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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Boracay, April 2006 (Day Three)

Not satisfied with my tan, I went back to the beach. Kuya was taking care of Angela (she's still sick) so they couldn't join us. Lance went with me again.

This time, we went to Friday's. There weren't a lot too many people swimming in this part of Bora so that's nice. A foreign couple was playing frisbee near us. Three friends were trying to ride on a skimboard. And a bunch of kids were throwing sandball at each other. Perfect, I can relax.

After a few hours, we walked towards Willy's Rock where a group of Koreans were taking pictures. They've got this wicked set of lenses. One took a fancy on Lance. Sweet!

Anyhoo, I told Lance that we would have a decent snack at D'Mall so I asked him to come down from the grotto. On the second step from the bottom, he slipped and fell down. Thought he would cry. I saw a small cut on his right thumb so I rinsed it right away with saltwater. Asked him if he's otay. After a few minutes, we continued our walk. Whew!

I bought us some burgers and spaghetti. Yum! Went back home.

After dinner, I went to Paraw to meet my friends. Only Earl and Ogz were there. I ordered us a pitcher of margarita. We also tried the night camera of Earl's phone but the color is diffused in the final product. Used my phone instead. The picture shows how dark I am now.

After awhile, we walked towards the Smart concert party where Bamboo was singing. We couldn't see the actual concert so we watched on the video screen instead.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Boracay, April 2006 (Day Two)

Deprived of swimming yesterday, I went to the beach today with Lance. Angela cooked lunch for us, pesang isda and breaded squids. Yummy!

Lance and I went to Willy's Rock. Told myself that I wouldn't leave Bora without a freakin' tan. Even bought a dark tanning lotion. I bathed in the sun and floated.

I also viewed Bora through the eyes of a first-time visitor.

There's always a group of friends trying to capture the moment while they're still jumping in midair. You could hear them counting and they would jump together and laugh their butts off. And then they would gather around the photographer to see if it's a good shot or not.

There's the couple taking a picture with the sunset behind them. Advice: against the light!

A running dog with the owner running behind, trying not to pant like his four-legged friend.

The guy with a hot bod, trying to look cool with his iPod.

The ladies in swimsuits, minus their boyfriends or just plain guy friends.

The locals riding on skimboards and the wannabes still trying to balance themselves and falling miserably on their butts.

Oh, by the way, there were two shindigs scheduled today: The Century Tuna image model search, which I don't plan to watch at all; and some bands are gonna play at a Smart Summer event.

After feeling the heat of the sun and inspecting my arms if they got darker, Lance & I went to Jonah's. Ordered Mango Banana shake for the two of us. Lance really liked it.

We swam some more and then went back home.

For dinner, Angela cooked some veggies with coconut oil. Her tummy started achin'. Remember the food she ate yesterday? Well, it's haunting her now =o(

Kuya and I met my friends at Club Paraw. A reggae band just performed but I missed 'em. Ogz informed me that they're sitting behind us. Chatted with 'em for awhile. We talked about dreads mostly and that they have this friend who repairs locks and sells wax. Got his number for future reference.

Paul and Kate joined us for a drink.

After the band's second set, the dj played some music that we could shake our booty to. Kept on shouting at Earl to lead and show off his dancing skills but he remained at the back. I guess there ain't a sexy lady in the house that interested him. I really wish Beng, Ning, & Nikks were here to groove with! Around midnight, Ogz decided to call it a night so we left the bar. I still wanted to dance though =o(

Friday, April 28, 2006

Boracay, April 2006 (Day One)

With barely 2 hours of sleep, I headed to the domestic airport terminal of Cebu Pacific for our Bora trip. My friends, composed of Earl, Ogz, Raz & hubby, and I will be seeing white sand in a little while. Am so excited to see my family there especially the cutey patooteys, Lance & Princess Fiona. It's a long weekend too so I'm expecting lotsa Bora visitors wearing as little clothing as possible. Whooopeee!!! In the airport, we spotted Angel Aquino and Norman Black. A must-try is the adobo and fried rice that they offer inside the airport.

After our plane landed in Kalibo, we rode on a van to take us to Caticlan. We paid 200 bucks for the 1.5 hour-ride. The fare covered the boat ride too but not the terminal fee and some "environmental" fee. Righttttt. On the boat, a girl from the Celebrity Edition of Pinoy Big Brother sat across me. Y'know, the girl with the big curly hair. Dunno her name though. We also saw the group of Shh-boom has-been, Rachel Lobangco, chartering a boat for themselves.

I left my friends at Station 3 and waited for my sister-in-law, Angela, to pick me up. After a few minoots, she arrived. I asked where Lance & Fiona were, she told me they're at home. Gave her the chocolates that Ogz gave and my pasalubong, some Goldilocks goodies.

I quickly kissed Lance & Fiona when I saw them. Hugged my bro too. I missed them so much. I only get to see them twice a year =o(

We had lunch together. Kuya cooked some nilaga but it was sweetened for the kids. I didn't mind that. I was soo hungry. Teehee... Sometimes I caught Fiona staring at me (maybe she's wondering who I am)

Rested for awhile. Around 3 pm, we attended the wedding of the son of an ever-famous political figure, Gringo Honasan. His bride's a friend of Angela and works at Mandala Spa so Kuya's family was invited.

The wedding was pretty cool. There's always the crazy tita in every family, no? I spotted her quickly. The ladies were dressed in pink while the guys were dressed in white long-sleeves polo shirts. The attire of the rest was islandish. Even the music was kinda ethnic. We're in Bora, in case you forgot ;oP I finally met Kuya's boss named Andrew, half-Filipino and half-Arab. Although, most people mistakenly thought of him as an Indian.

The reception was held at Waling-waling (beach front). The crazy tita I mentioned earlier was one of the hosts. The picture taking took quite a long time. I got so hungry. I wish they served appetizers. The kids started playing at the beach so they all got covered with white powdery sand. I should've worn my boardshorts.

It was around 7 when they announced we could grab a bite. It was buffet style so thank gawd. I had some beef salpicao, lotsa crabs, paella, and some gambas. Angela put a lotta oysters on her plate (a very bad idea). The food was quite good. Another celebrity sighting: Barbie was invited in the wedding. She's pretty.

The three-layer cake was pure chocolate. For the first time, I was able to sample a wedding cake. I got me some chocolate ice cream too ;oP

Around 9, I saw a group of people near the shore. A guy was starting a fire dance and his group was providing the music. I quickly ran towards them and took some videos. I got the front seat in this spectacular event. The main performer walked over the reception area and continued his magnetic dance. I was really in awe. He shouts, "Boracay!", after each performance. He also changes his fire instruments, from fire pois to staves. Hot dogs!

A nice looking girl danced with one of the guys. Later on, some people from the audience (including the krezy tita) joined them.

When Kuya introduced me to his work mates, they all thought I looked like Fiona.

The fire dancing would probably be the highlight of this day. I wanna learn it someday!

Off to Bora

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thursday Bills Day

After converting my salary into pesos (the dollar bounced back, 1 dollar to 51.80 pesos), I went back to my condo to pay for my association dues. I don't wanna pay any penalties if it ain't worth it.

I followed up on my EON Cyber Account but still no luck. That's service here in the Philippines. Very poor!

Since I have no way to pay bills through online banking, I tried going to a Bayad Center at the back of our office building. I found out that it no longer exists. Crap!

With Nikks' advice, I walked across and paid my phone bill at a PLDT office. It took me almost an hour to finish this task.

I still have to pay for my electric & cellphone bills when I get back from Bora.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

American Idol + Andrea Bocelli

Oh my goolay! I was pretty excited to watch AI tonight. First, they would be singing love songs (y'know i love 'em) and no less than Andrea Bocelli helping the finalists out.

I find David Foster very strict but he's got good points--14 Grammy's for Pete's sake!

Favorite performance(s): Yamin's version of "A Song for You". Gave me goosebumps. I had to turn up the volume to really appreciate his voice! That's really a keeper. Chris' "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman" was quite good. He can reach those notes!

When Simon's comments got cut (not once but twice), I thought he would walk out. I wanted to hear his comments!!! Obviously he got pissed off.

It was funny to see Andrea belting out lying down. I might try that too ;oP

Team Building for the 3rd Time (Day Three)

It's graduation time. But before we celebrated it, we had one last major topic--Communication. We learned that words only comprise 7% of effective communication. The rest? Non-verbal (includes tone, gestures, and body language).

Mims then asked us to form a circle. We'll be given numbers and our goal is to form a circle in the correct number order. The catch is we're all blindfolded and we couldn't speak. If anyone utters a single word, Mims will deduct 5 minutes from the original 30-min allotment. Since Raz didn't bring a blindfold, she automatically became one of the coaches. Vee and Dennis joined her.

I blindfolded myself and made sure that I couldn't see a thing. Somebody gave me my number--17. When Mims said, "Start", we shut our mouths and started to move around. I found 16 after some tries.

When 30 minoots came, we took our blindfolds off and found ourselves in spiral formation. 18 didn't reach me. It was Nikks. She's far away from our group, composed of Adrian 15 and Mikee 16. 14 (Franco) wasn't anywhere near either.

For the second chance, Mims informed us that we could plan this time. Some offered suggestions. In short, we finally did it in 12 minoots. Whew!

For our last exercise, we formed two lines. To the person across us, we would state 3 things: what we're sorry for, what we're thankful for, and what support we need from the other person. It was a good experience. It was fun to say some nice stuff to my friends: Raz, Ogz, Nikks, Beng, Ning, Sherwin, Mama Butch, and Earl.

When I was talking to Nikks, I saw her eyes brimming with tears. I thought I won't be able to speak. Thanked her for her friendship and the trust she gave me. One funny incident, when it was time for me to talk to Ken, I overheared him telling the person across him that he wanted to go for a quick bathroom break. I told him, "why not? let's go!" So we talked during the pee time ;oP

We enjoyed our graduation food later: pizza, spaghetti, pancit, and barbeques. We shared some funny experiences from the blindfold exercise too. During the exercise I hit someone and I heard a sickening, "ugh!". I apologize to whomever I hit. Must've been Candy. She complained about her throat. Hay caramba!

Raz's N70

What a cute bunch!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Team Building for the 3rd Time (Day Two)

In today's session, we were given two games. The first involved 12 balls and a stuffed toy. In my first group, I was with Mark, Paul, Janette, Angie, Nicko, Bimboy, Joyce, and Dennis. Once you get a ball, you're tasked to state your name and your favorite movie. Mine was Babe, of course. And then you throw it to someone else. The key here is to throw as many as 10 (minimum) balls in 1.5 minutes. If you drop a ball, you have to start again. You must also establish a pattern to avoid confusion. At first, I was the one throwing the ball to Janette. But since she kept on dropping it ('cause she's not a good catcher, according to her), we decided to put her first. I was tasked to throw the ball to Mark. I was careful each time when throwing my ball. We got 10 in 1:04 minoots. Then Mims gave us 5 more. We finished the task in 1.29 minoots.

Since we're the first team to finish, we talked about what worked for us and what didn't. There was focus, anticipation, adjustment, organization, open to improvement, and we're simply great or "magaling". Teehee...

In the second game, I was grouped with Earl, Joy, Franco, Boyette, Randy, Mikee, and Paul. We played the Traffic Jam. 9 people formed a line stepping on tiles. One side was holding "O" facing the other members of "X". The rules are: you can only move to a vacant slot, no backward movement either. The goal was to switch the team members position. We have to finish in 30 minutes. We finished 4th, this time. There was confusion and panic since Rene's group finished in 5 minutes! My gulay....

I enjoyed the break today since I requested for it: Beef Picadillo and a teeny-weeny peach mango pie from Jollibee.

UnionBank, Unefficient

Remember a month ago I applied for an EON Cyber Account at UnionBank? They said that after 5 working days, I could claim my ATM. Well, that ain't true. It took me 3 weeks to claim my card. Last Friday, I went to the Insular branch and got my card. I paid 350 for their annual service fee.

Yesterday, I tried to check if it's already activated by going to an ATM. When I tried to change my PIN, it didn't work. I got this message, "Unathorized Usage". WTF! I went back to the office and called UnionBank. They told me to check back again around 6 pm.

I checked today and it still ain't working. My gulay!

After 4 trips to the bank, my EON ATM is now working. I was able to deposit 500 bucks even. Unfortunately, when I accessed the online banking facility, it wouldn't let me in. Why am I not suprised?

Monday, April 24, 2006

Team Building for the 3rd Time (Day One)

At 5 pm, we started our 3rd team building with Mims facilitating. Since the company is facing lots of changes and we have lots of new faces, it's about time to hold a third team building.

She talked about paradigms or belief systems inculcated in us during childhood and how it affects us today. I remember the topics given at OCCI. Then she gave us some exercises like, we would express the best thing that ever happened to us in the company and how we contributed to it. I talked about the ole days, of course, and being Employee Numero Uno. Then my group, composed of Mama Butch, Mark Aragona, Randy Evangelista, and Rene Jaspe, gave me some positive feedback. They told me i'm dedicated to my job, informative, trustworthy, thoughtful & sincere, and sunny (happy all the time). That felt good ;oP

And then we need to ask ourselves if we belong to the following categories: Formal or Informal and Dominant or Flows With. Of course, I chose Informal and Flows With. I was regrouped with a bunch of fun-loving people like Ogz, Ning, Nikks, Earl, etc. We shared lotsa interests as a group.

At 7:30, we proceeded to the pantry to enjoy our bunwich. I grabbed ham and bacon.

I Love Pocoyo

Am such a sucker for cute things. So whenever I flip channels and happen to catch "Pocoyo" on Disney Playhouse (Sundays @ 8:30, on channel 22), I stop whatever I'm doin and watch it till the end ;oP So, so cute!!!

His friends include a duck named Pato, a pink elephant named Elly, a loyal doggie named Loula, and Sleepy Bird.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Happy Birthday, Joyish!

'Cause I wasn't able to greet ya on your birthday... am deeply sorry. Happy birthday to my evil twin sister.

Eight Below

During the first few seconds of the movie, I thought, "Why is Jason Biggs in this film?" Whenever I see him, his pie-humping scene comes to mind ;oP

Being an animal lover that I am, this is the type of film that I couldn't miss. For some reason, I thought of "Alive" while watching the film. Found out later that Frank Marshall directed "Alive" too. I was glad they showed some penguins. Love 'em.

Let's welcome the dogs. I remember Maya (the leader), Max (the pup in training), Jack (the oldest), Shorty (snow white), the twins, Truman & Dewey (the one with the cut), Shadow (the gray one), and Buck (the one who likes to lick Jason Biggs).

Maya, with the help of her team, did a good job at saving the life of the geologist. I thought Maya was the one left at the station but it was poor ole Jack. Max proved to be a good and compassionate leader. You'll definitely fall in love with the dogs! Not so much with the human actors. Jason Biggs was overacting & annoying (JarJar, the second).

There's this scene where I literally jumped out of my seat.

Whenever I see the number of days the dogs spent on their own, I get squeamish.

Bring your tissue 'cause, believe me, tears might fall... In movies like this, it would be more fun to watch with your dogs beside ya. 'Cause after watching it, you'll miss your pets. I wanna hug my dogs in Bulacan ;oP

I did my research on the real story behind the film. There's this two Japanese scientists who were forced to leave their station 'cause of a blizzard. Sadly, all 15 sled dogs couldn't fit in the plane. Just like in the film, they chained the dogs to posts thinking a rescue team would be back soon. The storm prevented it from happening. After 11 months, the scientists were shocked to find 2 survivors!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Party @ My Pad

What better way to spend Friday night than to have dinner with close friends and catch up on each other. Bulilit, Ogz, Nikks, and I went to Recipes @ GB3. When we got there, I immediately looked for our suki waiter. Gave him my name for our reservation. It was a full house so we had to wait for awhile. While waiting, Ogz gave us a number-series riddle: what comes after 2, 4, 5, 7, and 9.

I thought first of its alphabet counterpart: 2 (B), 4 (D), 5 (E), 7 (G), and 9 (I). Abridged? Ogz gave us the first clue: sometimes people prefer one number over the other. Choices. Hmmm... Still couldn't get it. Then Ogz mentioned sumpthin about entertainment. I thought maybe it's a song: 2 (To), 4 (Love), 5 (Again), 7 ? WTF.

Bulilit tried with 10 but it wasn't the right answer.

I thought, "Fuck! It's the local channels!" I answered 13. Ogz said it was not-so correct. Nikks quietly answered, "11". That was the real answer. All the while, Bulilit was still thinking about the answer. Well sometimes he has this dazed look on his face that you couldn't tell if he's actually thinking or not. Teehee...

Raz, with hubby in tow, joined us.

And so after waiting for an hour or so, we had our table. We ordered the usual: crispy tilapia, gising-gising (we overruled Bulilit's objection), sugpo in alige sauce, chicharon eggplant salad, and asparagus soup (Bulilit's suggestion).

The minoot the food arrived, Beng magically appeared. This girl has perfect timing!

We enjoyed the food. Talked mostly about Pinoy Big Brother members and Kris Aquino. The young ladies' shrieks on the table near us gave us sumpthin to talk about too. They even gave Raz and Ogz headaches.

After dinner, we proceeded to the office to claim our stuff. And then it's party time at my place. I dunno if the new look of my pad got their stamp of approval but am proud of the cleanup that I did.

I setup the videoke system right away. Nikks and I prepared the drinks: emperador + grape juice. Table later joined us with beers and some leftover food from dampa. The shrimps and crabs were really delicioso.

I requested Table to sing my favorite, "I'll Be There for You". The "and flyyyyyyyyyy" line was very nice to the ears. I also requested Ogz to sing "Part Time Lover" ;oP

As the night went on, the song selection got really competitive. I sang "Call Me" and "Memory". Ogz sang "Bring Me To Life" and "My Immortal". Table sang "If You Asked Me To". And Beng delivered "Sweet Love" and her favorite, "Can't Fight the Moonlight".

At 3 am, we decided to call it a night.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Haberdey, Kneel!

Naks, ang gwapo ha... berdey kasi eh ;oP Cheers to a very good friend! Magpulbos ka ulit ng likod ha. Teehee...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

My Hamps-My Hamps-My Hamper

Immediately after eating my lunch (brought what I cooked last night), I went directly to "Make Room" shop in Glorietta. My sole purpose was to get me a new hamper. There were two designs I chose from: one with steel frame with white canvas and the other was wooden frame with off-white canvas. I got the latter ;oP

Ground Pork with Baguio Beans

Been wanting to cook this. I asked Rudy and Nikks how to cook this dish. The last time I did my grocery, I made sure that I bought the ingredients. Here they are:

1/4 k ground pork (I chose the lean ground pork)
baguio beans (sliced diagonally)
quail eggs (depends on how many you can eat)
peeled shrimps (cooked in butter)
vermicelli noodles
5 cloves of garlic (crushed)
onions (sliced)
salt and peppa to taste

Saute the garlic and onions. Throw in the pork. Put some salt and pepper. Once that cooks (maybe about 15 minoots), put in the baguio beans. Mix it up. In a bowl of water, put the noodles. After a few minoots, it would be ready to join your meal. So after mixing your noodles, throw in the shrimps and eggs. Add water for your sauce. That's it! Simple, eh?

An Old Soul I Am

I just love the standards. I grew up listening to my auntie Feling singing 'em. And who can ever forget "Sunday, Sweeeet Sunday" on the radio?

Nat King Cole. Bing Crosby. Ella Fitzgerald. Barbra Streisand. Frank Sinatra.

Love 'em all...

I enjoyed last night's American Idol performances. My favorites are Taylor Hicks' and Chris'. I don't like Ace's version of my favorite, "That's All".

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Separated at Birth

As I was watching the latest episode of "The Amazing Race" last night, I almost got sad. I thought it would be the last time that I'd see my favorite pair, BJ & Tyler. I don't want them to leave the show yet. In fact, I really, really want them to win!!! They're the most funny and interesting characters in all seasons of "The Amazing Race".

On a side note, whenever I see Lake & Michelle, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully of "X-Files" come to mind. Whatchathink?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

823-4303 Trend Taxi

One cool thing about having training is that I get to leave the office early. I end my class at 5 so I get to be home around 6. But the problem is, cabs are not easy to find during these times. Thanks to Mama Butch & Joyce for introducing me to Trend Taxi Service. I call 'em around noon to reserve a taxi for me around 5:30. Most of the time, the cab would be waiting for me downstairs. Sweet!

By the way, if you want to be picked up, get ready with your extra 50 bucks + the meter price.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Sweet Monday

Another week of training with DMCI. This time, I'll be teaching 'em basic Java. For this week, I'll have 3 days of training and then peeps from Support department will take over.

Inside the classroom, I heard a shout, "Donish!". Thought it was Joy. 'twas Ogz bringing me my Abercrombie pasalubong. Whoooopeee!!!

Alistair has been to Bicol and he gave us some local delicacies.

Raz, on the other hand, gave me a nice book entitled, "Bartender's Pocket Guide". Perfect!!!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Makeover Mission Almost Complete

As soon as I got home in my Makati unit, I removed the airconditioner filter and washed it. Afterwards, I targeted the cover. It was full of dirty scotch tape residue. Took a scrub pad and got rid of the dirt. Whew!

I repositioned the heavy bookcase. Cleaned it up too. Moved my shoe rack across the room. Now it's near my door. Took my dirty clothes and left it at the laundry for cleaning.

I was super tired so I just had my dinner delivered. It took more than freaking 1 hour to reach my doorstep. Tapa King should be butchered.

My projects for this week: Buy some wax, scout for a wicked hamper, organize one last cabinet containing some gizmos & thingamabobs, and call a plumber for my leaky faucet.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Passion of the Christ, Second Time Around

Since I finished all season 2 episodes of "Beauty and the Geek" yesterday, I have no more movies to watch. Instead, I cleaned up my system. Defragmented and deleted some old files.

Searched around the house and found a VCD of "The Passion of the Christ". Took a quick shower first. Popped the CD into my laptop. And enjoyed the film for the second time. I was more observant of the technical aspects, this time.

No matter how many times I watched this movie, the hooded persona of evil was still eerie. I forgot if the actual actor's a he or she. If he's an actor, then he's a beautiful man. But he's scary in this film. The serpent that he unleashed in the garden didn't look venomous at all. A cobra would be more terrifying.

Funny how Jesus clicked on the ignore button on the devil in the garden when he was praying. Malchus, the guard whose ear got a second chance, was stunned when Jesus healed him. I wonder what happened to him. Did he leave his troops?

I like how the movie breaks the heavy moments. It's pretty cool that they showed the carpentry skills of JC. Love the eyes!

My first set of tears flowed when Jesus was beaten helplessly by the people. It's very sad how oftentimes we do things that can hurt Jesus =o(

Make a choice: Barabbas, a murderer, or Jesus, a "blasphemer" and an "impostor". Hello???

The scourging at the pillar was very intense. That's where my tears flowed down uncontrollably. Had to stop the film and got myself some coffee.

The hand that drew the line for Magdalene's attackers was the director's, Mel Gibson.

I like how Jesus accepted His cross.

When Jesus fell for the third time, the wounded eye shifted from right to left. Hmmm...

Crying moment once again when Jesus was nailed. Heavy, heavy scene.

During filming, Jim Caviezel was struck by lightning when he was on the cross.

After looking at the credits, I found out that the satan was played by Rosalinda Celentano. I wonder how she explains to casting directors that she was satan in her last film.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Walk This Way

Mom asked me if I wanted to go to a procession today. It's an annual thingie and I thought, "what the heck!" Since I wasn't doing anything this afternoon 'cept watching a marathon of "Beauty and the Geek", I went to mass with her.

After the mass, people went outside and picked the float they prefer to walk along with. Mom wanted to be beside the dead-Jesus-in-glass-case float. I told her that that would be the most populated since it's a crowd favorite. I talked her into walking in between the Jesus carrying His cross and the dead Jesus. A good choice indeed.

Mom was carrying this huge scented orange candle. While I got a thin ordinary white candle. We didn't put any cardboard to guard us of melting wax. My hands took a beating. I actually have a joke there but I'll be good this time ;oP

While walking, I saw many people outside of their homes waiting for the procession to pass by. I wish they'd offer us sumpthin to drink or sumpthin, other than staring at us.

The procession lasted about an hour. We went back to the church to rest for awhile.

Cutey Patooteys

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Movies Galore

Rumor Has It

Rachel ain't my favorite character in "Friends". And I don't normally watch movies starring Jennifer Aniston. But since it's a long weekend, I decided to see "Rumor Has It". Along with Aniston, it stars quirky Shirley Maclaine, the dashing Kevin Costner and the ever-leading man, Mark Ruffalo.

The movie centered around Aniston's character named Sarah looking for her real dad. She's got nuthin in common with her family, especially her dad played by Richard Jenkins (of the infamous "Six Feet Under"). So when she got the chance to meet her "real" dad (played by Costner), she grabbed the chance.

When Aniston was taking a shower and you could see her outline through a glass wall, I found that really sexy. When I get my own home, I'd be designing my bathroom like that ;oP

I like Aniston's moment with her father.

Now I need to get hold of "The Graduate".

The Family Stone

My dog, Bravo, and I was sharing a burger when we... er I was watching this film. A lot of familiar actors were in it. Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel McAdams (loved her in "The Notebook"), Dermot Mulroney, Luke Wilson, and Claire Danes (looks really good).

There's an interesting aspect in the movie that I can relate to--sign languages. One of these days, I'm gonna enrol myself in a class. All I know is the alphabet and the basics (brother, papa, mama).

The mushroom scene was funny. Hearing SJP endless talking brought back memories of "Sex and the City". Watch out for Brad's reaction later in the movie.

Aeon Flux

Charlize Therone + Uberhot costumes = The Best!!!

The handler played by Frances McDormand was also the friend of Charlize's character in "North Country". Marton Csokas played the love interest of Charlize.

I had no expectations when I watched this film. There were lotsa crazy stunts, unbelievable gadgets, and special efx. Why am I not impressed? I just don't see Charlize as a superhero-type a gal.

I want a faceoff between Aeon and Tomb Raider, Lara Croft.


Finally I got to watch Jessica Alba strutting her stuff. She's got all the moves, baby!


I planned to pick up mom at the center. Reception and Study Center for Children (RSCC) to be exact. It's where mom has been working for the longest time. It's where I used to hang out when not in school. It's where I pretended to be one of the orphans so I can get free gifts and attend parties & studio guestings (Eat Bulaga, I Love Lea, and Fiesta Carnivals). It's where I met and rubbed elbows with the has-been stars like Bembol Roco, Rex Cortes, Pops Fernandez, Kris Aquino (oh, she's still around).

Was planning to take the MRT but when I reached Mantrade. I found out that it won't open till Sunday. Bummer! That means I have to take a cab to Quezon City which would probably cost me around 200 bucks. After some rejections from those damn taxi drivers, I braved the height of the MRT station and walked to the other side.

Took a bus to QC instead. It's been awhile since I last rode on a bus. It only costed me 25 bucks. Sweet!

I was very excited to see the kids again. Some kids offered to take off my slippers and massaged my feet. Felt like a king! Three decided to get rid of my gray hair. Sweet! Played with them for awhile before having my late lunch. I distributed some Kisses chocolates before taking a nap.

Knottydon Pad Makeover Mission

I'm in the process of cleaning up my whole pad. It started last weekend when I organized my kitchen. Boy, that took me lotsa hours to finish! I was sweaty and sneezy (i'm allergic to freakin' dust, remember?). Afterwards, I washed and cleaned my bathroom, with the help of Mr. Muscle cleaner.

I repositioned my bed, just like the ole days. Repositioned the teevee so I can still watch comfortably while in bed.

To dos: Need to move my bookshelf near the bed and reorganize the contents. This could take awhile since I've got a good collection of books & cds. I also need to reposition my shoe rack by the door. Leave my dirty laundry at the shop. My airconditioner needs to be serviced. I need to buy a new hamper.

The whole cleaning process could eat up most of my Sunday. I'll restart cleaning as soon as I get home from Bulacan. Will post some photos once I'm 100% satisfied with the makeover ;oP

More Photos from Nikks' Birthday

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Miss the Beach!

This holy week, I won't be seeing any white sand. Bummer! Two more weeks... two more weeks... two more weeks!!!

Deux Freres (Two Brothers)

Think Nala and Simba... but this time, it's the tiger version. That's what you'll get in the first few minoots of "Two Brothers". I requested Nowell to get this movie for me. You know how much I love animals. Maybe too much of "Jeff Corwin Experience". Teehee.

The cubs are super cutey. Would love to cuddle them. I like the scene where Kumal wouldn't let go of Guy Pearce's finger. Even though the mother-to-the-rescue scene was scripted, it was still touching. Oh my gawd, I love the scene where Sangha was on top of the shelf with the stuffed toys.... Adorable!!! Do you need to ask if I cried when the two brothers met and recognized one another?

I was surprised to see Freddie Highmore (the cute kid from "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory" and "Finding Neverland") in the movie.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Glenn's Pictures from Dublin

Was surprised to see this e-mail from my good friend, Glenn, who is spending his grand time in Ireland. Take note: these are typical Glenn shots. Enjoy your stay there, buddy! Bring me any pasalubong ;oP

Monday, April 10, 2006

Hanging Out at Bimbs' Pad

With barely 200 bucks in my money case, it's cool that friends like Nowell can drive you home. I was planning to walk with Bimbs last night but after Nikks' cajoling, Nowell drove us (with Nikks and Beng in tow) home.

I brought my leftover Spam and eggs and cooked it at Bimbs' pad. It's funny that we're occupying a similar unit... only mine is like 10 floors higher. The place was newly painted. He's got a Queen-sized bed (perfect!), a small closet, and a cool ref. I wish my place is as neat as his. Teehee... I'm slowly getting there, y'bet!!!

I didn't forget to bring my MagicSing. We hanged out at my place afterwards.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Bit by Bree Vandecamp Bug

After cooking my brunch (Spam & eggs), I immediately went to finish cleaning the cabinets in my kitchen. Found out that 90% of my food there had expired already. I threw away uneaten Kellogs Frosties, stale toasted bread, and old canned goods. I will check the labels from now on.

Next was the refrigerator, I discarded old Goldilocks polvoron, strange looking bagoong, and molding bottled fish. Eek!

Lastly, I cleaned the rest of my bathroom.

Heard mass at Don Bosco. I forgot that it's already Palm Sunday.

Had a sumptuous dinner at Wok Inn. Of course, I ordered sipa and fried rice. Ate all 6 sipas. That's my gift for being soooooo "masipag" this weekend =oP

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Down to Five

Yep, ladies & gentlemen... Am down to my last 5 hundred bucks. I dunno how I will last till next payday. When's it gonna be? Tuesday? My, oh, my.

I didn't go home to Bulacan this weekend. Stayed home (so I could save money) and started cleaning up my place. First, I did laundry. One nice thing about automatic washing machines, you can do stuff while it's doing its job. I practiced singing. When we sang last night at the office, I couldn't reach the high notes. Found out that smoking ain't good before a MagicSing session.

Second, I targeted the most disgusting place in my condo unit. There's this cupboard under the sink that is filled with junk. And I mean, junk. You name it... dead roaches, plastic bags, some stuff left by the previous owner, et al. Ever since I moved, I haven't seen it clean. I organized the items. My toiletries supplies on the left side. The laundry stuff in the middle. Assorted cleaning stuff on the right side. If anyone inspects it, he or she will be truly proud of my work.
Took me 2 hours to finish it.

Lastly, I cleaned up only half of my bathroom. I was so hungry that I postponed the other half of it. Went out to eat at ChowKing.

Watched "Basic Instinct 2". Effing boring.

Tomorrow, I'll clean up some more cabinets, finish the bathroom, and continue organizing my pad. It will definitely get my mind off my financial problem ;oP

Friday, April 07, 2006

Haberdey, Thom or Tom?

Tomas, wherever you are (didn't know nasa States ka pala!), happy birthday, dude! Inuman tayo pagbalik mo!!!

Tanggal na ba ang braces mo? Sa wakas.....

Pa-arbor ng jacket ;oP

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Country American Idol, Bleh!

Never liked country music. Almost dozed off during the show last night. Then Paula got booed. That was funny!

For the first time, I liked Ace's performance. I think slow songs (where his voice could really be heard) suit him. The falsetto thing is an acquired taste though.

My favorite performance? Bucky's!!!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Comedy Central Presents: Stephen Lynch

Remember I talked about Stephen Lynch here a coupla days ago? Well, I found this on YouTube. Listen to his song, "That's Why Mommy Left Us". The one about hermaphrodite was freakin' hilarious too. Want more? I can't blame you =oP

Make Wishes Come True on April 21

Mark your calendars, dogs. On the midnight of April 21 (till early morning of the 22nd), stars will fall from the sky!!! Yep, it's gonna be a feast for our sleepy eyes. I remember counting falling stars before in Zambales and Palawan.

Thanks to my bro, Glinn, for sending me this info.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sleepin' at 9

I got home at quarter to 6 pm yesterday. Cooked din-dins. Watched some teevee. And hit the sack at 9 pm. This really a feat for me. I kept waking up in the middle of the night and was careful not to oversleep. Arrived in the office at 8:29 am. Swwweeeeeeetttt!!!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Happy Birthday, Ladies!

Two good friends celebrated their birthdays recently... the ever-nice Doths and fellow-animal-lover Apaul! I see Doths every now and then when she visits our office (with another good friend, Table, in tow). As for Apaul, hmmm... i can't wait to see her again!

Start of DMCI Training

Whenever I have a client training, my sleep suffers. For more than 6 months, we haven't had any client training. I'm sooo used to staying up late and waking up around 10. Today's different though. I didn't get much sleep 'cause I don't wanna be late especially on my first day of class. Must've fallen asleep around 3 or sumpthin. I "woke" up at 7 am. Reached the office at 8. Sleepy, hungry, tired.

As for my training, I'm enjoying it ;oP I get to wear my formal clothes again. I came in all black attire. Very European. Hot dogs!!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Funny Guys

Caught Stephen Lynch on Comedy Central tonight. When I heard his "That's Why Mommy Left Us", I became an instant fan. He's got some hilarious compositions, alright. Need to request Nowell to get me the whole show ;oP I heard he's playing "The Wedding Singer" on Broadway. Sweet!

My fave comedian, Dane Cook, also did a special on Comedy Central a few years back. When he was just starting, he wanted to join SNL. Just recently, he finally hosted the show. If you wanna laugh, check out his website. Once inside, you can hear his performances. I tried to imitate his hand signal but can't seem to do it. Bummer!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Saturday at the Movies

In "24", Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) from "Lost" made a guest appearance as a German agent, Theo Stoller. In "My Name is Earl", Walt (Malcolm David Kelley), the son of Michael in "Lost" became the master of Earl for a day. I guess the actor jumparoo is a trend nowadays. A bunch of funny scenes: Joy explaining metrosexuality to Crabman, snails sticking on Earl's face, a superhero mask, and an unusual promotion of Joy's Nails business.

Smallville's back. Yay! As for Clark and Lana's love for one another... well, it has been finally put to rest. What a comeback episode! I never liked their relationship anyhoo. I like Lana and Lex better ;oP

Watching the latest episode of "Lost" makes me wanna play poker again. It's funny they're playing for papayas & mangoes. So Henry Gale is really an Other after all? I was right. Just in case, you didn't notice it, the woman who bought the house from Locke is the girlfriend of Sayid in the series.

"The Pink Pather" was hilarious. The "I would like to buy a hamburger" scene is freakin' funny. Go check it out!

"The Nun" is a stupid effing film. I don't know why I got coaxed into watching it (thanks, Bulilit). It's like "I Know What You Did Last Summer" cum "Final Destination", minus the interesting characters and excitement. WTF!

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