan that will surely challenge sensitive customers, like me. Hmmm... I wonder if I could enjoy my meals in a place like this? Well as long as the food is clean & muy delicioso, why not? Tissue, please....

Two Celebrations Today

It's our pingpong championship tournament today. I have 2 games: Rudy and I will have our fifth match with Chel & Tabel and later tonight, I will be playin an exhibition match with Glenn as my partner. We'll battle it out with Arman and Bimbo. I hope I'll be drunk by then 'cause that would surely be a hilarious game. I have no idea why I was picked.

Ogz will celebrate his 31st birthday too. Yep, that's how old he is. My goal: I wanna get wasted!!!

By the way, we had a despedida party for Beng last night. We were soooo full after eating the crispy tilapia, gising-gising, general's chicken, & eggplant salad at Recipes. We continued our discussion on relationships over coffee at Starbucks.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

We Won Again

Yay! Rudy and I won in our pingpong game today. I'm sooo happy ;o)

Kuya paid a visit in our office and I helped him with his Mandala Spa assignment. I gave him a Starbucks treat. I miss Lance and Fiona.

We attended Alistair's first geek night session on Eclipse and JUnit Testing. I'm a geek.

Bein' Green Times Three

Yesterday, Beng, Arman, and I were all wearing green. Actually I cheated. Last Monday, I brought a comfy shirt so I could wear it everytime I play pingpong. Since I had my third game yesterday, I wore it again. By the way, we have won three times already. Yay! Pure luck, I think. Somebody UP there is watching me and my pingpong partner, Rudy!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Trrrrrrrrrrixie, Kampai!!!

Here's to you, Trixie, for that wonderful promotion you truly deserve!!! We're so happy for you, girl.

Here's to you, Trixie, for that wonderful promotion you truly deserve!!! We're so happy for you, girl.

Here's to you, Trixie, for that wonderful promotion you truly deserve!!! We're so happy for you, girl. (*hic*)

My Rice Cooker: 2000 - 2005

My 110v rice cooker (got for 100 bucks from my good friend, Neil) has been accidentally plugged into a 220v circuit. Thank you for all the wonderful Dinorado rice you have cooked in your lifetime. Bye bye =o(

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

New Superman Photo

For more news on the latest man of steel, go to http://www.superherohype.com.

Happy Birthday to Worst A-L

Wherever you are, this entry is just to let you know that I appreciate the kindness you've shown through all these years. I still remember the summer times we exchanged correspondence. I still remember how much we loved cartoons or drawing them. I still remember that our dads share the same birthday. I still remember how you've never failed to give me a present during my birthday... presents you create yourself.

Cheers to you, ole buddy!!!

First Dilbert Comics

Monday, July 18, 2005

New Knottydon Blog Design

Once again, the creative juices flowed last weekend. I wanted to achieve a better design from the simple one last time. If you minimize your window, you'd notice that the content of the middle section adjusts. Pretty neat, eh?

I think I've succeeded 99% of my goal. The 1% you ask? I've been pulling my hair on a certain section of my layout. I can't find the reason why the items or objects on the right section won't stay in the middle. I tried copying the whole thing and pasting them on the left section and it works. If I bring it back to the right side, the design gets screwed. Anyone who is good at Cascading Style Sheets? Please, please, please help me out.

Calling All Angels

I was watching the latest episode of "Six Feet Under" when this song was sung by Ruth and some of her friends, in honor of their friend who passed away. The minute I heard the haunting melody, I fell in love with the song. I learned that it was included in the soundtrack of "Pay It Forward".

Calling all angels, Calling all angels
Walk me through this one
Don't leave me alone...

Sunday, July 17, 2005

A Visit from Kuya & Family

Around 2 pm, I heard a loud knock on my door. It was Kuya and his family (Angela's sister was in tow).

Asked Kuya to setup the shoe rack that I bought yesterday. After watching him struggle, I just took the task from him. It's a bit of a challenge because I ain't got tools. No screwdriver at all. The MacGyver in me looked for some improvised tools in my cabinet. I got my money clip, nailclipper, twizzers, and some paint tools. After some minoots, I finally assembled it. Yay!!!

We checked out the pool at the penthouse. Lance & Fiona had fun swimming and playing in the playground area. For the first time in my 2-year stay at Cityland, I saw the jacuzzi turned on.

We heard mass. Father Bernie talked about "wheat & weeds". He mentioned that we are all strugglers. There are too many temptations around us. We must try to resist these bad stuff.

We had a grand dinner at Kamayan, Pasay Road. Kuya ordered kare-kare, crispy pata, grilled pusit, and I requested for adobong kangkong since we didn't have veggies. It was sooooo filling. I called Laaa on her cellphone to greet her a happy birthday. Turned out that they're on their way to Wacks'.

We had frapps at Starbucks later. I bought Fiona a strawberry lollipop. Lance went home eating some ice cream from Jollibee.

Illustration Friday: Karma

I was raised by my parents to love animals. Whenever I see animals get hurt, my bleeding heart goes out to them. I really don't like people mistreating their pets. Animals need love & affection from humans. Sometimes I pet strange animals I meet on the streets. I don't care if they're dirrrrty. I feel their gratitude everytime I scratch behind their ears or just brush their fur with my hands.

There's a security dog assigned at my office building named Jenny. She's a labrador (I think). Anyhoo, I get excited everytime she visits us. Can't wait to pet her again ;o)

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince

After taking my late brunch, I proceeded to Greenbelt 3 to claim my latest Harry Potter book. I immediately unwrapped it so I can read it while I'm having my dreads repair.

While eating my burger snack at Hotshots, my slipper strap broke. F&*k! Good thing there's a nearby Mr. Quickie. Had it sewn for 150 bucks.

I continued my shopping. I got me a nice shirt at Ralph Lauren and a shoe rack at MakeRoom.

There was a funny incident at MakeRoom. While looking at their items, I got near their security alarms and it broke. The guard asked if I have a book with me. I showed my HP book. That was the culprit. They did sumpthin to my book so I won't have the same problem again. Whew!

Am now reading my Harry Potter book. Dunno when I could finish it. I put off my other book (King's "Song of Susannah") 'cause this is more F-U-N!!!

Friday, July 15, 2005

New Shirt!!! Yay!

Tak to Kiddo for this wicked shirt! I looooove it ;o)

Face Analyzer

While enjoying the ice cream treat of my colleagues at work (Beng & Ying), I overheard about this site where it analyzes your face. I didn't get the exact link but when I typed "test face" in Google, it gave me www.faceanalyzer.com.

According to the site, here's my personality profile (a few dubious comments):
"I particularly enjoy the traditional way of life. Having drinks with my friends, attending parties and relaxing while watching TV are some of the simple pleasures I indulge in. I may also enjoy physical exercise. My driving force is to retire as early as possible, so that I can do the things I enjoy more often. My main source of ambition comes from this desire. I don't particularly like my job but I do it without complaining. I realize that the income that it provides is essential to my lifestyle. I am friendly yet competitive with my co-workers. This competitiveness may lead me to squander my earnings to match other peoples' possessions."

Do I really look like Chow Yun Fat? Try it yourself!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Two Firsts

Two firsts happened yesterday: I cooked my first sinigang na sugpo(prawns in tamarind soup) and submitted my first entry to PhotoFriday.

I told my friend, Jowee, on our way home that I'm so fed up with eating pork, chicken, and beef. So this time, I'll try some seafood. By the way, last Sunday, dad cooked me some crabs. Yummy! So after I got rid of my heavy bag, I proceeded to Waltermart to buy me some seafood. I had to call my dad to verify if I don't need to put in some garlic. He told me it's just tomatoes, onion, sitaw, & kangkong leaves. I bought some baguio beans instead but that proved to be a not-so-wise decision. Even so, I really had a sumptuous dinner while ;o)

Every Friday, there's a topic (similar to Illustration Friday) that you have to consider when you wanna submit your photos at this site. I submitted one of our pictures taken during our Sagada trip. I also created a link (look under Illo Friday to your bottom right). I haven't seen the rest of the entries yet so I might do that today.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Photo Friday: Candid

My first entry! This was taken when we had our first outing as barkada in Sagada. Very memorable indeed!

Missed Call

One of the first things that I do when I wake up is to check my phone for messages and/or missed calls. The next thing is to answer them and ask the purpose of the call.

Last night, the topic of our discussion at SOLV was about "Divine Appointment". I learned that we're called by God--from the minute we came into this world--to preach His word. That it's not optional to spread His love. But before we can even do that, before we can talk about God's love, there must be love inside our hearts. And there is a significant reason why we're called to serve.

During Jesus' time, He chose not the overqualified people to join Him. He was surrounded by sinners. Yep, sinners like me. I'm really happy that I was called--and that I did NOT miss it. The Lord used my friend, Lala, to introduce me to a community (of sinners) who continuously spreading God's abundant love.

If He calls you at any time and any place, will you answer? Always remember that God loves everyone ;o)

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I Wanna Sleep...

For the past 2 weeks every time I open my eyes in the morning, I've been feeling sluggish. My system is so messed up that I don't get to sleep until around 4. Wassup with that?!

On a livelier note, yesterday I was looking for my community website and found out that when you type "SOLV Don Bosco" in Google, it will give you my blog. Ain't that neat? Had a brief chat with Dennis Mocorro too.

I'm really happy that my kuya and his family are back home in Bulacan. Can't wait to play with Lance & Fiona again. Maybe they'll visit their Tito Don here in Makati.

If you're wondering why you're not seeing pichoors here, Photobucket is under maintenance. Bummer!

Monday, July 11, 2005

First Pingpong Game

After my coffee break, I proceeded to our game room to participate in our annual pingpong tournament. Practiced with Sherwin. My partner, Rudy, wasn't around.

We waited for the first game to finish. Then it was our turn. Rudy showed up. Yay!!! Our opponent was the pair of Bulilit & Ces. The audience was teasing them ;o)

First game, they won. Second game, we won. In the championship, Rudy and I won. I dunno what happened. Teehee. 'twas a fun game.

Afterwards, I played with my barkada. We even got a phone call from Mikks & Lala. I miss 'em =o( Before leaving the office, Ogz, Shell, and I jammed with Alwyn. We sang church songs like "Lift up your hands", "Anima Christi", and my favorite, "Lead me, Lord".

Illustration Friday: Metropolitan

Using Illustrator, I created this metropolitan scene with a hand-drawn look-and-feel to the objects. The bricks from the McDonald's roof were created one by one. I included a police car, an ambulance, and lotsa cabs--some are old and some are newly painted. A building is being constructed on the lower right block too ;o)

Please click on the image to see a BIGGER version. Thank you!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Do You Remember?

Uhm... I'll give you 10 seconds to recall where you last saw this kid.

10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

Time's up!!!

Still can't remember? Clue: He's the cute kid from Jerry Maguire and Stuart Little!

I'm getting oooooold... =o(

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Storyland: A Time Machine

Woke up at around 11. Had to prepare quickly for Nate's party. Before leavin my pad, I almost forgot that I had a gift for Jowee's son. Teehee....

En route to SM Southmall, there was a freakin' traffic congestion. 'twas already half past 12 and I was still on the road. Bummer! Turned out that there was a burning building in Sucat. After passing that area, the road was clear. Wassup with that?!

Around 1, I finally reached Storyland. Good thing that Jowee & Bess hadn't eaten yet so I joined them for our late lunch (brunch in my case). Anyhoo, I enjoyed my Shakey's meal. A lot of people didn't arrive so there were lotsa leftover food. Beng joined us a few minoots later.

After my meal, Beng and I tried the rides. First was the roller coaster (my favorite!). There we saw Joy waiting for her brother to get off the coaster ride. The ride was short--circled only twice--but it was fun. I screamed the whole time till my throat hurt. Beng and I were like children again.

Next we tried the bumpcar. I remember I used to do this at Ali-mall in Cubao. But that was ages ago. I screamed in glee everytime I hit a car ;o)

Third was the Bee ride. The car I rode on had a black knob and a red button. I immediately pressed the red one and it made a beeping sound. Cool. When the ride started, I tried the knob. It made the car go up and down. Weeeeeeeeeee!!! I shouted at Beng for the instructions 'cause she had difficulty using the controls ;o)

Fourth was the boring merry-go-round. Before the ride ended, the birthday boy finally saw us.

I asked Nate what he wanted to do. He wanted to try the bumpcar so we went back to that section. Nathan informed us that he was rejected earlier because he didn't meet the height requirement. I insisted we gave it another try. While waiting for our turn, the operator approached us. He even brought his height stick with him. He was saying 'no' to Nate already. I told him it's the kid's birthday and he must let the kid try the ride at least once. He wouldn't budge. He tried his height stick with Nate. I checked. He checked. And Nate passed the height test ;o) Woohoo!!! I'm really happy that Nate got what he wanted to do.

After the bumpcar ride with Nate, we tried the Jurassic Park game.

I showed Nate my present, Mr. Fantastic of F4. Am glad he liked it ;o)

Beng and I rode on the roller coaster for the last time before we headed home. Bid our goodbyes to Nate and Jowee.

I truly enjoyed this party. It seemed that I enjoyed it more than the other kids in Storyland ;o)

Friday, July 08, 2005

Email to Blog

Did you know that you can post messages to your blog via an e-mail message? Tired of the unnecessary steps before you can present sumpthin for all your visitors to read? Here's how to simplify posting:

1) Go to Settings tab

2) Click on Email link
3) In the second textfield, enter a keyword (at least 4 characters). The whole e-mail address will be your ticket to a much easier & faster posting
4) If you want to enhance your post further, you can always go back to the ole method ;o)


Thursday, July 07, 2005

On a Clear Day

I took this photo during my yosi & coffee break yesterday. We've experienced dreary weather for the past coupla days so it was nice to see white clouds & blue sky again ;o) Am praying that the good weather continues....

My blog has also undergone some changes. As per the suggestions of good friends, Ogz and Raz, I went back to a simpler background and a larger font size. Plus, I included two teevee shows that I like watchin', both from HBO: "Six Feet Under" on its last and final season and "Entourage".

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


To some of you who may have known about Skype for a long time now, you may skip to the next blog that interests you. This entry is all about Skype, sumpthin I only found out about last night. The first time I installed it at home, it didn't work so I removed it. But last night was a good installation.

Tested it with my friends, Netski, Mikks, and Jowee. I was blown away by this software. Imagine talking to your friends (wherever they may be, as long as they installed Skype too) without cradling a phone receiver. I can just talk like the person is beside me! The audio quality is soooo wicked!!!

You ought to try this-> www.skype.com

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

My Constant Companion

Last night, I thought of catching up with my Didache readings. I missed a LOT so I did a reading marathon. Reflecting on all the stories I've read, there's one thing that hit me hard...

We all know that communication is pretty important in ANY relationship. Heck, I couldn't stand a day without talking to my friends through text or yahoo messages, chatting at the pantry or inside the restroom, or sharing personal issues over my tall caramel macchiato.

But then, how's my communication with the Lord? Honestly, I sometimes even forget to say grace before gobbling my food =o( Although I pray every now and then, I feel I need to have a better direct line with Him. What I need to do is to pray more daily/nightly. Even short ones may do. I will treat Him like my constant Companion ;o)

I'm starting today my commitment to Prayer. Good morning and thank You, Lord.

Illustration Friday: Heroes

There is only one HERO for me.

Using the "Knottydots" technique again for the wooden effect. The dots are so small that my wrist is achin' now =o(

Monday, July 04, 2005

Illustration Friday: Sport

I wasn't able to submit an illo last week for "Heroes" but this week, I created one for "Sport". For this illo, I used pointillism in a very basic way. I copied and pasted small dots to produce these sports balls. I intentionally left out some spaces. If you look very, very closely, you could see that they're all DOTS! There's one time in elementary that we actually used punched holes from art paper to do this kind of artwork. That's why I called it basic pointillism technique. It took me awhile to create this illo but am proud of it ;o)

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Bowling @ MCS

It's been awhile since I last played bowling. When Jun suggested last week to go back to this sport, I thought it was a great idea. My back isn't hurting so that's a good sign.

I went to MCS around 3:30. Jun was supposed to arrive in a few minoots. I played my first game with a ball weighing 9 pounds. Later on, I switched to a 10.

Jun arrived during my third game. We played 3 more games. The last game was my highest for the day. Here's how I fair in my 5 games:

First Game = 108
Second Game = 81
Third Game = 110
Fourth Game = 102
Fifth Game = 122

Jun was right. We need to practice more! I must remember to stand 2 inches to the left of the center dot.

Nokia 8800 at 50K


I've been shopping around cellphone stores to get a glimpse of this new Nokia phone. When I found out about the price though, I was shocked! I don't think I'd buy this phone for its suggested price. I might wait for a few months though ;o)

Saturday, July 02, 2005

War of the Worlds, Finally!

I thought I'd be the first to see this latest Spielberg film but after 3 failed attempts, I got to see it with two buddies, Frankito and Bulilit, only last night at Glorietta.

We're all late so I didn't get to see the first few minoots of the movie. But 90% of the film, I really enjoyed.

According to an interview, Spielberg wanted to de-Cruise Tom in this film. Tom's character here was scared for his family. You'll see him hiding under the table with Dakota. You'll see him protecting his family rather than saving the world.

I like the scenes where they showed the lightning effects through the backyard windows of Tom's family. I cried a tear when his daughter requested him to sing a lullaby and he couldn't do it because he doesn't know any. I like the basement scenes (reminiscent of M. Shayamalan's "Signs"). The river scene with Dakota was memorable. The rain of clothes was pretty cool!!!

For a change, there was no President's intervention (Bulilit pointed this out). Why kill people when the aliens need blood to survive? I still haven't got a clue why the other aliens suddenly felt weak after Tom's "second" kill. The birds had sumpthin to do with it?

I didn't like Tim Robbins' character at all.

Lastly, the photo was courtesy of HollywoodJesus.com.

Friday, July 01, 2005

After 16 Years...

When Charles Santos (Charliemagne back in highschool) suggested for us--Darwin Cuervo, Roselle Geronga, and the Knottydon--to meet for dinner, I thought of two things, "Hmmm... what could we possibly talk about in our past?" and "Should I go or just watch 'War of the Worlds'?"

After my Speechcraft session, I met them at Racks in Valero, Makati. I even got lost on the way to our meeting place. Bummer! Anyhoo, when I saw their familiar faces smiling at me, I immediately thought it was indeed a good idea to come to this small party. I ordered food right away (babyback ribs and garlic rice) and they asked me if my hair was real ;o)

Oh man, it was surreal remembering and talking about our highschool days. We talked about how our ole friends are doin right now. I found out that some of them are located in different parts of the world--US, Europe, Australia, Saudi Arabia, etc. Roselle even called two classmates, Roel Lapitan and Meldy, on the phone. We all thought Roel's voice had changed. We found out that Meldy was expecting a third baby in a week or two.

We talked about work, the places we've visited, and even our relationships. Government and the state of the Philippines were covered too.

After dinner, we proceeded to have coffee and some smoke at a nearby Starbucks. There we continued talking about CAT, ex-girlfriends & past relationships, who got pregnant first, our NCEE nightmare, old classmates, our teachers (Estopace, Catacutan, Suplido, Tentoco, & Gordon), and the infamous Cabrieto. I couldn't recall most of the names but it was an interesting discussion.

It was already half past 11 when we decided to continue our discussion in our next reunion. Early December could be a good month. What do you think?

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