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Monday, July 31, 2006

Down with Flu

I woke up with a different feeling. I couldn't get up. My body felt hot. I grabbed my phone to text Joyce but her number wasn't saved in my SIM. So I texted Nikks, Butch, Ning, and Beng hopefully it will reach Joyce.

The whole day I just slept. Dad bought me some Jollibee (burger, salad, and chix). I only ate one chicken.

Dad cooked sinigang for dinner. Still couldn't eat much.

Dad bought me some BioFlu.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Cough Till You Cry

A lotta things happened today. Aircondition was setup. Dad asked the assistance of a handyman named Ed. He fixed my shower too. Since I'd be taking my bath around 5 am, I need to find a nice shower heater soon.

My refrigerator was placed inside my room.

I claimed an old closet since I need a lotta space for my clothes. I found a legion of cockroaches living inside. Armed with my insecticide, I sprayed till they squirmed. Disgusting! I freakin' hate cockroaches. Allen helped me arranged my clothes. On the left closet, I placed all my long sleeves, polo shirts, and nice t-shirts. On the right, I placed my jeans and old shirts and shorts.

I'm 45% done with my unpacking. Lotsa items lying around with no specific place to stay yet.

I need to have my door lock changed, some paintings hanged, and some misplaced items found.

Around 5 pm, Allen and I went to SM Fairview. En route to the mall, there was bad traffic. There was a bus beside us that is emitting bad exhaust. I must've inhaled so much of this deadly smoke that I started coughing when we reached SM. I immediately looked for a drugstore to buy me some Solmux.

Ace Hardware is a heaven for homebuilders. The place was huge so instead of finding our way, I just asked the helpful staff for directions.

When we left SM around 9, my cough became worse. Y'know it's bad when you feel like vomitting every time you cough. I was also in tears.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Toto, We're Not in Kansas Anymore

A few minoots before 8 in the morning, someone knocked on my door. The QuickPak movers arrived. 6 people in red uniform came in and started to pack my stuff. Boyong, the supervisor, was friendly and efficient. They brought with them a huge roll of bubble wrap (TTOW!) and some cardboard. They asked for some plastic bags. Once an item got packed, it is transfered outside.

As for my clothes, Boyong suggested to buy some balikbayan boxes. I told him he could have them bubblewrapped. A good excuse to pop some later ;oP

Around 10, they were done. I finally saw the condo unit as it was when I first occupied it more than 2 years ago. I suddenly remembered the episode of "Friends" when the 6 characters left their apartment for good. No tears for me, this time.

I gave up my keys to my broker and bid goodbye to the guards.

We took the route of C5, Katipunan, and Commonwealth. When we reached Fairview, a patrol car magically appeared right beside us signaling our driver to pull over. The "police" noticed some people at the back of the truck. Apparently, that's a violation. Our driver paid them 100 bucks and the case was closed.

When we passed Malaria in Caloocan, a checkpoint personnel signaled us to stop. Here we go again. One guy asked if I were Military 'cause I was wearing camouflage shorts. Told him I just want to move my stuff back home (Francisco Homes). Boyong reported that we've already faced the authorities earlier. One "PNP officer" advised us to proceed to their office. An officer named "Galvez" asked for my barangay certificate. "Huh?" I didn't know that if I move from one place to another, it would require some certificate. I asked what should be indicated in the certificate. This Galvez guy told me it should state all my personal effects. I told him I've moved from different places and yet I wasn't required to present this freakin' barangay certificate. He said, "marunong ka pa sa batas!", obviously irritated. He said that I need to claim the movers' driver's license at the city hall. The driver didn't know how he got involved.

After some minoots, our driver motioned me to leave the place. I didn't know what happened between him and the officers. Good thing, he got his license back. I hate the fucking government who tolerates people like Galvez. This checkpoint is known for collecting money from motorists. We saw trucks passing by handing them money. WTF!

Around 12:30, we reached Bulacan. So good to be home. The move is just halfway done. I still have to worry where I should be putting all my stuff. The only problem with hiring a professional movers is that you don't know where they placed each item. I was also shocked when they deconstructed my Grandfather's Clock puzzle. If I lose a piece, I'd be devastated. Before they left, I asked if there were puzzle pieces left on the bed of the truck. They found three pieces. Whew! I just hope it's still complete when I solve it again later.

Some hours later... My clock puzzle has been resurrected. Yay!!! I re-applied for cable again. I paid an overdue balance and reconnection fee. No 2nd Avenue or Animal Planet channel this time. Crap! On the good side, I can now watch "AXN", "Lifestyle", "WOWOW", and "Cinemax".

For my first night in Bulacan, I drank with our kid neighbor, Allen, and an old friend/dentist, Jayson. We had Emperador and grape juice. Ahhh, Cityland days. Jayson opened a can of sardines and got some leftover rice. Perfect!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Last Night of the World

Can't believe it's my last night at Cityland. I've already removed the blinds and kept some important stuff. It feels like i'm in aquarium. The other tenants could see almost everything that I do now. Teehee...

This pad has given me such freakin' fond memories. From a night of cooking for friends, singing with barkada till the early morning, countless sleepovers of friends, to lotsa humping and drinking nights.

N90 is Sick Again

I have no phone today. I surrendered my phone for repair at Nokia Service Center again. Hopefully, they will fix it quickly this time. I specifically asked the representative to bring the unit right away to their Tomas Morato branch for fixin'.

I'm wearing a shirt I got from a good friend. Thank you so much. It fits! Yay!!!

Nikks also bought me a nice headband =oP

Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Visit from Joey & Family

After beating Philip twice in pingpong* (he could beat Julius, the eyebrow-raising champ), I played with Earl. I won the first game. In the middle of the second, I saw a kid entering the recreation room. 'twas Nathan! Joey and Bess followed suit.

We talked for awhile. Earl played with Nathan too. But whenever Nate hits the ball, it went flying around--and even outside--the room.

Then I showed them around the office. They saw a few familiar faces: Joe, Racquel, Norma, Candy, and Bimbo. Mims and Dennis were there for a brief chitchat. Unforch, Eric left early.

Later on, we, along with Joe, had dinner at Sentro. It started to rain so having that corned beef sinigang was perfect for the night. Plus, we ordered sizzling tofu, adobo and crispy pata.

I forced myself to eat slowly and with just one rice!

* Philip didn't use his own racquet and he wasn't in the mood to play ;oP

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Happy Birthday, Kuya!

Thank you for being my kuya for the longest time. Thank you sa mga spa treatments kong discounted. Thank you for the cute niece and nephew. Thank you for always taking care of me when I visit you there in Boracay. I miss your tinola & adobong pusit!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

4 More Nights

I only have 4 more nights left in Cityland Tower. I'll be moving back to Bulacan on Saturday. I already informed my broker about my plan. I also contacted QuickPak for my packing needs. They'll be in charge of packing all my stuff and transfer them safely to my parents' house in Bulacan. That means, next week I'll be traveling to and from the province. I'm excited to arrange my old room which I once shared with my brother. Incidentally, tomorrow is the birthday of my big brother ;oP

I will miss the convenience of my condo unit. Anytime, I'd like to go shopping, I could go to different malls. Grocery ain't a problem either. I live beside Waltermart. For movie watching, I only need to pay 101 bucks to watch the latest films. Plus, it only takes 15 minoots to go to work.

That will all change next week. I'll be riding on FX, the MRT, and jeepneys again. I am preparing myself for the lack of sleep and hunger while traveling. Oh well, there's SkyFlakes.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Work it Out!

Woke up at 1 this afternoon. No work. Yay! After enjoying my tuna brunch, I walked to the gym. There was a light breeze goin' on but I didn't mind it. Reached the place before 4. I was scared a bit that it would be closed. Good thing, it's not. There was only a few people working out. Maybe it's still early.

Did some warmup exercise for a few minoots. A lady fitness trainer was by the treadmill schedule board so I walked up to her and enlisted myself. She asked if I like reggae. Dreadlocks has its perks, y'all. The chicks dig it. We chatted a bit. Got her name too. Sweeeet!

While I was on the treadmill, I noticed a familiar face. Eugene, the owner of Cucina Abella, at Standard Chartered, walked up to me. He asked when I started working out. Told him I've been a member of Slimmers World for quite some time now but it's only recently that I get to enjoy it again. I ended the chat for I might fall off if I wasn't concentrated on my exercise.

I tried exercises for my bad back, tummy, biceps, triceps, and calves. I also felt my stomach muscle reacting. That's a good sign.

There was a step floor exercise going on so I joined. I couldn't follow the steps so I went back to the treadmill. 30 more minoots. This time I chose the one with the monitor. I watched some Animal Planet show.

More workout exercises. I tried 75% of the gym equipments. Teehee.

A lady who works at the place asked if I'm "Don". She asked me about Nikki and Aedner. I told her that my friends are planning to try out Fitness First but haven't signed up yet. She told me that she's giving me 5 coupons for free trial and consultation.

Bumped into Eugene again. He started working out 2 months ago. He told me that I'm losing weight too. Dunno if that is true. Maybe he hasn't seen me eating at their stall for quite some time now ;oP

Went back to the treadmill. This has got to be my favorite! One nice thing about the treadmill is that it shows how much calories you're burning. That's pretty important to me.

Around 7, I hit the shower. Dressed up and walked to Glorietta for my Subway dinner.

It is true that once you start working out, your body will like it. It's about time that I care for my body. Am not getting any younger. I sure wish though that I'll have buddies to go to the gym with. I miss the days when I see familiar faces in the gym.

Before I forget, I need 3 more people to join us on Wednesday for a free workout!!!

Lady in the Water

Last Saturday, I was bored to my wits. Thank gawd I didn't have a hangover from the previous night's drinking. I decided to watch the latest M. Night Shyamalan film.

Never miss the first few minoots. It will give you a glimpse on what the story is all about.

Loved Paul Giamatti in "Sideways". The stuttering character he breathed in was just adorable. He looks like an average Joe.

I was surprised to see Freddy Rodriguez. I miss his character, Federico, in "Six Feet Under".

If I were to choose my favorite character(s) in the film though, I would have to pick the Korean mother-daughter team. Watch out for these two!

In his past films, M. Night did some cameo roles. This time, his acting time was prolonged.

Let's talk about cinematography. M. Night is fond of giving us unusual shots. Remember the Alien shot through the tv set in "Signs"? This time, he did some out-of-focus in-your-face shots. I loved the way he showed the scene where the humongous eagle was picking up Story (Bryce Dallas Howard) through the pool water.

Basically, the movie is about finding your own purpose.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Haberdey, Ogz!

Cheers to my constant concert companion (hanep, 3Cs), kabiritan buddy (we need a new song! "Used to Be" should be placed in a box, locked, and with the key thrown away), drinking pal (alcohol is more important to you, even though you're taking antibiotics), shopping chum (he doesn't care if he's wearing fake), confidant (i miss our Starbucks sessions)... balahura nga lang minsan ;oP

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Alistair's Party

Around 9, I got a text message from Nikks. She wanted to know if we're still gonna attend Alistair's birthday party at saGuijo bar. I honestly forgot about Alistair's birthday party. Too much alcohol in my system, I guess. Told her that I'll just have my dinner. So after my shower, I got dressed and picked her up.

We reached saGuijo bar around 10. There was a lot of people celebrating with Alistair. Three bands performed: TriggerBliss, sumpthin-sumpthin, and SalinDiwa. The first band had a female vocalist. She's got a clear voice. As for the second band, Nikks thought the lead singer was cute. Sadly, the third band's vocalist was overpowered by the band. He invited the birthday celebrator to sing with him though. Nikks thought one of the guitarists was cute. I approached the guy and had his picture taken with us. His name is Francis ;oP

'twas an open bar alright. I ordered San Mig Light. According to Alistair, Calen dropped by awhile ago. Too bad we're the only Enterworks representatives. I enjoyed the music. The beef salpicao that I ordered needed some more tenderizing.

Left the place around 3 am.

A Night of Four

Only in my company could you see 6 people playing table tennis. Last night, we moved it up one notch. I played with Nikks, Mike, and Kendz. Our opponents were Gary, Paul, Jayjay, and Earl. It's my first time to play in a group so I had some adjustments.

My team won the first game. And the second and the third. We were killing 'em. 'twas confusing as to who will serve next at the beginning of each game. Beng replaced Gary. The games last night had to be the most fun game to date. There were a lot of teasing (which continued till the later part of the night). Then Mike had to leave so Table joined us.

Flashback an hour ago, I had dinner with Nikks, Kendz, and Table at KFC. I missed Zinger so much that I enjoyed every bite of it. It has to be the best chicken burger I've ever tasted in my life.

After 5 games, we stopped playing. We thought of having drinks at Cena again. The ladies drove in Table's car while the guys walked to the place.

It was Friday night so there were a lot of customers drinking. We couldn't find an outdoor table so we decided to take one indoors for the first time. We ordered frozen gin po & pizza.

I had an interesting discussion with Earl and Paul. There was a lot of teasing especially when Pao, OJ, Joy, and Franco joined us. Think high school and you'll get the picture.

Later on, we had three casualties of the gin po drink: Table, Kendz, and Beng.

Around midnight, we continued the fun at Vodka bar. Had to carry some people around ;oP

You can tell if there ain't much happening at Ice bar. The minoot we walked in, we got a big table right away. San Mig Light kept me company through the rest of the night. I danced with some lady on a ledge. Invited Patrick too. Danced with the ladies minus Beng (who left us at Cena) and Table (who was napping).

Add one entry to the casualty list: Earl was hammered. Nikks and I carried him back to the office. We bid goodbye to Pao and Patrick. The noodles that Kendz bought did us all good. Thank you so much!

Friday, July 21, 2006

They're Baaaaack!!!

Watch the trailer here. The movie looks promising.

Lifehouse's "Everything"

As soon as I've heard this song being played in "So You Think You Can Dance", I thought, "hmmm, this song could be an instant favorite. easy listening. nice melody". Last Monday, it was played in Bimboy's car. He was also singing along with it so I guessed he's familiar with it. I couldn't help myself so I asked, "what's the title of that song?". He didn't know. He guessed, "Everything by Lifehouse". I did my quick research and found the song.

Unfortunately, I have high standards when it comes to quality of my mp3s. I wasn't quite satisfied with what I downloaded. I requested a better version from Nowell. He got me one today. I'm freakin' happy ;oP

My New Look

I would like to thank my sponsor, Earl, for the glasses. With my collar buttoned up, I look different. Geeky ;oP

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Resetting Photoshop

If, for some reason, you cannot start Adobe Photoshop anymore, don't panic. Just hold down Shift+Ctrl+Alt and start Photoshop, and voila!!! It will magically start. It will also ask you to delete the pesky preferences file. Click "Yes" and enjoy your photo editing.

So You Think You Can Type

Got this from Alwyn again. I, of course, tried it. Click here if you want to try it yourself. So far, this is my record:

More Photos from Nicho's Wedding

Thanks to Kendz for these photos from the reception held at Ibarra sumpthin-sumpthin.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Dreads are In!

Last night, I was able to see the sequel to "Pirates of the Caribbean" with Table, Nikks, Dots, and another lady who looks like Princess Lulu. Kinda late, I know. I'm used to watching movies on its first day, especially if it's a good film.

Everybody who has seen it commented that it's "bitin". And it was. The producers just gave us a reason to wait for the third installment.

I couldn't remember the first Pirates movie so I can't compare. I enjoyed this sequel. The production design, along with costumes & makeup, is excellent! I like the funny comments of Ragetti (played by Mackenzie Crook). Noticed that a few characters, including El Capitan Jack Sparrow, were sporting dreadlocks. Sweet!!!

We were informed that a short clip will be shown after the credits so we stayed even if my bladder was killing me. 'twas cute but it wasn't what I expected.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Can You Read My Mind?

Monday, July 17, 2006

Nicho's Wedding

Reached Nuestra Senora de Guia parish around 4:30. Freakin' raining all afternoon. I came with Nikks, Candy, Boyette, Mike, Erwin, and Bimboy. 'twas already communion time. Next thing I knew, Nicho was already kissing his bride ;oP

The church was beautiful, I must say. The audio was clear too. I was glad to hear "On Eagle's Wings" again.

Spotted Sherwin, along with his wife,
Jayjay, Dax & Ruthie, Mikee, and Vee.

Around 5ish, we proceeded to the reception area. I was seated with Nikks, Candy, Glicer, and Erwin. We looked around the old house. I tried to envision its original look. We noticed the intricate carvings, the wooden floors, and the antique design. It reminded Erwin of "Pa-Syam", a local horror film.

After a few minoots, Sherwin, Joy (the wife), and Jayjay joined us. Then, the group of Vee arrived.

I didn't take my afternoon snack so I was really famished. Good thing, they served buffet dinner early. We had to go to the newly-weds table first and have our photos taken with them before queuing up for food. 'twas then that Erwin noticed this lady in pink with bountiful assets. What a nice appetizer ;oP

Since we're almost the last group to be called, the food serving was small. Since I'm on a diet, it was otay with me. I got a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Erwin noticed another pretty girl. I commented on how nice her skin is. Flawless indeed!!! Turnoff was the tummy. She was full ;oP

I noticed that Nicho was relaxed the whole evening. He walked around the place to greet his friends/relatives. Lisa (his wife) looks pretty in her white gown.

I love attending weddings!

Haberdey, La!!!

Ano ba wishes ko sa yo: sana mawala na stalker mo; sana mas happy kayo ni Kneel as your relationship grows older & stronger; sana luminaw mata mo; sana maakyat mo kung ano man bundok gusto mong akyatin; yan muna... isip pa ko ng iba ;oP

Shopping Heals

Yesterday, I left Bulacan early to find a wedding present for our good friend, Nicho. I'm attending his wedding today.

Anyhoo, after hearing mass at Don Bosco, I went directly to the mall. Bought some fries at Potato Corner for my light snack. I then proceeded to Rustan's. Thought of getting Nicho a very nice iron but after calling Nikks, she suggested to buy a coffeemaker instead. I had it wrapped and continued my shopping.

It's been a while since I last bought a perfume so I checked out the fragrances section. It's funny because the salespeople there were a bit desperate to get a customer's attention. Armed with their scent sticks, they harrass you to buy their products. Akin to what you'll experience if you buy fish from the supermarket.

Found the Lacoste section and tried their latest. Kinda like it. Continued to look around. Celebrity Sighting: Cindy Kurleto (Advice to Ken: hang out at Rustan's).

I remember that Hugo Boss also has a new fragrance. Saw the commercial recently. Went to the Boss booth and tried it. Loved it.

Last stop was PowerBooks. I had to spend my gift cheques today or else, it will expire. Good thing the book 12 of "A Series of Unfortunate Events" is already out. I'm excited to read this second to the last volume.

I'm also feeling a bit better now. Shopping is gooooood for the soul! I'm down to my last Ornex and am taking some cough medicine too. I hope I don't infect my participants today ;oP

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Rockstar: Supernova

One night, Boyette, informed me that there's another Rockstar show with the same concert stage, same mansion, and same house band. Of course, that means I get to see Brooke Burke again. Hot tamales! But this time, they're looking for a lead singer for the new band, Supernova, which include members from different bands (Gilby Clarke from GNR, Tommy Lee from Motley Crue, and Jason Newsted from Metallica).

I got to watch the first episode and enjoyed it. I've got my favorites already: the Australian Toby, electrifying Dilana, and hot Dana.

Looks like model-looking Chris Pierson is going home first. But hey, look at JD Fortune. He was in the bottom three after his first performance and now, he's fronting INXS.

Noticed that they didn't show the preparation in the mansion. Maybe, it will happen in the second episode. I like to see the personalities of these contestants when they're not on stage.

I miss INXS. I'm hoping that I get to see them next month at the Araneta Coliseum though. Can't wait to hear them perform live!!! TTOW!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Best Things in Life are Free

Nikks, Ning and I met up with an old friend, Chris, at Starbucks. Since my throat was still sore, I got me some English Breakfast before we left for dinner. According to Chris, traffic was bad so we decided to find a resto near the office.

At North Park, Chris ordered some chicken feet. I passed. Couldn't eat it. We ordered yang chow rice, fried beancurd, lemon chicken, beef with broccoli, and prawn soup. When the waiter mentioned that they have calamansi juice, I asked for one.

It's my first time to go out with Chris. He's Mr. Congeniality. He blurts out whatever is on his mind. Outrageously funny. Not sure if he's like that when he's sober though ;oP

Dinner was Chris' treat. Thanks, buddy!

We continued the fun at Vodka Ice Bar. Chris talked to just about everyone who worked there. He suggested that we order long island iced tea and a fruit platter. We actually started drinking at 10 pm. Kinda early for me. Then Nikks noticed 4 ladies entering the bar... the Viva Hot Babes (Asia, Sherry, Jennifer Lee, and some unknown lady). This is going to be a FUN night!!! What a freakin' sign from the heavens ;oP

The long island was just otay for me. Chris reminded me that it's a traitor. Hmmm...

Nikks noticed a young American drinking by himself. Told Nikks to dance with him. Hehehe... Well, after maybe 3 glasses of long island, I started dancing. Grabbed the American so he could dance with my lady friends ;oP I then noticed a group of friends dancing. Grooved with one of their lady friends. An African lady, if I'm not mistaken.

Around midnight, I texted my friends, Aedner and Patrick. These boys are very easy to invite. The trick? Viva Hot Babes... who actually left an hour ago though ;oP

More long island for me. Must have drunk 6-8 glasses. I have high alcohol tolerance so I was pretty otay during the night. Well, not exactly. After looking at the photos in my cellphone, I couldn't remember some details. Damn memory gaps!

Left the bar around 2. Went back to the office to get me stuff and have some nightcap.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Still on RSS

My good friend, Laaa, asked me what RSS is all about. The simplest way I could put it is by giving an example where it's being used... For example, you are using Firefox. It has this feature that would let you subscribe to any news or web content (such as blogs) and any changes to it will appear in the Live Bookmark section. It's very convenient. You don't have to go to each site to check if they have any updates. They just come to you. Sweet!!!

Now the next question is, how to do it?

First, if you have blogspot account, go to the Settings tab in your blog dashboard. When you compose your blog entries, it's located on top, right beside Posting tab.

Then click on Site Feed. Make sure that Publish Site Feed is set to Yes. Take note of your Site Feed URL. Mine is http://knottydon73.blogspot.com/atom.xml. Save your settings.

Now, go to your Firefox. Don't fret if you're using IE. I think the same feature will become available in IE 7.0. Go to Bookmarks menu and choose Manage Bookmarks. Go to File menu and add a new Live Bookmark. Add your details.

Make sure that your bookmarks are shown in Firefox sidebar (Ctrl+B). From there, you will know if your favorite sites have updates. TTOW!!!

If you've got questions, drop me a note. Now, start adding your friends' RSS feeds!!! Super thanks to Tiongks for introducing me to RSS ;oP

New Logitech Mouse

After enjoying Alwyn's sumptuous lunch treat @ Max's with the Admin group, I proceeded to the mall to buy me a nice mouse. The mouse I got from my brother is already acting up. I went to Park Square and looked around. I got a Logitech cordless mini mouse. The size is perfect, plus it has this tilt ball that goes in four directions (which I love). I like the color too.

Hello, RSS World

When Eric suggested to have the RSS feed of my blog site turned on, I had no idea what he's talking about. Teehee. So I did a little research. After a few clicks and typing, here's my RSS feed for you, guys:


And you can also click on this image to your right, when you wanna check it out.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Good and Bad News

I read from the papers today that finally, "March of the Penguins" will be shown here in Manila. Yay!!! But the problem is, they will dub it in Tagalog and retitle it to "Penguin, Penguin, Paano Ka Ginawa". In the original version, Morgan Freeman narrated the story of these beloved creatures. In the local one, Mega Sharon Cuneta will do the voice over. WTF!!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Here Comes The Rain Again

When I left my condo this morning, Pasong Tamo was flooded. I noticed my neighbor, Bimbs, standing by at the lobby. Great! I found us a cab and we went to work together. He was actually thinking of using his emergency leave.

Not too many people reported for work today. There's sumpthin about the rain which makes you just wanna cuddle up (with someone) in bed ;oP

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sugarfree with Regine

INXS Live in Manila

While I was on a treadmill last night, I saw this news on tv. INXS is coming to Manila and will perform their hits on August 15th at the Big Dome. I truly wanna watch this! I hope that JD Fortune delivers. Oh, there's a welcome treat for the fans of Mig Ayesa. He'll be a guest performer in the show. Will he sing "Baby, I Love Your Way"?

Anyone wanna watch this concert too?

Monday, July 10, 2006

Crack the Code

Got this from my friend, Alwyn. Wanna try cracking the code?

Sunday, July 09, 2006

One More Point!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hitting the Gym Again

After eating my late brunch today (woke up at 1:30), I thought of visiting the gym again. Since the gym is located near my place, I just walked towards it. I didn't mind the drizzle too. Brisk walking for 15 minutes is a good warm up ;oP

Slimmer's World along Salcedo has changed since the last time I visited it. More treadmills. I saw one with an LCD monitor connected to it. That means, someone gets to watch while jogging/running. Will try that soon. Spacious aerobics & taebo floor. More gym equipments too. I wish they'd expand the place more 'cause it gets crowded during weekdays.

Did some quick stretching and tried one treadmill right away. For 30 minoots, I walked and jogged. I didn't wanna kill myself so I just walked more than ran. Lost only 144 calories but that's otay. Noticed one sexy lady to my right and we were exchanging glances. Mama-mia! Drank some agua afterwards.

Next I tried was the stepper but after a while, my right calf hurt so I stopped. I checked out the other equipments. When I went back to the treadmill with the monitor, one trainer informed me that the place is closing at 5. Bummer!

I hit the shower and left the place. It was cold outside so I decided to walk towards the mall. Went to Subway for my seafood dinner (6-in sandwich + Lay's chips + large pineapple juice). Am practicing no-eating-after-six diet again.

Went shopping next. I found this nice pair of pants at "People are People". The problem is, it was too long for me. Well, I've got short legs ;oP Anyhoo, I got a 45% discount with it. I asked where the nearest alteration shop is. The lady at the counter instructed me how to get there. Sweet! I'll be getting my altered pants on Monday. Yay!

Found a nice hooded jacket at "Springfield". I think it was on sale too. The color matches my dread tips. TTOW! I've been wanting to have a hooded jacket. I'm happy now ;oP

After checking the receipt of the pants that I bought, my jaw dropped. It's only 824.45 pesos.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Happy Birthday to a Lovely Lady!

I miss you, Raz! Mwahhhh!

Shamrock with Regine

If you wanna listen to the original version, my friends sent me this link from tristancafe.com. Love the song now. Super thanks, Bel, for sending me the mp3. You made me very happy ;oP

Visit Mandalaspa.com

My brother, Arl, is in charge of updating the website of Mandala Spa... which is now called "Mandala Spa & Villas" (under new management, I heard). He also informed me to check out the "destination" section of the website. Found myself there with my friend, Tina. The shot was taken when we were parasailing in Bora a coupla years ago ;oP

For 2 years now, I have enjoyed the massages they offer. Most memorable was the last one called "Shodhana Karma", a program that won as best rejuvenation in Asia! Try it when you visit Boracay next time.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Swimming Burns Calories

Tonight, I plan to use our condo pool for the first time in months. It ain't fun to swim alone so I invited friends to swim with me. Unforch, only Nikks remembered to bring her bathing suit. Oh well... it will be a fun night, as usual.

Found out that interval training produces better results than continuous swimming. I'll be counting the number of lapses I will make tonight. Hopefully I get to burn while having fun ;oP

Turned out that our swimming was re-scheduled. We just played pingpong. Played 7 games with Rudy as my partner (against Nikks and Ken). We won the first 3 but they won the second 3. In the decision game, we won! TTOW!!!

Nobody wanted to leave yet so Nikks-Paul-Philip played against Candy-Earl-Mike. It was a very funny and interesting game. 3 on 3. The latter won.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

3G, Baby!

First, I thought my battery's dead. Turned out that my charger ain't working anymore. Then yesterday, I was trying out my connection cable. It didn't work. I even used Mike's cable to test if my USB port is the culprit. It didn't work either. Beng suggested to test my USB with my iPod nano. It worked. Hmmm... I wonder if my phone is busted again. So many gadgets!!!

With a good twist and push, my cable finally worked last night. I never give up. Teehee... Surprisingly, I was able to use my N90 as a modem. The speed was like at 400++ kbps. 'twas like having a broadband at my fingertips. Sweeeeet!!!

I called Globe to ask for the billing details but they couldn't give me a straight answer. Sumpthin like 50 cents per sumpthin kbps downloaded. Anyhoo, I'll find out in my next statement though. In the meantime, I'll stick with my dial-up connection ;oP

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I Love Walking

Today I did some walking. First, I withdrew money from my bank. I had to pay for my HSBC credit cards or else I'll be dead. And so, after converting my dollars to peso at Sanry's, I went back to HSBC to settle my bills. Actually, I don't know how much my current debt is. I couldn't access my online banking anymore 'cause HSBC hasn't given me my security device yet (sumpthin very important to log-in).

Walking is fun. But considering the hot climate here in the Philippines, it can be expected that you'll be drenched in sweat afterwards. That is why, I have some powder at work. And good thing we have a dryer inside the restroom. I can dry my wet shirt and feel fresh again for work.

A Deck of Cards

I remember when I was a kid, my late aunt (Auntie Feling) and I used to listen to this radio show that features this story every night. And then I would sing along to a hair-raising version of "The Lord's Prayer". Found the whole story on the net and I'm sharing it with you now:

During the North African Campaign, a bunch of soldier boys had been on a long hike and they arrived at a small town called Casino. The next morning, being Sunday, several of the boys went to church. A sergeant commanded the boys at church and after the chaplain had read the prayer, the text was taken up next. Those of the boys who had a prayer book took them out, but this one boy had only a deck of cards, so he spread them out. The sergeant saw the cards and said, "Soldier, put away those cards!" After the services were over the soldier was taken prisoner and brought before the provost marshal.

The marshal said, "Sergeant, why have you brought this man here?" "For playing cards in church, sir." "And what have you to say for yourself, son?" "Much, sir," replied the soldier. The marshal said, "I hope so, or I shall punish you more than any man has ever been punished."

The soldier said, "Sir, I have been on a march for about six days, and I have neither bible nor prayer book, but I hope to satisfy you, sir, with the purity of my intentions." With that the boy started his story.

"You see, sir, when I look at the ace, it reminds me that there is but one God, and when I see the deuce, it reminds me that the bible is divided into two parts, the old and the new testament and when I see the three, I think of the Father, the son and the holy ghost and when I see the four, I think of the four Evangelists who preached the gospel. There was Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. When I see the five, it reminds me of the five wise virgins who trimmed their lamps. There were ten of them, five were wise and were saved, and five were foolish and were shut out. When I see the six, it reminds me that in six days God made this great Heaven and Earth, and when I see the seven, it reminds me that on the seventh day God rested from his great work. And when I see the eight, I think of the eight righteous persons God saved when he destroyed this earth. There was Noah, his wife, their three sons and their wives. When I think of the nine, I think of the Lepers our saviour cleansed and that nine out of ten didn't even thank him. When I see the ten, I think of the ten commandments God handed down to Moses on a table of stone. When I see the king, it reminds me that there is but one King of Heaven, God all Mighty. When I see the queen, I think of the Blessed Virgin Mary who is Queen of Heaven, and the jack of knave is the devil. When I count the number of spots on a deck of cards, there are 365, the number of days in a year. There are 52 cards, the number of weeks in a year. There are four suites, the number of weeks in a month, there are twelve picture cards, the number of months in a year, and there are thirteen tricks, the number of weeks in a quarter."

"So you see, sir, my pack of cards serves me as a bible, almanac and a prayer book."

And friends, this story is true. I know. I was that soldier.

Monday, July 03, 2006


First my phone acted up and now my battery is dead. I charged it but nuthin's happening. I went to Nokia service center again. Waited for a good thirty minutes. I talked to one representative and asked if either my battery is dead or my charger ain't working. She went inside to check. After a few minoots, she came back. My battery ain't the problem. It's my charger. WTF! I need to find my receipt so they can have it replaced. In the meantime, I also need to find the adapter so I can use any Nokia charger. The problem with my N90 is that the charger has a special cable. Crap!

Earl and I played 5 games in pingpong. Lost in all. Crap!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Mass with the RSCC Kids

Mom and I normally leave Bulacan around 2 pm on Sundays. This time, she requested me to leave earlier and hear mass at RSCC. The priest is celebrating his birthday and there'd be lotsa food. Her kids at the Orange cottage will dance too so she asked me to record it. Since I'm not doing anything at home besides a two-week long laundry, I said yes.

Father Glenn, according to Mommy, is a funny priest. He also celebrates masses for ABS-CBN. True enuff, he's not your usual formal priest. Instead of asking people to say, "Lord, have mercy", he wants the kids to say, "Lord, I'm sorry". And the kids reply to him gleefully. When he asks, "Who wants to go to heaven?" All the kids raise their hands. He also has some weird Kris Aquino gestures that would finish in "Correct!". Well, the kids love him so I don't care. Teehee...

Before the mass ended, he blessed everyone. Sweet!!!

Anyhoo, the kids presented three dance numbers, including the folk dance that mom prepared. I positioned myself in front to record it.

Afterwards, it's time to eat. I was given a plate filled with a barbeque, pancit, adobo, and small chunk of rice. This is perfect for my diet! I guess God is reminding me in a way.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Start

Woke up around 9 am to the sound of Anetski and Beng chatting. Lala was still inside the bathroom. The 3-hr sleep made my head hurts. I wanna vomit and my tummy aches. Tomorrow, La and Beng are flying back to Singapore. I'll miss them. After the three ladies found their cabs, I went back to sleep. I woke up around 4:30 hungry. My headache is gone too. Thank gawd!

Cooked rice and ate some leftover paksiw for my brunch. Cleaned up my place. Took a bath. Left for Bulacan around 5:30.

MRT around 6 pm was hell. Too many people. Not enuff carriages. Lots of pushing and shouting from people who wanted to reach their destinations alive. This is what I pay my government for. Government service sucks big time!

Got home around 7. Had daing na bangus and some beef steak for dinner. Reminded myself to cut down on rice.

It's been a while since I last visited Bulacan. I miss my parents, my dad's cooking, and my dogs. I played with our unnamed spotted dog and made sure that Bravo gets his scratches.

Drank two cups of warm Anchor Non-Fat milk before bedtime.

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